Stonebeam 35. Warm Christmas Message

A One-Two Knockout Punch to What’s Holding Us Back
Story Shot 35, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 21 December 2021

First the ecclesiastical part of the message from none less than the former Catholic Archbishop of the United States, Carlo Maria Vigano. This testament to the fundamental threats of the ‘covid’ op, the Frankenshots, and the “Great Tyranny” has been making the rounds in cyberspace and because it comes from a supreme authority figure in a major world religion, I expect it will have enormous effect.

From my Tweet: “It [the Archbishop’s statement] stands a good chance to end the ‘covid’ contrived Mass Psychosis and proceed with prosecutions of those responsible for the FEARDEMIC and other crimes against humanity under the umbrella of the Great Reset [global full-spectrum tyranny]. Breathe Forward w/o ‘THEM.'”

[Note: My own views of the problem are virtually identical with those of the archbishop… and I would say at least 40% (and growing rapidly) of the general population of the world. Which is good to have authorities of stature aligned, since we ordinary truth tellers are often been regarded by family and friends as crazed iconoclasts to chastise—or be banned from joining in any reindeer games.]

The Second Punch—we have TWO men with courage making a majority… as shown in the image on the right—this one-two knockout comes from Dr. Peter McCullough, a working cardiologist, epidemiologist, editor of a major cardiology medical journal, author/contributor of more peer-reviewed articles in his field than any other living physician—and generally pro vaccine, but certainly not the ‘covid’ shots. He’s also the primary advocate of “early treatment,” and his multi-pronged protocol for early treatment of ‘covid’ has saved 10s of thousands of lives… if it had been followed for all those who were reported to have died of ‘covid,’ conservatively, it would have saved 85% of them.

Here is the full video of a 2:45-long interview with podcaster Joe Rogan, censored by YouTube but receiving 10s of millions of views on other platforms (I had heard upwards of 100 million views, total… so like the Archbishop’s statement, the knowledge is currently sweeping the world and burying the censors):

I have taken the time to transcribe key portions of what Dr. McCullough states:

By the way, Dr. McCullough identifies four major books that complement his and the Archbishop’s presentations:

Several other courageous doctors and researchers worldwide have pointed out the murderous nature of the Frankenshots and Great Reset global-tyranny measures. Please read and join them in putting a halt to the damage and moving forward.

So basically we have the one-two knockout punch of the FEARDEMIC, and, yes, a very large percentage of the population was taken in by the highly organized and preplanned deception by a particularly devious global syndicate of sociopaths. We pretty much know WHO these individuals and accomplices ARE, so the general plan that seems to be coming together is to bring these individuals to justice. Here is the latest attempt before the International Criminal Court:

Which all leaves what do we do to humanely deal with the carnage created by these individuals and for those who under false pretenses or coercion were led to allow themselves and their children to be injected with poisonous zero-liability chemicals?

  • First, we have to hard stop all ‘covid’ mass ‘vaccination’ programs NOW.
  • Second, hope for the best. Dr. McCullough and others seem to believe that innate human resilience and the Bell Curve will keep the death numbers from unprecedented genocidal proportions. [Others, like Dr. Zev Zelenko (founder of the life-saving HCQ-zinc protocol), have doubts:] There’s also reason to believe many of the earlier lots of injections were placebos.
  • Third, launch a massive global “Marshall Program” to find antidote(s) to the shots. I have put together a preliminary list for potential shot cures here: It’s a drop in the bucket at this point, but can be helpful for those who have moderate symptoms of ‘vaccine’ poisoning. I anticipate a raft of global experts to lead this effort.

Just in from Dr. Mercola and the World Council for Health: A new guide for detoxing from the ‘covid’ shots—I’ve included the pdf link in my potential shot cures document.

This I expect will be the launch of a massive international “Marshall Program” for freedom doctors and scholars to discover

So, yes, what we’re seeing here is an urgent need of a bold paradigm shift, and I’m trying to share with all the people I know and care for of the reasoning.

From my own thinking in general on human consciousness, I believe it’s an absolute imperative to leave collective-brain syndrome behind us and proceed to full Independent consciousness in benevolent community. I’ve worked out a schema to accomplish that, which appears as a pinned, threaded Tweet on my Twitter page here:

Many Independents exist with differing perspectives and are allied to what I’m aiming toward. The main deal now is to unite with the spirit and direction invoked by Archbishop Vigano and restore our humanity, liberties, and divine purpose worldwide. Please join with me now, rise up and put an end to the collectivist nightmare unfolding in mass psychosis.

With love,

Brian R. Wright

There is no justification for taking away an individual’s liberty
in the guise of public safety.
— Thomas Jefferson

PS: Note, in 2022 I’m planning to fully pursue my editing and publishing business as described in the final Tweet of the thread of my pinned Tweet above:

“Free Man Publishing Co: Brian R. Wright books:; editing and publishing prep for others:; specializing in Boomer and Greatest Generation bios, example: also in hard cover…”

So, if you’re wanting to publish and share your story or your family’s story with progeny—or just have a book in you that needs to get out—please send me a holler at FreeManPubCo at


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