Article: Aaron Rodgers Ends the Madness Mandate(s)

Another singular man with courage makes a majority
By Brian R. Wright

The video where Aaron Rodgers is allowed to present his full reasoning for his position on the ‘covid’ business—courtesy the YouTube channel of Pat McAfee (so far) [11/5/21]—took some effort to find. A lot of flak has been coming out of Regime Media in flat out friggin’ PANIC MODE, lately, that some child would step up and say the Emperor has no clothes. They knew it had to happen eventually. Or pointing to another classic parable, Toto pulling back the curtain and Dorothy reading the Riot Act to befuddled, defanged Wizard.

I’ve never been so proud to be an American. What many may find hard to see now, but dawned on me like a blazing sunrise, is that THIS is the beginning of the end. The end of the ‘covid’ madness, mass psychosis, the Great Reset and herd mentality/global tyranny rolled into one. Done and dusted, by one gold-plated veteran athlete still at the top of his game. I spent a few minutes transcribing Mr. Rodger’s message—quite a core dump of everything he thinks and feels about the issue—because a) it’s so eloquent—in spots, it reminds me of the Declaration of Independence—, b) he’s done a LOT of study and research, and knows what he’s talking about, and c) this is the kind of YouTube that won’t stay up for long.

So good luck on watching the video. EVERYONE SHOULD! There is something for everyone here. I’ll make sure to keep track of whether YouTube cancels it, and refer you to an alternative platform if necessary. As I say, this is the beginning of the end of the feardemic—in spades, doubled, redoubled, and vulnerable. I even show the image above that captures what is going to happen, where Rodgers is the Lone Wolf… the one man with courage making a supermajority. The people who have retained any shred of independent consciousness will rise now. YOU, BE ONE OF THEM! SOONER THAN LATER. What follows is my forum posting to my fantasy football league, at least three-quarters who’ve taken the Frankenclotshot (or, I hope, a placebo):


Transcript of vital passages from Aaron’s statement

“I’m a critical thinker. Health is not a one size fits all. I have an allergy to a compound that’s in the mRNA vaccines. Only J&J available, but I read about a lot of adverse reactions. Then J&J was pulled for clotting reasons. I chose a long-term immunization protocol. Then I petitioned the league. Subjected to the nonvaxxed category, a Draconian protocol “not based on science.” One of the main doctors for the League said “it’s impossible for a vaxxed person to get covid.” Which anyone with eyes knows is a LIE.

“… not going to go on Fox, not going to go on CNN, politics is a sham, it has no place in health. The only desire I have is to empower people out there to take autonomy over their body in all forms and facets and that you have a right to make a decision about your body. That should be an unalienable rightfor all people to make an educated decision based on what they think it best for them, their body, their family, their family’s bodies, on and on and on.

“If you have fear around the virus and you want to get vaccinated, go for it. If you have comorbidities go for it. If you’re a healthy person who has a strong immune system, keep building your immune system. And do what you got to do, do what’s best for your body.

“But that opinion doesn’t work because we, you know, have given away billions of dollars to these pharmaceutical companies now for these vaccines, and it’s not going to stop. Merck’s coming out with a pill, Pfizer’s coming out with a pill that’s going to help, it’s basically the expensive versions of ivermectin. Why do people hate ivermectin? Not just because, you know, Trump championed it, because it’s cheap generic. You can’t make any money off it. But it’s been used a billion times in India, go look at that research, what’s going on over there?

“Let me just finish with this. I thought that it’s really powerful and I hope people can hear that. The situation that I’m in should be a conversation, not a controversy. I’ve made a decision based on what’s best for my body, I’ve just laid it out to you, my health history, and why I made this decision. Okay? This shouldn’t be a controversy; it should be a conversation. I’m here to continue the conversation. Because of this virus and testing positive I have to miss 10 days. Again the scientifics of that arbitrary number is whatever. I feel really good, and if this were the flu, there’s no reason I wouldn’t play on Sunday (11/7/21 vs. KCC)…

“…look, I hope we can just take a step back, quit lying, quit with the, you know, the witch hunt and the canceling and realize this is a conversation to be had, not a controversy. And let’s move this forward with some love and connection, that’s what we need in this world. Things that we don’t agree with or understand when we don’t agree, let’s communicate instead of initially just canceling someone, silencing someone, that gets us nowhere. Like that’s what I did when I started my research, you know, I put every single bias to the side, thinking okay what is going to be best for my body. And listen to everybody on every side of every opinion, that’s the only way to truly learn things without bringing your own personal bias into things.

“You want to live in an echo chamber, like go for it, but like that’s not a way to move society forward, that’s not a way to move your own consciousness forward. You got to be able to like, talk, reach across the aisle and talk to people you don’t agree with. You know I’ve talked to many people who are vaxxed, and we’ve had incredible conversations on both sides. And I appreciate hearing their insights. I made a decision that was in the best interest of my body, and if you have a problem with that, there’s nothing I can say to you other than it is what it is. And I’m sorry you feel that way….”


Guys, this feardemic is toast. I certainly hope you all received a placebo, because per Dr. Zev the jabs are  premeditated murder:

I still believe those who made the PDJs also made an antidote; I’ll keep looking:

So that’s the deal. Give or take a month, we have just been led out of the Dark Side by a true hero, on and off the field. Thank you, Aaron.

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