Stonebeam 13: Christmas Branches (2019)

Story Shot 13, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 26 November 2020

In keeping with the spirit of the season and the fine, fitting work of one Jack Kline, late-bloomer raconteur extraordinaire, I’m going to condense a review from my site of Christmas Branches.[1] Then I’ll resume my politically incorrect personal musings, with as light a touch as possible in our covtardian[2] times.

Jack has assembled thirteen short stories from his imagination and family experience that capture the essence of Christmas… and its intertwined holy day and ‘holiday’ aspects. Christmas Branches is a welcome addition in our time to the classic literature of the season.

Kline’s writing career was presaged by the first story he ever wrote, as an assignment in the ninth grade. It was about Santa Claus saving a man from frozen death in a Christmas Eve blizzard… which became, in 2008, “Only a Christmas Story.”  That piece came one year after he wrote “Naming Christmas,” a splendid resolution of Jack’s recalled insensitivity, as a 13-year-old, to his dad’s feelings about “not getting the right tree,” for the family occasion.

“The bug had bitten. Each year since I have gifted my family a new story. A few have since been published, including “Christmas with the Pack” in the United Kingdom’s Prole magazine. All of them up through 2018 are included in this collection.

“Why Christmas Branches as the title?

“Decorated evergreens were originally part of pagan celebrations of Winter Solstice. Gradually, particularly during Queen Victoria’s reign in England, evergreens became integral in the Christian observation of Christmas. Each story in this volume is intended to be a branch of the overarching Christmas story—a story of joy, giving, faith, and love.

“I hope readers feel how much I love Christmas and the magical feeling it engenders, both religious and secular. Some of these stories do not directly relate to the reason for the holiday, but they show warmth and generosity that are part of the season. And some reflect more directly on the birth of Christ, including an unusual visit to Bethlehem at the time Joseph went up from the town of Nazareth.

“May these stories enhance your joy of this most special season.

“Merry Christmas,

“Jack” Continue reading

Stonebeam 12. Rhapsody

Story Shot 12, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 24 November 2020

It’s the second book in the Philip Morris, private eye, series by late-bloomer prodigy Jack Kline. In Phil’s first big case, captured in But Not for Me[1]—for titles Kline likes suggestive tunes of the times (1930s, Kansas City)—Phil builds his business on an investigation into the missing son of city machine kingpin Tom Holloway. Holloway also has a beautiful daughter who proves to be something of a siren… and a quandary for the struggling-to-make-his-mark, yet thoughtfully confident, Mr. Morris.

Plenty of interplay with local Sicilian and Irish mob figures and assorted henchmen strongly suggesting that Phil look into other things. On the side, we get to be there for a prize fight, with a blow-by-blow account that puts you at ring side. At the end of it all, there’s a showdown that leaves Phil with some wounds to body and psyche, and a mixed reputation about town. One thing, he’s an excellent shot… even with a couple of ‘shots’ in him.

Rhapsody starts out lyrically. The second big case shows twists and turns from the gitgo—the case itself (we even have a house that many think is inhabited by ghosts), who is he, where’s his love life going, why’s he falling off the wagon after months of abstinence motivated by Case 1? From the Rhapsody back cover:

In 1935, Kansas City detective Phil Morris receives a call from candy heiress Cynthia Stuart. She claims Millbrook Chocolates, her dead father’s business, is hemorrhaging money. In addition, tenants leasing her childhood home believe the old Stuart house is haunted. Cynthia wants Phil and his team to investigate the loss of company funds and odd occurrences at her former home. Continue reading

Stonebeam 11. The Gorilla in the Room Theory—Bene Thanksgiving

Story Shot 11, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 22 November 2020

Today I want to write about normal life the way it was for me, say, this time last year. On the threshold of the Thanksgiving holiday,[1] you know, I just want to kick back and apply the Take Time to Smell the Roses Theory or at least the Ice Ball Theory[2].

Unfortunately, when there actually IS a gorilla in the room, one does have to assign a higher priority to the situation. Same with the gorilla metaphor all of us face today: covtardia and the Great Reset.[3]

OUR gorilla du jour is occupying living rooms worldwide, which gives us a hint that it just may be contrived by those I referred to in my previous ‘beam, namely the Global Crime Syndicate (GCS) and its meta-alien directorate.

One neck, one leash:

“Power. What do you think is power? Whips? Guns? Money? You can’t turn men into slaves unless you break their spirit. Kill their capacity to think and act on their own. Tie them together, teach them to conform, to unite, to agree, to obey. That makes one neck ready for one leash.” — Ellsworth Toohey to Peter Keating, The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

Dr. Evil, er Klaus Schwab, couldn’t say it better.

I watched the movie Braveheart last night, and I’m all fired up. The name, Wright, hails from northern England/southern Scotland, same as William Wallace.

What strikes me about Braveheart is the hallowed cause of human liberty:

“Aye, fight and you may die. Run, and you’ll live… at least a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin’ to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they’ll never take… OUR FREEDOM!” — William Wallace Continue reading

Stonebeam 10. Taking out the ‘Noise-Mind’ III

Story Shot 10, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 19 November 2020

Continuing from NM II:

“You already have it [“peace beyond understanding”].
Your mind is just making too much noise.”
— Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now (1999)

Where I left it in II was with a passage from the PON on the practice of keeping some of the attention for all your daily actions in your inner body, so as never to lose touch with your own Field.

What you’ll find is that if you’ve been used to ‘mind’ running on automatic, as I have, for years, it’s quite difficult to change your ways… to keep your attention partly always into your living, breathing body. Stick with it, the noise-reducing result is well worth the clock time. You’ll start feeling life. Presence power.

A side benefit is you won’t be frequently wondering what you went upstairs for. J

The inner body attention retention practice is on page 97.[1]

Tolle describes a few other spiritual practices in the PON:

  • Simply ‘watching the thinker’ — pg 15. Tends to stop it, thus the noise.
  • Give full attention to a task — pg 17. Also gives ‘mind’ a quiet rest.
  • Focusing consciousness on a feeling — pg 33. No judgment, again mind rests.
  • Listen to the silence between sounds — pg 85. Portal to Being, deep quiet.
  • Going into the inner body — pg 93. The deep sea beneath the waves.
  • Flooding your body with consciousness — pg 103. Bestows silent, alert waiting.
  • Be aware of the space surrounding things — pg 113. The Field, ref. Thrive II.

Continue reading

Stonebeam 9: Taking out the ‘Noise Mind’ II

Story Shot 9, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 14 November 2020

Referring back to the Eckhart Tolle quote in NM I:

“You already have it [“peace beyond understanding”].
Your mind is just making too much noise.”
— Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now (1999)

Let’s talk about Tolle for a minute. [And realize that he’s one of many true spiritual teachers down the ages who has conveyed, with his own special flavor, the same central spiritual message—he’d be the first to admit that he’s one of many in the tradition.]

What is that central spiritual message?

That ‘you’ are not your mind. To have the inner peace we would like to enjoy in our lives we need to learn to stop identifying with (and being hammered senseless by) the ‘runaway’ mind, which “creates an opaque screen of concepts, labels, images words, judgments, and definitions that blocks all true relationship.” [page 12 in the PON.]

Thus Tolle focuses on …the mind keeping you awake when you’re trying to sleep on a Sunday night. Several modifiers apply: runaway mind, reactive mind, compulsive mind. I believe the Buddhists use the phrase ‘monkey brain’ to describe the tail-wagging-the-dog phenomenon that goes on in the heads of 99.5% (?) of us all day long.

THAT usage is what I mean for ‘noise mind’ and what humanity has to take out.

Which is a tall order when you consider the numbers afflicted worldwide.

Ol’ Eckhart is just one cockeyed optimist, pony-in-the-pile-o-manure kind o’ guy.

Isn’t he? Continue reading

Stonebeam 8: The Vote 2020, Covtardians at the Gate

Story Shot 8, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 12 November 2020

This is sad for me to say. Just received a forwarded email letter via my dear prime-time friend, Randy, called the Tracinski Report, from a self-styled (expensive) opinionist of one of the ‘conservative’ branches of the Ayn Rand (philosophy of Objectivism) orthodoxy. It’s called “The Vote Fraud Fraud,” and rather stodgily heaps abuse on the many alternative voices who cite such pervasive fraud in this season of covtardia.[1]

  • As it lies today, we are still waiting for the shoe(s) to fall.
  • The Global Crime Syndicate (GCS) and media have picked Biden.
  • But recounts will be done in some states, perhaps key ones.
  • Fact is, GCS media does not certify elections, the states do.

My ‘beam today is not about what I think will happen, rather why a leading Objectivist pundit seems to have strayed more widely away from the truth-and-freedom enclave into controlled-opposition land. First the reputable alternative sources showing evidence of major corruption:[2]

  1. Michigan AG-banned recording of designed
    Dem op, Bitchute “#Detroitleaks.”
  2. From the polls in Detroit, Bitchute: “Patty 100% Fed Up
    (Detroit Poll Watcher).”
  3. Article in The Federalist “Dems try to Steal Election.
    John Daniel Davidson.”
  4. Epoch times “Merit serious investigation, former NSC Official.”
  5. Ben Swann series on election fraud c/o ISE.MEDIA
    “Election Fraud Nevada.”
  6. A lot of stories on software hacking. Search
    “Dominion software vote-flipping.”
  7. Eyewitness accounts of pro-Biden acts of sabotage of vote,
    omitted by Google.
  8. Media complicity and setup of the result,
    ref. The Federalist article for Twitter.
  9. The Giuliani campaign conference on vote
    “The Last Refuge, Rudy Giuliani.”

Continue reading

Stonebeam 7. Taking out the ‘Noise Mind’ I

Story Shot 7, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 09 November 2020

“You already have it. Your mind is just making too much noise.”
— Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now (1999)

So who is Eckhart Tolle, you may ask?

He’s a spiritual teacher whom I’ve come to see as the supreme contemporary carrier (manifester) of the central spiritual message for humanity thru the ages—from the Buddha to Jesus to Gandhi.

Mr. Tolle, in his thirties, had recently experienced a life changing upheaval and transformation in an incident taking him from the brink of suicide to a “peace beyond understanding.” For months he would sit for hours on park benches, in a state of utter bliss.

Friends would ask, “I want what you have, how do I get it?”

Which is where the above-quoted response emerged.

Tolle became a source for me sometime during my Free State experience ca. 2006, and when I started doing and related writings. When I say “source,” his PON has become the go-to guide (along with Falun Dafa) for my spiritual cultivation practice—dog-eared with my stickies, highlights, underlines, notes, etc.

Tolle became a source for me sometime during my Free State experience ca. 2006, and when I started doing and related writings. When I say “source,” his PON has become the go-to guide (along with Falun Dafa) for my spiritual cultivation practice—dog-eared with my stickies, highlights, underlines, notes, etc.

It also informed my work… the Field of ideas-causes: ‘Independents Rising.’

Fast forward to a little more than a year ago, and search for my “Sharing Healing Tools” column on That column emerged from the courtroom speech by Howard Roark in Ayn Rand’s movie, The Fountainhead, when he stated, “There is no such thing as a collective brain.” [Thus the ‘collective-brain syndrome.’]

Think about that for a minute. It’s an axiomatic statement. We exist as individuals and our brains are part of our own individual bodies. Yet the consciousnesses of so many actually function subordinating their judgments, reasoning, hopes, wishes, dreams, fears, their entire emotional makeup, to ‘what others think’—herd mind.

The prime driver of modern mind control, Edward Bernays, knew this:

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation  of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who run this unseen mechanism constitute an invisible government, which is the true ruling power of our country.”
— Edward L. Bernays, Propaganda (1928)

For a penetrating look at the mechanism, see Rule from the Shadows, still on YouTube(?). For an anthropological view, read Julian Jaynes’ suppressed classic, The Origin of Consciousness… which holds that until very recently homo sapiens’ minds were ‘bicameral,’ one side taking literal orders (hearing voices) from the other, directly conveyed from the god-king, tribal leader, captive intermediaries, etc.

Jaynes also writes of periods of “vestigial” bicameralism…

…as today with the ‘covid’ god-king edicts based on 100% hot air, yet because of the 100-year setup of the collective-brain masses—especially w/ mainstream-sosh-media propaganda and state schools—unimpeded, like crap thru a goose-stepper.

What’s an Independent to do? Or a normie wanting to rise to self-presence?

Question: “Is ‘collective-brain’ (herd-mind) the same as ‘noise-mind?’

Answer: “Close enough for government work.”

Thus, if we can turn humanity one-by-one or en masse to drop ‘noise mind,’ then the deadly Body Snatcher ‘hive’ will overnight be sent packing by Snatchee enlightenment/abandonment: Read and practice Tolle. Be a quiet fireball via

For souls who have it well-nailed: Proudly identify out as an Independent. Resonate (align) with the “love force.” On the ground, use all available liberty resources.

How about a cup o’ joe to the writer?