Brian’s Biweekly Potpourri: April 1-15, 2021

Just wanting to generally post to my Groups a number of important links and images that have come my way in the past week or two:
1) A brilliant column from Tim Foyle under OffGuardian auspices that speaks of what’s behind conspiracy/causality denial: [Basically, it’s (widespread, unfortunately) infantilism, a reluctance to grow up and face reality as an adult thinking for oneself.]
2) This one ties into #1, in the sense that many who accept official stories, emotionally-perceptually without thought, cannot believe that anyone can be so EVIL as to do what critics of the official story show conclusively that they ARE doing. From Dr. Michael Yeadon, former chief scientist of Pfizer:
3) Probably the single best explanation of why NOBODY should take any of the experimental, emergency use only, unapproved ‘covid’ so-called vaccines. I, myself, had given nine reasons (; our fine fellow, Christian Elliot doubles that to 18 reasons:
4) William DeBerg on Fetzer’s channel, presents the solid worldwide data on total deaths, reporting (per Macrotrend) that for all of 2020, the worldwide total death toll remained the same as 2019 at 7.6 per thousand. So no pandemic in THIS lilac patch, sayeth Br’er Rabbit.