Original Update #4: Spiritual Cultivation in the Time of Consensus Reality


Update #4: Movement#1, SCM:

Let me give you the human dimension of what FLOW stands to do. Today was my company Christmas brunch—I’m retired and have/had a driver medical technician part-time job for a company that carts around a fluoroscope, a speech pathologist, and a physician to do modified barium swallow studies in rehab facilities. It’s a mixed group of ~14 people with spouses present.

One of the speech paths is Jewish and one of the MDs is, too, also spouses. The owner and his wife, who live in Illinois and came to Detroit metro area to host the brunch, are devout Christians. The others, various productive middle class people whose religion, political views and what they regard as fundamental facts of reality come from upbringing, TV, and mainstream sources. They all have one thing in common, though, they tend to exclusively think and do “what’s acceptable” in terms of what most of their peers and conventional authorities believe.

Let’s just say there isn’t a 911 or any other kind of Truther among them, and any heavily reported event or opinion on the Six O’clock national news is taken with no grain of salt whatsoever. In other words, if the official story is that a poll of senior NASA scientists says 4:1 that the Moon is made of rancid Velveeta and all astronauts would have faced slow, excruciating death without Merck’s cheese-food vaccine, my brunch associates would accept it as “from God’s lips to their ears.”

Moreover, they would come to regard anyone questioning the official story as an enemy of science and potential terrorist-purveyor of hate speech—who should be locked up, maybe waterboarded, possibly killed, or at least watched 24/7 by the NSA. 🙂 [Unfortunately, that’s not too much of an exaggeration!] We now live in an Orwellian world where the official Forbidden Thoughts List (FTL) has grown to Brobdingnagian proportions.

What this is all leading up to is almost all of these people I know—including my former coworkers, fantasy football colleagues, my ex and her family, quite a few public officials, etc.—who have drifted into the “acceptability” consensus mode of consciousness ARE LOVING, INTELLIGENT, FUN, ATTRACTIVE, POSITIVE, INTERESTING PEOPLE. Just as the swallow test workforce here today. AND I LIKE THEM!

Of course today is a social setting where any serious political or moral issues are left outside the saloon’s swingin’ doors. My argument and question is how does a FLOWer—by definition a Truther, with items high on the FTL—break the Orwellian spell cast upon all these wonderful consensus-reality minions? In a one-to-one conversation, how do we avoid triggering the Shrieking Banshee Rejection (SBR) response… as shown in the attached image?

Frankly, I haven’t found a way around the SBR yet. Suffice it to state that yours truly, the ‘FLOW founder’ hasn’t worked out the finer details… more likely hasn’t spiritually matured enough to be effective on this front. I suppose it’s some consolation that I’m in good company: all my cause-oriented friends and leaders have run into the same confounding conundrum. Namely, how to break thru the Forbidden Thought barrier.

My immediate thought and source for optimism is that FLOW can become the consensus, just as collective-brain syndrome rules today. Second, if we FLOWers and Truthers put some “What would Jesus do?” (ref. http://bit.ly/2sqFoZO_Jesus_Would_Do) love into our approach.

Think about that for a while. Jesus—at least per the Jesus story in the Bible—didn’t get up on a soap box and try to collar passers by with the truth. No. Rather he created an incredible PRESENCE within himself that naturally drew people to him from what he projected in person, then by word of mouth… and John the Baptist for marketing purposes. 🙂

So presence borne of knowledge and self-growth.

Also, one on one, plant questions. Such as: have you read Alison Weir’s book, Against Our Better Judgment?, have you seen the video VAXXED!? have you read the book, Death Object: Exploding the Nuclear Weapons Hoax by Akio Nakatani?, etc. Then look for openings to start the questioning going, as in, “Do you have a background in physics, because I, myself, am having some questions on the author’s understanding of spacing between the nucleus and electron ring of the Bohr-Rutherford model…”

Once a  LOVING, INTELLIGENT, FUN, ATTRACTIVE, POSITIVE, INTERESTING consensus reality acceptor starts questioning his official story(s) on any point, the natural psychological process is to unravel the web of deceit behind the outer collar he’s placed on himself. Which brings us back to the introduction: FLOWers are all about REMOVING COLLARS.

Will maybe make a good t-shirt.

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