Brian’s Column: The Epstein Trails

An unparalleled opportunity to end the Cabal and move forward

Since the dawn of unconscious humanity, our species has endured empires of aggression and collective domination by elites who run them. So in the realm of general psychopathy, nothing is new under the sun about what Jeffrey Epstein and his handlers were doing—basically pimping/child-sex trafficking to virtually ALL the “Men of the Deep Power Sickness” of our day. And when I say ALL, and I say DEEP, this means just about every high political official of the United States (from the White House to the state house)… for starters. AND, needless to say, large mainstream media-social media (MM-SM) figures who covered up and continue to cover up the raw criminality of all this.

Before I do any real assessments of my own, let me first send out to my loyal readers, what I have learned from established, courageous independent-media sources. First, anyone seriously interested in the foundational truth and accountability behind the Epstein Trails must read the outstanding series of articles from, written by Whitney Webb:

The author’s recent chat on FB .

The latest from Ms. Webb, October 2, 2019:

Then for a more up-to-the-minute—was released just as Epstein was officially pronounced suicided—journalistic assessment of where we are on the official story, this Steemit video from guerilla journalist, Luke Rudkowski:

Let me also point you to one of the more important independent media crowdfund projects (because the MM-SM is treating the Epstein Trails as ‘see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, speak-no-evil’ case that will actually END them). And it will. Which is why all the MM-SM sources are uniting to discredit and take away the platforms of the real journalists who speak truth to power… Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and of course the ‘Jewish CBS'[1] dinosaurs represented most by the Washington Post and the NY Times.

What does it mean for decent, consciousness-aspiring humanity?

In my humble view, the unraveling and bringing to justice of those responsible for (and knowingly participating in) the Empire’s premier child-sex trafficking network—which Jeff Epstein and his associates are the smiley-face of—is ONE OF THE GRANDEST OPPORTUNITIES FOR GENERAL HUMAN JUSTICE AND FREEDOM IN OUR TIME.

How so?

Because—qua terminal public-official corruption of our country in service to a Big Brother, collective-brain global agenda—we the people have been handed the biggest broom in history to sweep out all the bad apples in one swoop. Are they rich, powerful, politically entrenched? Bye bye. They won’t be facing the guillotine, rather people’s independent grand jury indictments, then convictions for any crimes against humanity… not to be seen in public life again, many behind bars for decades.

How do we get there?

Political level…

First, it seems to me, the MM-SM itself has to go belly up en masse. Literally, NO ONE with half a brain has any reason to believe ANY ONE pulling the MM-SM levers on the Epstein murder/disappearance. Further, EVERY ONE now knows that the puppeteers behind the rich and powerful of the global KRT (kiddy rape and torture) network are Israeli Mossad… with its usual associates in the US/UK intel hierarchy. [btw, for all you Trump&Q fans: DJT, like Slick Willie Clinton, is a major KRT user and pusher—per the Madsen Report, the president has paid $30 million in hush money to his rape victims, underage and older.]

How to fail the MM-SM oligarchy?

We the people (WTP) unplug, that is, stop watching or reading the MM-SM Daily and Nightly News, and stop supporting Google, YouTube, Facebook, not to mention platforms and convenience-mongers too big to fail, such as Amazon (all of which control society from the shadows by manipulating mass perceptions and emotions). To destroy this ruler class of the shadows, WTP have to step up and mind up as Independents.

Toward Consciousness: Starter Kit

Personal economic level… and taking charge of public officials…

Buy and read my book, American Gumption-Catharsis (AGC, 2019). Quite literally it will take you step by step toward consciousness. Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now: has nailed the fundamental barrier to the next stage of (independent) human consciousness: the vast majority of us have been taken over by collective-compulsive ‘mind.’ and are thus being manipulated toward unconsciousness one by one:

“The pollution of the planet [with reactive perceptual- emotional ‘thinking’] is only an outward reflection of an inner psychic pollution: millions of unconscious individuals not taking responsibility for their inner space [that is, not watching, controlling, and rationally deploying the thinker].” — page 65

AGC provides to the man on the street, who is typically stuck in unconsciousness, a straightforward approach to getting control of his time, his life, and his mind by means of full understanding of the federal income tax (I call it The Hendrickson Discovery) … and that it is an excise tax that does not fall on private-sector earnings.

The average benefit in property retained or recovered for Americans is $10,000 annually, which not only keeps one’s wealth right where it belongs, it disables the US federal government from performing GREAT EVILS ON ALL FRONTS… including the perpetuation of the ongoing ethnic-cleansing state of Israel (whose Mossad runs the KRT network against our people).

Turning off their water is the best way to get the corrupted ones’ attention. Combined with watching them like a hawk, as the Founders and their/our First Principles of the Declaration of Independence made clear. Which puts into effect people’s independent grand juries, everywhere. The book showing what those grand juries look like (and why we need them back NOW) has been written and published. It’s by “The Oracle” (Diane McGilvery), and is called What is the Foundation?. I am the editor and publisher.

My Low Key Walkoff Grand Slam Big Idea

Fact is, the odds are very long against the people rising up and taking charge, even at the level of extreme and rather specific, legally actionable corruption of the Epstein Trails. Most of our peers have been effectively ‘absorbed;’ they cannot be counted on to do much more than amuse themselves to death as the Ship of Culture sinks. Per my novel, The Truman Prophecy, the ‘revolution’ against the naked emperor may fail for lack of the ‘Second Little Boy’ (to affirm the obvious observation of the First Little Boy).

A good friend of mine, navigating the corrupt waters of the IRS and taxing agencies as they are apprised of the truth of the federal income tax, offered this key observation:

“What we are witnessing is a battle between Truth and Power. In such a battle, behaving in accordance with the law matters only to Truth. Power does what it wants as much as it can. The US is now a police state. Virtually everything the government now does violates the Constitution. That is, the Constitution has been effectively shredded, and with it so goes the law. We see that daily all around us.”

In the World of Form, WTP are outnumbered and overpowered

To win, I’m convinced we need to rise above the political conflict. Adopt a new approach that changes the field of battle toward our strengths as Independent spiritual beings—pull the rug out from under the would-be collective-brain directors who are engaged in mass attack against everyone, especially the millions who think and see for themselves.

Enter FLOW

I, Brian R. Wright, turned 70 five weeks ago. Since then I’ve been rereading Tolle’s main book, The Power of Now, as daily meditations. I also happen to have watched an important presentation on the impending ramp up of wireless radiation, and the unprecedented threat it poses to our health and rights. This presentation was from the TED talks, by a man named Jeromy Johnson. I want readers particularly to note his spiritual quality, and let it become contagious.

The 5G Summit was a champion, thoroughgoing eye opener, as well.  It included several talks on raising consciousness, too, though I was focused mainly on the technicalities and legal counteraction we can make. The upshot is that we are already in deep trouble species-wide from the existing electrotoxic haze created via 4G wireless. Integrate this with the other high-crime assaults of the ruling class and we’re done like a dinner.

Thus, I’m coming to see that more than anything we need to reclaim and strengthen our own Independent conscious-nesses en masse, as we simultaneously turn the millions of CBSer (un)con-sciousnesses. We need a a rapidly growing Independents Rising haven and movement.

Congruent with that project we need to achieve full consciousness, per se, as described by Eckhart Tolle and others. Along with the fellowship of kindred souls, independent consciousness and full consciousness must happen fast—as in a geological New York minute. Hence my FLOW Fellowship, with projected membership card shown above right.

Joy, Ease, and Lightness

I’ll start with the Website with the basic sketch of project and a crowdfund.

Please stay tuned.

Note: In a FLOW society of Independents, no government could become so corrupt as to enable the Epstein network. Further, corrupted establishment media would not exist to prevent awareness of such corruption because the CBS phenomenon would die out as people abandoned it en masse in favor of becoming self-actualized beings of Independent Consciousness, i.e. Independents.

[1] CBS = Collective-Brain Syndrome.

[Note: It’s no secret that today Jewish sovereignism and its special manifestation of unconsciousness, the proudly self-declared apartheid-racist-terror state of Israel, thrive in, indeed, dominate the Western collective-brain marketplace… with its peculiar form of theocratic, bio-collectivist, supremacist, anti-American consensus-reality ideology. Not all self-identifying Jews suffer from CBS—many work to assimilate into humanist society—but those who have fallen into the CBS trap are legion today and thus enable this particular imminent threat to humanity of deep Zionist global tyranny spelled out in the Whitney Webb’s terrifying conclusion above to the Epstein series.

[Leveraging the Epstein network’s depravity and evil into a mass uprising throwing off this Ziotyranny may be our best hope… though a 9/11 truth breakthru—it’s becoming clearer and clearer that Israel had a dominant, prime mover hand in the conceiving and carrying out of the 9/11 attacks—would certainly do the trick.]

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