Stonebeam 32. Letter Template to Public Official…

…Let’s not get “Faked out of Our Jock Straps”
Story Shot 32, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 20 August 2021

Note: I just noticed that to use this whole column as a letter template you almost have to be a man, that is unless women’s basketball players are wearing athletic supporters (jock straps) these days. Oh well, if you’re a woman—or someone who didn’t play basketball—just think of some other activity where you were highly and embarrassingly tricked, and substitute that for my framing verbiage. Or rewrite, using “A friend of mine, when he was trying out for his high school…” — bw

Dear <Public Official>:

When I was trying out for my high school basketball team years ago, I remember an expression the coaches would use when a defensive player fell for a feigned move in one direction by the ball handler, then the ball handler would pass or dribble in the other direction unimpeded for an easy score. The expression was, “He got faked out of his jock strap.” Of course, the coach would chew out the defensive player and then usually help him to learn how not to fall for the fake so easily next time.

On a much grander and more critical scale with the ‘covid’ operation and the Great Reset (put into motion by the global elites via the World Economic Forum, Event 201, in October of 2019, at Johns Hopkins University), the general public and a lot of their officials along with them seem to have been “faked out of their jock straps.” How did this happen?

To make a long story short, a/the global cabal put together a Big Lie and imposed it with gobs of money and power to hoodwink via compliant ‘journalists’ most of the public and public officials… and to scare out or buy out any who demurred. The first element was to create a condition of abject fear. A system was set up to create an imaginary disease from an unidentified virus with symptoms that resembled seasonal flu, sometimes more serious disease, bannered by the media, caused by various toxins. Many ‘infecteds’ had no symptoms.

They gave the disease a name, STUPID-19, and by edict denied proven clinical cures for the more serious respiratory symptoms, instead focusing all their efforts on a so-called vaccine which was always intended to inflict death and major damage on the herdminded masses subjected to the propaganda. They also came up with a fraudulent PCR test that was completely meaningless for diagnosing infection, especially for a nonexistent virus. Two outstanding columns from OffGuardian dispel the fear narrative and torpedo the PCR test, respectively.
Kill the fear:
Torpedo the PCR:

They then cooked the books, literally, calling everything STUPID-19 and implemented protocols for delivering 10s of thousands of elderly with comorbidities to ventilators where 9 out of 10 died prematurely… in the most cruel isolation in their final days. They imposed lockdowns and health-destroying restrictions, killing businesses, and turning great cities into ghost towns.

Now many countries have been brought to the edge of annihilation by the ultimate witch hunt—witches being the yet-noninjected with the poison-death jabs—and mass psychosis of all time. All credible, rational voices are viciously censored as the jackboots of full domination are shined up by the king’s men. Governments of the world are in acting in concert against the people.
Mass psychosis:
Truth on the jabs:
Latest info:

So my dear public official, if you’ve been faked out. No shame. Just get back in the game and do your job. Step up and stop up the mass psychosis, the medical tyranny. Read the links. Prosecute all sociopaths who created and now lead the fakedemic.

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