Brian’s Column: ‘The China Bug’ Official Story Epidemic (OSE) II

Latest ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ syndrome devastates US sporting world
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Candidly, my native optimism suffers the slings and arrows of near-universal mass unconsciousness  — both routine and exceptional — poorly.  This latest bombardment from the oligarchy to its seemingly unbounded cannon fodder regarding the virus du jour, 2019-nCov, has gone from the sublimely ludicrous to intravenous-heading-toward-Pluto.

Especially if you’re a sports fan.

This morning the PGA Tour announced the ‘postponement’ of The Masters Golf Tournament, which was to have been held April 9-12. This weekend’s highest-purse ‘fifth major,’ The Player’s Championship was cancelled yesterday.  I had heard Wednesday night, March 11, that the National Basketball Association (NBA) was going on a minimum 30-day hiatus. The NCAA tournament was cancelled Thursday. Baseball, hockey, schools closing, NFL draft impacted, “dogs and cats NOT sleeping together,” etc.

For what? Because a few athletes had some cold symptoms and “tested positive for Covid-19 (latest name:  2019-nCoV.” What exactly does it mean to test positive for Covid-19? Does the medical establishment even know what the Covid-19 virus IS, much less whether anyone HAS it?

As to what it IS, at least in the field in someone’s body, I don’t think so. From my previous Notes from the Front ( the HighWire expert has a picture of what the virus’s genetic structure is and that it likely came from an intentional act in a laboratory — then got out of the laboratory and into humans.

But we have no evidence that THIS virus (named 19-nCoV is being tested for with the prevalent PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test method. [Authorities are expanding the numbers via “presumptive cases” or simply not testing at all.]

We also have no confidence that the PCR method in any particular test of an individual was not contaminated — tremendous care must be exercised. And there is no evidence of accuracy of the PCR test.  Finally, the PCR test itself has never been scientifically, clinically validated .

What this means is we have no idea in general whether any particular individual anywhere in the world HAS nCoV or something else — most likely routine coronavirus (yielding cold and flu symptoms) for which doctors say there is a 99.7% recovery rate for people under 50:

So, the NBA superstar Rudy Golbert — who appears to be sports’ “patient one”  — is probably recovering from whatever virus he DID have, as we speak. I’m nearly certain that the mainstream media will not let out the truth of his now healthful condition. We’ll be told by APPROPRIATE MEDICAL AUTHORITIES that he is a lucky one to recover FROM THE nCOV virus.

Does anyone feel like hurling chunks?

I do.

Better go get tested for the China Bug. 🙂

So what’s going to happen?

Because of the latest Oligarchy’s Big Lie (OBL) we’ve allowed ourselves to be inflicted with en masse — I mean, all gazillions of you out there with collective-brain syndrome (CBS) who believe whatever the mainstream/ government shoves into your tiny brains — a lot of livelihoods will suffer enormously and thousands of young athlete dreams will be crushed. Because you, WITHOUT REASON, went along with the OBL and acquiesced as servile slaves to it. This especially goes for the various sports’ commissioners who ‘manned down.’

Realistically, in a few weeks we’ll all go back to normal. Schools and libraries will open. Sports will return. The country(s) will have survived this latest Med Hoax Extraordinaire (as all the others: SARS Avian, Swine, MERS, Ebola, Zika, etc.)  —  tho they’ll call it something else  — and the people strongly affected or majorly inconvenienced will be pissed.

Or should be. How about the millions of jock fans out there start organizing a march on Washington to end or certainly significantly defund the pseudoscience and pseudomedicine establishment  — like the CDC and NIH and their Big Pharma associations — and protest all the political leaders and candidates who kept pushing the OSE without any conceptual reasoning.

Am I aiming too high?  I mean really. Does anyone seriously think these high-funded media, medical, and connected corrupt political personnel are going to STOP LYING just because we ASK them to? Not a chance. They’re lifers and they will keep flooding your world with life-destroying lies until you/we take them out of play — probably with First Principles’ grand juries, as set forth in the FLOW Fellowship (

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