Book Review: Unearthing Atlantis, 3d Edition (2017)

An Archaeological Odyssey to the Fabled Lost Civilization
By Charles Pellegrino [Reviewed by Brian R. Wright]

When it comes to hard evidence and breathtaking scope of delivery, there is none higher…

Reading Unearthing Atlantis is a transcendent experience, very similar to how I felt when I first read The Longest Walk (2015) by George Meegan,[1] for slightly different reasons:

Mr. Meegan’s adventure was a down-to-earth journey touching large numbers of everyday people from different worlds, which he experienced in real time. His life became intertwined with their lives, and inspired George to dedicate himself to a mission of preservation of peoples’ unique cultures and languages—bringing out the best in all humanity via true noncompulsory ‘education.'[2]

Dr. Pellegrino, while similarly sharing in the lives of men and women, these ones going about their arduous scientific-discovery business around the world, communicates their work and discoveries—not only in the context of archaeology, but paleontology and cosmology as well. He’s an amazing writer with an exceptional ability to draw you high above the mundane while at the same time dwelling in it, reveling in it… rigorously. Further, he skillfully condenses eons of time in a bottle, rather a priceless vase, belonging to our wealthy, erudite neighbors, on an island in the Aegean Sea, in 1628 B.C., who had to leave their precious homes suddenly due to one of the world’s major supervolcanoes.

Sadly, these neighbors of ours turned to vapor in the next 24 hours, so we can only converse with them now indirectly in what they left behind.

The island is now known as Santorini. In those days leading up to the volcanic death cloud that blackened the sky (causing a two-year-long winter in the Northern Hemisphere) and could have been seen, unaided, from the Moon, it was known as Thera. Arguably, Thera was the center of a higher civilization—the Minoans—than even the Greeks and Romans, more than a millennium later. Thus, solid facts support the thesis that Thera and/or islands in her vicinity were, indeed, the Atlantis described by Plato and other accounts.

Charles Pellegrino has captured the before and after of this marvelous civilization with analyses derived from evidence around the world, and in various fields. Moreover he’s a master storyteller even whose footnotes won’t let you put the book down. This is science as compelling as a force of nature. An unforgettable journey of imagination that you will never want to end.

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[1] The epic story of one man’s (Meegan’s) 19,000+ mile trek on foot from the tip of South America to the tip of North America, 1977-1983.

[2] Ref. another almost equally transcendent book, Democracy Reaches the Kids (2014).




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1 thought on “Book Review: Unearthing Atlantis, 3d Edition (2017)

  1. Below is an interesting link to a Zero Point series of videos. Graham Hancock is featured and evidence of advanced civilizations going back beyond 13,000 years ago is presented. It is now widely excepted by archeologists and geologists that about 12,900 years ago the earth was hit by a large meteor that wiped out civilization. It caused floods by melting ice caps of up to 400 feet, and then a 1000 year ice age caused by the debris that filled the skies. It is theorized that it caused a polar shift and re-positioned the continent of Antarctica from a warmer climate to the south pole causing it to freeze within days. Perhaps this is why there is so much recent interest in Antarctica.

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