Brian’s Column: Turning Point

Will Blind Obedience to Official Stories Be the End of Us?
Brian R. Wright

… or even simple mass acquiescence without belief.

Was sitting for a quick afternoon beer at Moe’s—trying to give him my business during ‘lockdown lite’ since the ‘covid’ op has seriously damaged these fine people—and I noted PGA Tour SS (sans spectators) on the television. Moe’s cook is taking a break at the bar, too, as only one table is occupied. One other guy is there, too, paying customer.

I point to the screen, saying “how much longer?” with my eyes expressing exasperation at the whole capitulation of “Sports’ Nation” to the mainstream-Pharma white-coat panic mongers of the ‘covid’ sleaze operation. “I’ll be sure glad when the NFL opens up to full stadiums.” Both of my fellow barsitters rain on that parade with frowns, practically in unison: “Naw, they’re not coming back… at least not this year.”

The banter continues, with other-customer barsitter telling me that Major League Baseball takes in more money that the National Football League—I didn’t know that, and need to check it out. Anyway, the consensus of the two is that if the panic can kill baseball and hockey (as well as spectator-real golf), it can sure kill the NFL. I still hold out believing that college football, at least, will defy the CovOp. I mean college football fans are ANIMALS, I can’t see them letting  a bunch of pinheaded p-words stomp on their sacred-warrior traditions.

We shall see.

What frightens me at this juncture is hardly any activity or business that is “allowed” to come back is not shackled with existing restrictions on masking or distancing, sanitation edicts, etc. Have you seen the photos, for example of the New Jersey, public schools? They may as well bubble wrap the kiddies, teachers, too. It’s pure insanity and a mental health nightmare… for the kids: They’ll look at teachers with their goofy useless masks and the floor markings, and say to themselves, “This institution is obviously an insane asylum.” Then pick up the cellphone and call home: “Mom, Dad, get me the flock outa here!”

Prediction: Without the Old Normal fully reinstituted, like NOW, we all die.

On the other hand golf courses have practically returned to normal. Out of doors, and even in the after-round restaurant/bar areas that are relatively loosely strait-jacketed, patrons arrange themselves as they will—no effin’ six feet, that’s for sure. I’m in a Michigan Sunday senior skins group, and a couple of the gents demur at shaking hands and simulate dork elbow bumps… but no one is wearing a mask and no one is staying away from another, outside or in. At the very beginning of “Gretchen’s[1] Loosening” I remember the courses imposing one-guy-to-a-cart stricture. After several weeks, all the golf courses I’ve been to are limp-wristing all such inane requirements.

It’s what I see as spontaneous, subconscious flouting of the silly. “No rational person does this behavior, so let’s all NOT do it and say we did… in case any loser-bonehead state official drops by to read us the riot act.” [Like the Cider House Rules, failure for lack of any sense whatever.] Which no doubt upsets some Lansing white-coat contingents: “My god, we’ve got to get out there and stop the duffers. Our catastrophic ILI (influenza-like-illness) will be taking off like a Saturn V.” Or not. NOT.

Hey, let’s do a quick calculation. We have roughly a thousand golf courses in Michigan. Let’s say on average—I’ve heard golf tee times are up, as are the fees—and conservatively, daily, 100 individuals play and expose themselves… dangerously to the ‘covid’ bug[2] via touching, not masking indoors, even evincing a cough or two. What that means is we have 700,000 potential bug exposures per week, statewide. A number far in excess of the estimated 18,000 visitors protesting shutdown, mainly in vehicles, at the capital in Lansing back in April.

[By the way, I’ve been told that the smartphone data from the Lansing protest actually showed a decrease in cases from those people being (unconstitutionally) tracked.] So the Duffer Dudes are obviously a ‘covid’ dud extraordinaire. Coupled with the fact that, what, 90% of the media-ballyhooed NEW CASE OUTBREAKS are thoroughly without symptoms, with deaths decreasing, reason says it’s time for everyone to shitcan the masks and the coffin distances. Play ball, play football. lose the shackles and collars.

Please also refer to my page here for what has turned out to be a valuable reference tool on the entire Covid Operation:

But that’s only reason. The real question for our health and livelihoods, indeed, for the survival of humankind is whether the men and women inside the sheep costumes will cast them off and declare as Independents.

“The Matrix cannot tell you who you are.” — Trinity

As Independents let’s try to be of help. Could be crucial on the evolutionary scale.

[1] Gretchen Whitmer is the self-proclaimed Queen of Michigan who unconstitutionally issued (and keeps issuing) a gaggle of “executive orders” to dial down and dial up the state’s ‘nonessential’ businesses, lately opening them up under her ‘new rules.’ And that wouldn’t have been a problem except the businesses, with a very few notable exceptions, didn’t stand up and tell her to stick her orders where the sun don’t shine, “We the people outrank you and your delusions. F, as in Fantasy Island, OFF” Also legislative Republicans—the Reptilians have majorities in both houses—remained balless and clueless in defying her.

[2] In my research, I’ve discovered that a) no one has actually isolated and purified the SARS-CoV2 ‘virus’ that is claimed to produce the Covid-19 disease, and b) no one has produced a clinically validated test—RT-PCR or antibody—that demonstrates the actual presence of the SARS-CoV2 RNA strand in sufficient quantity to produce the so-called Covid-19 disease… or demonstrate immunity from the disease.
My speculation is that individuals with the more serious symptoms are suffering from environmental toxins—5G@60GHz, vaccines, glyphosate, skydumps—that Dr. Zach Bush further speculates that the SARS-CoV2 RNA strand may be “unmasking.”

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