Brian’s Column: …Shall Convene…

American Restored First Principles’ Grand Juries
by Brian R. Wright

The content of this column between the ‘The Brochure’ stop and start headings is exactly that, an html summary of the online pdf brochure about my latest discovery qua argument re: grand juries at this address: Please read and give me feedback of your thoughts and feelings here—either via comments to this post or via email:—about the whole notion of American inherent, constitutional, ‘open source’ PRIME (people’s restored independent multilevel everywhere) grand juries. As herein described ⇒ and ⇓.

The name I have given to the recovered institution I’m proposing is America’s Restored First Principles’ grand juries or simply First Principles’ grand juries (1stP_GJs). The idea for such an easily individual-accessible shield and  sword against public official violations of The People’s natural individual rights, as stated in the “We hold these truths” paragraph of the Declaration of Independence came while I was writing my novel, The Truman Prophecy.

[What you see in this column and the brochure is definitely a first cut. Many issues remain to be worked out in application. See below the brochure section under ‘Implementation’.]

In my novel, I imagine a humane world of peace, freedom, and abundance, where the tens of thousands of corrupt, unjust, outrageous instances of gross public-official misconduct are immediately hard stopped and justly punished by ‘The People.’ This would occur as affected individuals routinely invoked a grand jury of their (nongovernment-employed)[1] peers to investigate and deliver indictments to their respective peer trial juries (1stP_TJs). Consider the yet fictional outcomes for rectifying several recent notable real government crimes against humanity:

  1. The federal assault of Doreen Hendrickson for refusing a judge’s order to perjure herself on a tax affidavit—Outcome: Husband Pete, author of the Hendrickson Discovery, with endorsement of thousands of others, submits a complaint to the Michigan Eastern District federal 1st Principles sitting grand jury charging 1st degree[2] 1st Principles’ violation. The 1stP_GJ convenes within days, finds probable cause, the 1stP_TJ convenes within days, and in two months’ time finds the two judges and their prosecutors guilty of Constitutional violations leading to kidnapping. Sentence: 15-years prison for each player.
  2. Civil asset forfeiture takings: innumerable instances of robberies by police at all jurisdictional levels across the country—Outcome: Literally thousands of 1stP_GJ, sitting and special, hearings are initiated by victims invoking their 1stP_GJ access rights. Resulting in 1stP_TJ trials delivering typical verdicts of guilty with sentences ranging from treble damages’ restitution by offending officials to restitution PLUS incarceration of 1 year for every $2000 stolen… up to a maximum of 10 years.
  3. War of Terror violations: Mostly federal, stemming from the 9/11 false-flag attacks of state terror and resulting criminal agencies under the so-called Homeland Security umbrella. This large category encompasses torture, rend-ition, routine Transportation Security Administration (TSA) abuses, all state and local police agencies’ use of unconstitutional strip searches and bodily invasions, imprisonment without trial or notice, and so forth. Outcome (similar to #2): Literally thousands of 1stP_GJ, sitting and special, hearings are initiated by victims invoking their 1stP_GJ access rights. Resulting in 1stP_TJ trials delivering typical verdicts of guilty with sentences ranging from restitution by offending officials to restitution PLUS incarceration of two years for every act of bodily assault… life in prison for acts that result in permanent injury or death.
  4. ‘War on Drugs’ attacks (aka any War on the Bill of Rights): ‘These are violations of 1st Principles’ rights to one’s own body[3], right to self-defense, right to speech, to assemble, to protection against unlawful searches and seizures, multilevel, SWAT team attacks, any act of police initiation of force against a person under pretense of laws that, by violating 1st Principles, has no standing. Outcome: Again, same as #2 and #3 with some wrinkles as determined by circumstance. Most of these acts of aggression are 1st and 2d degree violations.
  5. High-Crime Assaults: I coined this term in The Truman Prophecy to refer to specific instances of high-level, all-out democidal crimes by the global elite Men of the Power Sickness (MOPS). My terms, with links to key info sources (ref. the brochure section of detailed descriptions) are Tax Lies (suppressing the Hendrickon Discovery), False-Flags (911 and other deceitful state crimes against the Republic), Toxic Skies (climate engineering and weather warfare), Frankenfoods (GMO foods), Fry & Spy (‘smart’ meters and other RF onslaughts), Sliming Baby (forced vaccines and druggings, medical fascism), and ‘Botting’ Junior (government compulsory schooling). The middle five have the highest priority for shutting down and punishing perpetrators immediately. Outcome: All 1st degree violations. Impact is huge if we do not address. End of species. Vision in my Prophecy is that 1st Principles grand juries take shape quickly under popular pressure and a few establishment judges who know the fundamental law. Practical example of process in the redress of grievances by Michigan residents’ David and Glenna Lonier over DTE shutting off their power. High and low officials, including the chairman of DTE, face years of real prison time for their violations of fundamental rights.
  6. Low-Crime Assaults: Not to imply unimportant. Virtually everyone we know has been slammed by our terminally corrupted system in the form of arbitrary un-lawful judges, custody and family cases, tax courts, malicious prosecutors, city council members running amok, regulatory bodies captured by the lobbyists they  supposedly control, etc., etc. Outcome: Each grossly misbehaving judge, prosecutor, regulator, public official faces 1st Principles’ juries who shall remove them and deprive them of pensions and position for blatant violations. Note: For these and all interactions with public officials, especially in court, it is a violation of 1st Principles to restrain the people from recording the proceedings and having immediate individual access to smartphone or computer technology. The people are in charge. 
  7. Misc: Celebrated Cases of Cliven Bundy et al and Western ‘Citizen Sovereignty’ Movement: Entering this as a bullet especially to point out the major problem of modern juries being erroneously held as belonging to the state as opposed to the people of a jurisdiction, also jury composition including state officials and employees. The underlying problem of pseudo juries. Outcome: A proper 1stP_GJ and 1stP_TJ, i.e. a proper people’s independent grand jury and trial jury, would never have indicted the Bundys et al for any of the federal felony charges issued and, possibly or even probably, would have ignored Bundy’s refusal to pay grazing fees. [Indeed, with First Principles’ jury awareness, grand juries in Nevada and Oregon would have convened to indict numerous BLM officials, as well as federal judges, prosecutors, law enforcement goons, corrupt unconstitutional local and state public servants!]  Indeed a federal trial jury acquitted Ammon Bundy et al of charges related to the Malheur Wildlilfe Refuge standoff (signifying that enough of these defendants’ true peers were present on the jury and under-stood their right of jury nullification). BLM federal tyranny over Western lands would end peacefully by power of the good and lawful people of that country.

You can see that my list above merely scratches the surface of how many 1stP_GJs and 1stP_TJs will be convening once we turn the tables on the established state prosecution system and public officials start participating in their own cleanup—for example, judges, prosecutors, police, legislators, investigators (the ones least corrupt, in a sense “taking a plea”) will of necessity start aiding in carrying out the will of the 1st Principles’ grand juries that we the people finesse and rescue from the current corrupted court systems’ so-called juries.

Once a beach head is established with a handful of sitting grand juries functioning in accordance with First Principles, laws will quickly come to be passed to supply the substantial public funding[4] to the 10s of thousands if not 100s of thousands of jurors initially required to populate the multitude of 1stP_GJs and TJs.[5] Again, consider that what is happening here is the obscenely oppressive body of officials stoking the engines of the Prison Industrial Complex are going to instead rapidly be induced by overwhelming public pressure to work to eliminate their own superfluous, inhumane occupations.

It’s also easy to see that as 1stP_GJs and TJs come into existence as a major component of the body politic, we the people are going to be busy little beavers. At least for the iniitial cleanup period of roughly half a decade. After that, the government will be “fearing the people” and public officials will almost universally mind their Ps and Qs.

I might add that the cleanup process will almost certainly also include a number of special 1stP_GJs, state and federal, whose sole task is to review cases of individuals in American prisons. If no act of aggression has been committed by a prisoner, that individual shall be set free… and handsomely compensated by public funds for the 1st Principles’ violation (and by specific public officials’ restitution) responsible for his incarceration.

So who’s going to pay for all this? Glad you asked. Again, my Truman Prophecy describes a specialized international reparations grand jury(s) who will recover $trillions surrep-titiously extracted from us by the cabal of international financial powers who run the world debt slavery and war profiteering racket. In the form of reparations.

—Start of Brochure Description—

The Declaration of Independence sets down the fundamental rules ‘our people’ live by and strive for… in the immortal words of Thomas (Jefferson &/or Paine). [Read these founding principles on the front panel of this brochure.]

Michigan Judge Michael Warren wrote a book, America’s Survival Guide (2007), in which he advocates the five ideas. My own condensation of 1st Principles:

  1. Natural rights of the individual
  2. Equality of individuals in law
  3. Government solely to secure rights
  4. Just Powers solely from The People
  5. The People’s right to fix/end govt.

Principle #5 establishes the authority of The People to DIRECTLY oversee government activity and to bring corrupt, criminal public officials to trial of The People.

Watch and act like a hawk

In colonial times, as their inheritance from the Magna Carta and English common law, The People took day-to-day charge of government officials thru their nongovernment institution: the people’s independent Grand Jury.

Significantly, it was a grand jury that indicted British Captain Thomas Preston and his men in March 1770 for their roles in the so-called Boston Massacre.

Hidden 4th Branch

Considering the rampant ‘enforcer’ outrages Americans are victims of today, it’s a wonder the colonial way of grand juries hasn’t spread like wildfire in our own era.

Grand juries were second nature to The People in all of the 13 colonies—both as a SWORD against public official misconduct  and as a SHIELD against abuse of an individual by the king’s men. INDIVIDUAL CITIZENS usually brought the complaint to their jurisdiction’s grand jury.

And if the sitting grand jury dawdled, INDIVIDUAL CITIZENS would often just form a GJ their own!

The investigation and indictment of bad officials was a spontaneous, ‘open source’ process of the grassroots. Not a function of government, except for prosecutors and judges accommodating these grand jury bodies of ‘good and lawful’ men and carrying out their will.

What Happened?

As Kelly Mordecai explains in his seminal book, The Hidden 4th Branch, the Men of the Power Sickness (MOPS) have tricked The People—via court procedure rules and other deceptions—into thinking they no longer have ultimate grand jury power.

  • via court intellectuals and
  • inattention, laziness of the sleeple

But WE DO have the power and the tools.

See ‘the law’ on GJs, by Roger Roots.

1st Principles Grand Juries

My novel, The Truman Prophecy, conveys a world where liberty activists bring a world of peace, freedom, and abundance.  A key part of reaching that aim is using people’s restored independent multilevel everywhere (PRIME) grand juries to end what are clearly massive attacks on survival of The People by the MOPS. These aggressions I call high-crime assaults. 

The seven key high-crime assaults are:

  1. Tax Lies—thoroughly exposed and remedied at the practical personal level by The Hendrickson Discovery
  2. False-Flags—the 9/11 attacks/coverup and other major false-flag acts of state terror, many with deep-state, globalist architects
  3. Toxic Skies—covert atmospheric aerosol spraying and electromagnetic bombardment of the ionosphere (HAARP); weather warfare
  4. Frankenfoods—massive distribution of harmful genetically modified organism (GMO) crops to world populations
  5. Fry & Spy—radio-frequency (RF) and dirty electricity now principally thru electric ‘smart’ meters: surveillance, health/safety violation
  6. Sliming Baby—medical fascism, particularly via mandated vaccines that whack immune systems and escalate the autism epidemic
  7. ‘Botting’ Junior—compulsory state factory schooling, longtime affliction of the body politic, acculturating kids to prison-planet thinking|
    Links are to seminal books or videos.

Because these attacks are so deadly and already in progress, we must Dorothy up against the Evil Wizard(s) as a priority… via grand juries.Model 1st Principles’ System

The 1st Principles grand jury system is intended solely to monitor, prevent, and punish gross misconduct or violations of a free individual’s First Principles’ rights by public officials (and accomplices).

An individual or public official may invoke—and by civic duty SHALL invoke—a 1st Prinicples’ grand jury hearing, upon reasonable suspicion of a public official violation or act(s) of gross misconduct

Juries: impartial peers of complainant; nongovernment employees; randomly selected; pass simple knowledge test of and swear to support US Constitution.

The complaint or petition shall be submitted to the sitting 1st Principles’ GJ  of the applicable jurisdiction specifying the:

  1. offense (what, where, when)
  2. suspect(s) (who)
  3. evidence (how)

1st Principles’ grand juries have full subpoena power and are the ultimate authority over judges, prosecutors, and public officials (POs) during their session; they may empanel separate special grand juries to handle workload or for unique cases. Jurors, both grand and trial, shall be paid the prorated salary of the chief executive for their jurisdiction.

Note: First Principles’ violations are serious felony crimes. For example, any public official enabling civil asset forfeiture faces many years in prison.

Petit or trial juries who receive indictments ‘own’ justice in their court rooms and have power to judge fact and law; may refuse to convict ‘on conscience.’

Getting from Here to There

We the People already have the First Principles’ authority to invoke and populate ‘our’ grand juries in whatever manner ‘we’ see fit. Let’s effect our power as adroitly as possible.

Without Confrontation

National Liberty Alliance (NLA) seems to be an organization of people adhering to a rather egocentric and proprietary ’God and Country’ ideology who try to take over establishment courthouses, with bad results.

Without Jumping thru Hoops

Some propose referenda, change state constitutions to enable special people’s GJs to judge public official oath violations. Too limiting. Too difficult. Too ‘plays into the state’s hands.’ It doesn’t make sense to petition a corrupt system to get power you already have.

Zero-Stress Jujitsu Strategy

Assert 1st Principles’ GJ authority while submitting complaints to existing sitting grand jury.

  1. Form a group, write up complaint
  2. Take en masse to GJ, else to ’DA’
  3. Publicize your approach to GJ/DA.
  4. GJ/DA yes, suspect(s) face indictment
  5. GJ/DA says no => media, virtual GJ

 Prelim Kelly Mordecai GJ Project Plan.

10s of 1000s complaints, all invoking 1stP GJs. DAs, judges, public officials must cooperate with successful indictments. Every PO who goes to trial is one more foundation stone for 1st Principles’ GJs en toto.

Rapid infusion of 1st Principles’ knowledge, justice. Website, movement, huge unstoppable network of positive change. 

—End of Brochure Description—

Implementation Ideas

This is solely a launch document. The following is a high level description for developing a reasonable and timely system for implementation. At this stage, the author is open to any seriously proposed ideas and feedback on his own ideas.

The basic process for implementing First Principles’ grand juries and trial juries is to have individuals whose First Principles’ rights have been violated by public officials to submit a complaint to a sitting grand jury in the jurisdiction in which the violation is alleged to have occurred. It is often difficult, if not actually (illegally) prohibited by certain jurisdictions, to reach a sitting grand jury directly. Thus the universal procedure for delivering one’s comp-laint to the sitting grand jury is to pressure the prosecuting attorney’s (PA) office to present one’s complaint to the grand jury foreman.

[Click here to view some preliminary flowchart ideas for how we can build a robust virtual system in parallel with an initially more slowly developing real system. But the fact is, that the people have already had OUTSTANDING VIC-TORIES with  the hybrid conventional grand jury system, when the jurors know and judges/prosecutors concede the true implementation of our most important power to indict.]

If the PA refuses to refer, the complainant(s) will a) publicize refusal to main media and alt-media and b) refer the complaint to a well-structured online 1stP_GJ, using ‘grand jurors’ from a pool as impartial and public spirited as achievable. The online 1stP_GJ will briefly investigate to determine probable cause, then typically produce an indictment, which the 1stP_GJ ‘Online System’ will publicize back to the PA and to the sitting grand jury itself, if possible. This online system, as well as the formal association for 1st Principles’ grand juries, will need to be built. Probably start with a Facebook Group and a Website.

Here’s where I truly need to sit and brainstorm with any individuals who are desirous of the same ends, or even vaguely similar ends… including NLA fans and those who feel a constitutional amendment petition drive can be worthwhile. I understand that the system I’m proposing, at this time, may seem unstructured or unspecific, but I feel that the basic idea of universal individual access to a grand jury of one’s true peers in the face of public official misconduct and crime—across the whole universe of 1st Principles’ violations—is pregnant with potentially immense positive value. If we just work out some realistic details of how to put it into effect.

Note: Four Other Major Applications for 1st Principles Special Grand Juries

I presented above, for state and federal levels, that The People will empanel special grand juries for the sole purpose of restoring to freedom jailed persons who have committed no act of aggression. Similarly to right the scales of justice, two MAJOR implementations of special 1st Principles grand juries exist:

    1. The Trimming Grand Juries. These are special 1stP_GJs who convene over a long period for review of state and federal, perhaps even local, statutes for constitutionality. Especially important for reducing the size of the federal government. Any statute that has been passed that does not conform to the Constitution will be declared null and void. Obamacare, Social Security, etc., will un-doubtedly get the axe. But don’t worry, we shall have first implemented the Reparations Grand Juries at the federal and international level.
    2. New World Order Reparations Grand Juries. I discussed above the notion of distributing the hundreds of $trillions of wealth extracted from the productive class over the past two-and-a-half centuries by the Men of the Power Sickness. Mainly via monopoly money, debt, and war by the elites who control the national central banks. Well, this is the time, folks, to retrieve all that loot from the MOPs… and do it supremely legally… according to First Principles, with special reparations GJs. [The absolute minimum distribution to be expected by any individual will be on the order of $100,000 (federal reserve notes: 20170924 value).] Discussed in The Truman Prophecy.
    3. The Staged and/or False-Flag Act of State Terror Grand Jury. From the 9/11 attacks and the assault on the USS Liberty 50 years ago to Sandy Hook, Boston, San Bernardino, Charlie Hebdo, Belgium, on and on, to whatever happened in Charlottesville, the people have lacked any official role in investigating what actually occurred, whether the incidents were authentic or staged as black ops by the government (SCARs: State Crimes against the Republic), then bringing indictments against the real perpetrators. Each of these incidents, in priority as the official story has insuperable contra-dictions, needs to receive a special 1st Principles’ grand jury inquiry by nonstate actors to discover what happened and expose those responsible.
    4. International and Military/Intel Crime Grand Juries. Closely related to the Reparations Grand Juries of bullet B, we the people of planet earth need something very much like a grand jury of real human beings.[6]

Clearly, for many of these special 1st Principles’ grand juries, the jurors need to be compensated at more than the projected standard prorated rate of what the chief exe-cutive of a jurisdiction makes.  We have a lot of work to do to clean up our country and make it FREE again. American First Principles and First Principles grand juries are crucial to that happening.


I look forward to refining the procedures for maximum utility. We want to standardize as much as possible how we complainants interact with the establishment system. We/I need to understand the court procedures that do exist and to use them to advantage of the 1stP_GJ invoker. In other words I need a lot of help to make this work. Please if you’re interested contact me at

In liberty, truth, and justice, Brian.

[1] It is essential to fair and impartial treatment that government officials are not enfranchised to pass judgment on offenses alleged for one of their own. In these days of runaway big government, it is hard to separate out those not dependent in some way on the state. Plus many good, Constitution-savvy individuals are teachers or soldiers, even cops. If we can obtain impartial juries without excluding everyone from the public sector, then possibly the ‘nongovernment-employee’ stipulation can be qualified or mitigated.  [An implementation issue.]

[2] Envisioning the following degrees of 1st Principles’ violation:

  • 1st Degree | Serious long-term physical, financial, psychological injury or death
  • 2d Degree | Significant short-term physical, financial, or psychological injury
  • 3d Degree | Minor inconvenience and loss of community standing

The general guidelines for incarceration (using restitution instead whenever possible) shall be similar to that for crimes by individuals for murder, manslaughter, kidnapping, theft, and so on. For example, The sentence for kidnapping would be applied to all judges and lead prosecutors guilty of actions leading to the holding Doreen Hendrickson against her will.

[3] Legislators who pass the 1st-Principles-violating ‘laws’ and executive-branch/judicial-branch personnel who enforce them are fully culpable for the violations—some more than others. [For example, Dr. Richard Pan, the state senator who led the effort to violate 1st Principles by eliminating the personal exemption for vaccines of California school children will certainly be held responsible in a 1stP_GJ indictment and 1stP_TJ conviction.] Over time and 1st Principle juries operation, conventions will be established in the proceedings that provide formula for assessing damages to persons on account of public-official violations.

[4] “Jurors, both grand and trial, shall be paid the prorated salary of the chief executive for their jurisdiction.”

[5] Note: In the development process for 1st Principles’ juries, a much more robust list of specific and general government crimes against individuals will be compiled.

[6] Jury of peers needs to be refined to also exclude economic partisans of the corporate state. For example, the CEO of Monsanto, assuming he escapes being named as a suspect in a GMO 1stP_GJ, must not be allowed to sit on  such a grand jury… similarly high-level officials of any major global-government contracting corporation. Another couple of notes regarding 1st Principles’ grand jury composition (so I don’t forget them):

  • The number of people on a grand jury is historically 25 or 26, but practically speaking in today’s world and considering the overwhelming workload 1stP_GJs are going to have right out of the chute, we should generally consider a number like 13… with the foreman having a vote. Reasonable to require 2/3 vote to indict, but I believe the historical threshold is 1/2.
  • Existing law regarding grand juries, from my cursory review of Michigan’s supposed, rules and constitution, is typically vague… which I surmise is because the direct people’s institution has always been hard for the power-government people to reconcile with their own need to dominate. But when we form real or online 1stP grand juries, we need to have developed broad and deep expertise on the establishment’s relevant statutes.

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