Brian’s Column: “One Man with Courage”…

… is shamed by the mob for going maskless at the Super Bowl
By Brian R. Wright

“One man with courage makes a majority.” — Charles Lindbergh

I was always a huge fan of Tom Brady. Now I’m even MORE of a fan thanks to him so boldly refusing to wear a PC face diaper in response to the nothing-burger ‘virus’ that no medical authority has even identified (
and for which the gold standard PCR test is meaningless ( AND for which 99.76% of those who test positive have no or mild symptoms or otherwise recover completely from.

… and these statistics are WITHOUT the widely applied antimicrobial cures available and suppressed by medical authorities and public officials—who are committing crimes against humanity on the people in a state near you—, e.g.

What’s more, masks are entirely useless against viruses, as all the randomized control tests have shown. Further, masks impede breathing and cause ENORMOUS HEALTH PROBLEMS for the wearers, including ‘covid.’, plus please get the latest book–you may have to get the Nook version here:–by Dr. Judy Mikovits’ The Case against Masks. And to put it all in perspective, statistics show that “More Masks = More ‘covid.'”
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Brian’s Column: Rudy List, RIP (7/9/1942-11/5/2020)

A brilliant friend and candle of deep moral, intellectual courage flames out
By Brian R. Wright

In the early days of my making friends in the Detroit-area 9/11 truth movement, I remember Rudy List distinctly. We were at the home of Stan Beattie in Farmington Hills. Others present were Dick Kennedy and a fellow from Port Huron. [The sad fact is that an active and effective local chapter of 911 truthers never materialized in SE Michigan, even with the advent of successful entrepreneurial family man, David Hooper, with his wonderful movie, Anatomy of a Great Deception I and II.] The picture is taken at the gala premier of AGD 1 at the Detroit Fillmore Theater, downtown; Rudy is front, left.

Even at that initial meet gathering in Farm Hills, Rudy expressed his strong views contra Israel and “Jewish Power” for particularly being at the root of the 9/11 plot, attacks, and coverup.[1]


Rudy was born in Bay City. His father, Ed, worked in a factory there. His mother kept house and was a hairdresser. He had two brothers, Paul and Tom. Rudy attended the University of Michigan where he graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. He then moved to England and entered the University of Birmingham and achieved a Ph.D. in mathematics and computer science. He traveled widely teaching both subjects.

He was founder with three other individuals of Lockwood Corporation and wrote some of the first widely used investment programs for clients like Goldman Sachs in the 1980s. Friends state that Rudy had expert knowledge of core Microsoft source code, and discovered bugs in the operating system(s) that self-created viruses and provided substantial sources of revenue for Microsoft to fix. He submitted his notes to lead development officials at Microsoft, which were ignored.

Rudy had five children from three marriages. His surviving wife, is Hody, whom he met thru her brother in England in 1980. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Ultimate Mask…

… for the Ultimate Sacrifice
By Brian R. Wright
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It seems no matter what anyone with expertise, from private practice or the government health establishment, shows us about the general public’s persistent use of surgical masks—both as to their unhealthful effect on the wearers as well as to their ineffectiveness against viruses, indeed that they spread disease[1]—the great unwashed continue to wear them.

Doesn’t matter that several months ago, Sheep Nation was told by NIH and Fauci, CDC, US Surgeon General, and WHO: “DO NOT WEAR MASKS!”

Que pasa? What changed? Why did they FESS UP then and why do they FESS DOWN now? Have there been studies that show mask wearing to be effective against ‘covid?’ No. The opposite.

Let’s leave that BIG QUESTION hanging for now. You decide.

What I want to do today is put my Great Reset hat on and look at things from the global syndicate’s point of view. In case you haven’t heard, the Great Reset is New World Order #2 that the Men of the Power Sickness want the rest of humanity to fall in line with. Like NWO, its champions are proud to tell you about it. See DuckDuckGo. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Dean S. Hazel, RIP

The world loses a unique freedom-cause-oriented human being

Dean Hazel, b. April 12, 1952; d. November 05, 2020, Wyandotte, Michigan. He maintained a Facebook page. His most recent posts are from 2016. He was living in an apartment in Clare, Michigan, for some years.

I found out from his mother that he died, when she sent to me a Christmas card—in response to my card to Dean. I stayed in touch with him, sent him a card at Christmases, and this year it must have been only a few days before he died (November 5) I called him on the phone.

Brings back a lot of memories of those days in the 70s, 80s, into the 90s even. Just the whole “tax rebellion movement,” the Libertarian Party and my activity in the party with my wife at the time, Rose et al, the recalls of state senators for passing tax increases in Michigan. I’ll immediately include his autobiography statement from the Facebook page:

About Dean

I have dedicated my life to America’s struggle to keep and regain her freedom from the unseen hand of the corporatist state. I was a founder in 1979 of “We The People A.C.T., A Club of Concerned Citizens” and consider myself to still be a friend of Irwin Schiff, the father of Peter Schiff. It was in the 1980 election that I personally learned of Ron Paul. It was the following year when I actually spoke to him by phone. At the time I had taken a strong position that the Federal Income Tax was being unconstitutionally applied, not that it was unconstitutional in and of itself! I understand that the event even made the London Times in England. See:,,20078970,00.html

I am a jack of all trades, but currently black listed by fraud and slander as was my dear friend and fellow We The People A.C.T. club member, Robert Walsh, the son of a Holocaust survivor. See:

In 2004 I and five others founded The American Federation of Whiggs. I am still the chairman of that enterprise intended to change the so-called parties from within or replace them all together as they appear to just be two faces on a bad coin.,%20MMX.pdf

I currently attend as many meetings that I can afford to go to and am the host of the Monroe County Breakfast Club (formerly the Monroe County Republican Breakfast Club), which currently meets once a month at Anson’s Pizza, Pasta, Grill and Pub, in Carleton, Monroe County, Michigan at 10 o’clock in the morning until noon, on the second Saturday of each month.

I write when I can and my Libertarian friend and former Republican Brian Wright secures my copyright by posting them on his Website:

My introduction to the Republican Party and true conservatism was in 1980 by the late Richard Durant of Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan and his friends who were members of We The People A.C.T. at that time. Throughout the ’50s and ’60s, Durant remained active in politics, particularly working to broaden the base of the Republican Party and encouraging young people to understand and get involved in politics and the ideas underlying the workings of a free society. I intend to carry that work on. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: “England Gasps”

Sung to the Roger Miller tune “England Swings” ca. 1966

To my health-freedom warrior lady and all her warrior friends in Nottingham, England: 

England gasps, like a chokin’ man do,
worse thanks to Bo’s chipper Lockemdown Two.
Woke maskers march to the chime o’ Big Ben,
pallid blue cheeks on their smothered children.

Ferguson’s false models and Billy G’s vax trash
execute the blueprint for the globalist haute crash,
wiping out the indie class, imprisoning us all,
the sole deadly threat a ‘between the ears’ spitball.

So free ’em, Jolly Ol’, before the day is done,
cheaply cure the real bug, walk proudly in the sun.
Break the chains, the chainers: middle, high, and low,
‘gallows’ for the high ones, England swears “no mo’.”

Chorus as desired…

England gasps, like a chokin’ man do,
worse thanks to Bo’s chipper Lockemdown Two.
Woke maskers march to the chime o’ Big Ben,
pallid blue cheeks on their smothered children.

Brian’s Column: New Breathe-Easy Healing Bikini Mask

Announcing the latest innovation in general-public facial accessories
Brian R. Wright

We’ve been inundated lately with guidelines and supposed requirements for the general public to be wearing “face coverings” as purported protection against a strand of RNA labeled by medical authorities as the SARS CoV-2 ‘virus,’ allegedly causing the disease labeled COVID-19 (‘covid’)… as determined by the wholly arbitrary and meaningless “gold standard” diagnostic PCR (polymerase chain-reaction, a molecular-compound manufacturing technique never intended to diagnose infectious agents) test.

And even though no scientific studies have determined that general-public wearing of face coverings of any kind prevents or mitigates viral infection, a lot of executive officials acting outside their constitutional or legislative authority have belligerently “insisted” that individuals put on such yokes as they go about  their public business. Ref. The photograph at top-right shows the manufacturer’s statement regarding inefficacy of its ear loop masks for preventing ‘covid.’ This photo on the right is of me, with a slightly misaligned bikini mask.

Recognizing that NOT wearing a mask is as effective against ‘covid’ as wearing one (, a local high-powered citizens’ health team kicked around some ideas for a minimalist face covering that would be at least as protective as the ubiquitous face drapings we’ve been seeing around us. Moreover, the design would incorporate extraordinary healing powers—enabling its wearer to breathe freely and openly, keeping his immune system in top running condition. The figure shows the assembly diagram for the Breathe-Easy™ healing bikini mask, the first generation of which the team has released for immediate use and peace of mind. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Eureka-Bingo! Major Discovery on STUPID-19

On the Final Steps to Figuring out the Massive Deception of ‘Covid’
By Brian R. Wright

Patrick Henry —> and I say Happy Independents Day. Note the form of the word, because if we do not rise as Independents, we shall surely not rise much longer.

Yes, thanks to a lot of help from my friends, I believe I have figured out the keys to the Deception of All Time, which give very timely clues to whodunit, as well. Three key articles, columns, or videos:

    7/2/2020, Murder by Lockdown—Lew Rockwell republication of the fourth installment of a four-part column by Jon Rappoport, reporting on an article by John Pospichal ( in Medium.
    7/2/2020 Dr. Zev Zelenko shows CV success with HCQ-zinc, consumate pure clinical outpatient doctor successfully treats hundreds of patients for advanced symptoms of  ‘COVID-19,’ preventing need for hospitalization. Confirmed by 1000s of other practitioners worldwide.
    7/3/2020 COVID19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless. Subtitle: Everything we’ve been told about COVID is a HOAX!,  referred by precious, indefatigable Barb Lowe of the National Vaccine Information Center (@NVICLoeDown), article by Brian Shilhavy, Health Impact News.

These are the three data points that I believe have finally led to a resolution of serious questions that were remaining as to whether ‘covid’ was real, and if it was, what was/is it. We know from the Rockwell article and from whistleblower work in NYC, in particular, including Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell ( and RN hero Erin Osznewski ( that cognizant hospital staff were and are directing ‘covid’-diagnosed and even NON-‘covid’-diagnosed patients to ventilators [and virtually certain death, 90% fatal via lung explosion].

Then we also know from bullet #2 that there’s a “something” called “COVID-19” presenting as extreme respiratory symptoms (hypoxia presumably being among them) that Zelekov’s work and 100s of other doctors worldwide are successfully treating—~ 100% to no symptoms (—with hydroxychloroquine-zinc-azithromycin. Continue reading