Brian’s Column: Handwriting on the Wall

Del Bigtree HighWire 4/23/20 +

What follows is a summary of key points from a recent broadcast of The HighWire by Del Bigtree. I cannot recommend strongly enough that we all abandon the Pharma-mainstream media and learn the facts about CV from the HighWire and other solid alternative sources.[1]

I’m also going to provide links to other key sites and pages that have come to my attention since the 4/23 livestream [I believe this one is up (so far) on YouTube], along with some discussion.[2] The “Corona World Order (CWO)”—I thank James Corbett for that designation—and the people’s resistance to it ARE THE most crucial issue of our day… and the crisis is unfolding as we speak. It’s quite simple: If CWO is sustained, independent humanity as we know it ends. If we defeat it, the Independents [] survive, but we still have our work cut out for us.

People should not be afraid of their governments
Governments should be afraid of their people — V

1) Recent CV deaths/cases studies dictate IMMEDIATE END to global shutdown

[More such studies from respected establishment institutions are in the pipeline.] Two randomized studies and a study-informed model have been submitted to peer review (and the USC one reported via mainstream via the 4/21 presidential task force briefing):

  1. USC and LA County Public Health, LA County–CV infection rate 28-50 times higher than currently accepted number [John Roberts, Fox News, who has just heard of the USC study was caught on hot mic, someone asks if it’s the ‘h’ (hoax) word, Roberts says no, he doesn’t think it’s a hoax only that the CV death rate is on order of a low average flu season (0.1 to 0.2%), then asks prez adviser Birx about the study’s implications, she dodges question
  2. Stanford University, Santa Clara County–infection rate 50-85 times higher than currently accepted number.
  3. Private Company, CodonCode, Massachusetts–model and data show infection rate 50-100 times higher than currently accepted number.

Implication: The true infection number when extrapolated and compared to the whole US population and (CDC-explicitly OVERREPORTED) numbers of covid cases and deaths is that CV deaths per cases = 0.11% to 0.22%, NOT the 4.3% ratio that the CDC has been using. [Flu average = 0.13%. Bad flu e.g. 2017-2018 = 0.5%.] US Senator Rand Paul speaks to these new studies and facts on the US Senate floor. Interview with Minnesota state senator Dr. Scott Jensen, who similarly confirms return to full commerce as immediately imperative.

2) On an unexpected First Principles’ note…

…US Attorney General Barr is actually threatening to use the Constitution to force states to back down on draconian restrictions, especially on commerce. With a focus on religious services, too. Case of Mississippi church ticketed for drive-in services, Justice Department has joined suit on behalf of the church to defend its 1st Amendment guarantees of freedom of religion.

Note: The governments of the various states, much less individual governors, have absolutely NO AUTHORITY to declare and impose by force ANY emergency measures that conflict with the rights spelled out in the Declaration (First Principles) or their legal manifestation in the US Constitution. LEGALLY, THESE EDICTS ARE NULL AND VOID… plus there’s a working cure ( We all have the right to, and should, defy them en masse.

“The Constitution of the United States is a law for rulers and people, equally in war and in peace, and covers with the shield of its protection all classes of men, at all times and under all circumstances.
No doctrine involving more pernicious consequences was ever invented by the wit of man than that any of its provisions can be suspended during any of
the great exigencies of government.”

— US Supreme Court, Ex parte Milligan, 71 U.S. 2 (1866)
(Unanimous decision)

3) Snitch-reward laws backfiring…

Snitch laws–where citizens can get rewards for telling authorities of distancing violations–pushed in California governor Gavin Newsom and by NY mayor Bill de Blasio. In latter case, email and text flooding with dick pictures and Hitler memes. Americans are largely falling in line to follow government unconstitutional orders, but apparently many are not comfortable being commie rats on their neighbors… yet.

4) Some noteworthy incentives and scary practices

Financial incentives for covid: $13,000 goes to hospital for diagnosing a case (vs. $5,000 for a normal pneumonia); $39,000 for putting a covid patient on a ventilator. Hospitals in Minnesota are losing $31 million a month; many are going out of business. Dropoffs of visits to ER for heart attack and stroke are 33-50%, people are dying at home. No organ transplants. No bone replacements. The state of New York is telling EMTs NOT to attempt to resuscitate if they can’t find a pulse! Did you hear that on your Six O’Clock News?

5) More costs of mass quarantine and shutdown

UN report warns that continued shutdown will “kill hundreds of thousands of children in 2020, worldwide… and add 42 to 66 million children to rolls of those in extreme poverty.” American jobless number up an additional 4.4 million making the five-week total 26 million. Food lines in America stretch to thousands vehicles in many cases, people waiting in line for 10 hours or more. From Brenner—reported in a previous HighWire installment—every 1% increase in sustained unemployment leads to 58,000 Americans dying in the next five years.

6) Cures for covid continue to be suppressed

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) continues to be effective CV cure worldwide, from the US to Uganda. The results reported by Steve Smith a few weeks ago are representative ( The French study using HCQ and azithromycin has been repeated with comparable success. The NIH itself did a study in 2005 showing that HCQ had promise for treating SARS. If the NIH knew that HCQ was a likely fix for CV, what is its criminal culpability for the CV deaths of thousands?

7) Why haven’t public health authorities encouraged other proven treatments?

New guidelines issued finally by NIH to prevent ventilator deaths by incorrect treatment protocol—80% of patients sent to ventilators were dying. Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell of Brooklyn, NY (, was whistleblower who brought out the facts. Facebook censored the Kyle-Sidell story, now what? Censorship is contributing to deaths of many covids by stalling access to HCQ, holistic remedies (, and other field-proven cures.

So the cat is out of the bag. The nuts are off the buggy. Chickens coming home to roost. Say it how you will. Plenty of egg to be found on faces among the medical bigwig-quibblers like Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, and vaccine-unicorn-pusher, global-totalitarian-junkie Bill Gates. No more hiding of preplanned crimes behind specious medical models and simulations gone live.

The best thing they can do is fess up. Make the public statement that they all made a mastodon-sized doozie—Dr. Ron Paul, Dr. Rand Paul’s pop, gives them the out in his column: “What if the Lockdown Was All a Big Mistake (!” Which of course lets the real culprits off the hook as far as I’m concerned… but I can let it go, so long as the people never cave in like this again.

Note: Please support The HighWire by donating to its parent, Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN)(, which is struggling on a shoestring.[3] We the people desperately need a source of journalistic FACTS we can trust, more than ever, rather than this daily grinding—like the Groundhog Day movie Del mentions—of mainstreaam-government-media headlines and manufactured perceptions via the Pharma Death Star.

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Note: Some of the HighWire podcasts were on YouTube and in late summer(?) of 2020, YouTube pulled the channel out from under the HighWire. To find censored items—all of the HighWire podcasts have a high value for individual viewing—go to and search for the text strings that apply.

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Note: Some of the HighWire podcasts were on YouTube and in late summer(?) of 2020, YouTube pulled the channel out from under the HighWire. To find censored items—all of the HighWire podcasts have a high value for individual viewing—go to and search for the text strings that apply.

    Interview with Andrew Kaufman, Project VCTR, Leigh Allyn-Baker, Andrew Wakefield and his new movie, 1986, The Act.
    Forgery and Fraud at the CDC, Judy Zimmerman and Mark Blaxill: how the CDC denies the autism epidemic, Pete Evans a major celebrity paleo author and chef in Australia who came out against vaccines.
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    THE WEEK WE SHOULD HAVE OPENED New CDC Data Reveals #America Should Be Open; Del Bursts #Covid ‘s Bubble; Doctors Breggin, Nue, and Tenpenny call in; Facebook Retreats! #TheHighWire #DelsBubble #OpenAmerica #Coronavirus
    DEBATING CORONA-PHOBIA HighWire’s Gone Viral; #Top10 Reasons Del’s not on Team Corona-Phobia; Del Debates Alan Dershowitz on a ‘Mandatory #Covid Vaccination’. #TheHighWire #Top10 #CoronaPhobia #DelvsDersh #DershowitzDebate #Covid19 #Coronavirus
    CORONAVIRUS UNMASKED CA is Backpedaling; #ContactTracing concerns, NJ Asm. Jamel Holley weighs in; A tale of Two Senate Hearings; Real Science on Masks, with Immunologist Dolores Cahill, PhD. #DocsVsOfficials #Covid19 #MaskShaming #Covid19
    Doctors, nurses, scientists, police, and a celeb democrat, speak out; Dr. Zach Bush reveals why #Covid-19 is here, and how we come out of this a better people. #Coronavirus #Health #Immunity #ZachBushMD
    A NATION DIVIDED A Virus with a Political Bias?; New York’s Tragic Missteps; Chloroquine vs. Remdesivir; W.H.O-Tube; Pharma Owns TV Docs? #Coronavirus #Lockdown #ReOpenAmerica #Covid19 #SocialDistancing #HerdImmunity.
    As stated in column, the new studies showing deaths from CV are equivalent to ordinary flu, states going back to work, suppressed cures, lockdown calamity.
    LOCKDOWN SHOWDOWN Protests erupt across the world protesting Lockdown; Fauci In hot water; HW Special Report from Sweden; Doctors successfully treating Covid-19. #Coronavirus #Covid19 #Quarantine
    BLOWING THE WHISTLE ON COVID-19 Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell on the inappropriate protocol for his ICU patients, cautioning that they were lacking oxygen… suggests radiation and/or 5G component in cases? Dr. Knut Wittkowski on epidemiology math. Dr. Anthony Cardillo on HCQ major efficacy.
    #Covid19 #VaccineUnicorn #Ventilators
    DATA OR DECEIT? : THE COVID-19 PEAK As the U.S. shutdown continues, Americans are divided. Is the panic surrounding death rates justified, or is it blown out of proportion? The only way to answer this question is to dig into the real numbers. Open letter from Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi to German PM “with not from”
    TRUMP VS FAUCI: BATTLE OF AGENDAS While fear and uncertainty spread across the globe, The HighWire exposes a battle of agendas raging at our highest levels of government. What will the cost be for #America? #Coronavirus #Covid19 #Trump Dr. Toby Rogers on cost of quarantine. My Patreon (
    CORONAVIRUS QUARANTINE Does the data dictate putting America in Quarantine? What’s the real death rate of Coronavirus? What will end this unprecedented lockdown? Del has two very important questions for the U.S. government, and for you.
    Coronavirus, four fresh angles. 1) Normalizing Chinese-like lockdowns, 2) The coming (mandatory) vaccine, 3) Global economic impact, 4) Unknown virus origin.

Other sources I’ve found that are top notch are Jon Rappoport’s and anything written by Whitney Webb (… though she’s not focusing on covid so much. She’s very good on the connections between political leaders of the West and their Mossad/CIA handlers, particularly the child molestation/trafficking blackmail network run via Jeffrey Epstein (

[2] Other Sources.

  • The writings of international journalist Jon Rappoport are decisive and hugely informative; he focuses on the validity and logic of the virus itself (officially SARS CoV-2, the disease (officially Covid-19), and the testing (PCR and antibody). His site is Here is the link for all his columns related to “covid” or, as I prefer to call it, the Mystery Lockdown Bug (MLB):
  • James Corbett has been writing alternative journalism for several years and developed quite a following, this column is a winner, especially so because he lists several wonderfully fertile sources in his ‘Show Notes:’ “Lies, Damned Lies, and Coronavirus Statistics (
  • An extremely inclusive in depth column by long-established civil liberties and peace journalit, James Perloff, came to my attention via Jim Fetzer (, the other day. Perloff’s original here:
  • I particularly appreciate that Mr. Perloff includes a reference to the Brian Rose interview of David Icke, which discloses his conviction of ‘covid’ as a cover for the imminent ravages of 5G (
  • As an avid fan of the Del Bigtree HighWire podcasts, let me toot my own horn as Brian R. Wright for this current summary column (of the 20200423 HW show), for a summary Patreon column of the all-important 20200326 show ( Please consider kicking in a few bucks as a patron. Also visit and consider contributing to my long-term FLOW Fellowship (
  • A vital core-knowledge piece ( has been written by author/researcher David Crowe:
    “Scientists are detecting novel RNA in multiple patients with pneumonia-like conditions, and are assuming that the detection of RNA (which is believed to be wrapped in proteins to form an RNA virus, as coronaviruses are believed to be) is equivalent to isolation of the virus. It is not, and one of the groups of scientists was honest enough to admit this”:
    “’we did not perform tests for detecting infectious virus in blood’”
  • Rephrasing Ben Franklin’s admonition, that “…those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety,” George Carlin makes the case more humorously if not more powerfully (
  • BULLETIN! BULLETIN! Just received vital news, c/o Pete Hendrickson in his latest newsletter ( of a breakthru video of two ER doctors, Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi, who run an urgent care business in California and are on the front lines of the “‘covid’ world order” and mass panic event.
    They held a news conference on April 22 at their Bakersfield headquarters to discuss their findings. The meat of the conference is captured in the first half hour of the first video here:, and the second 10-minute video is located here: On the second video please watch to the end and following the silent lapse.

[3] Just a note dealing with commonplace logical fallacies cropping up to lead minds astray so easily… I was going to make a note about the ad hominem fallacy being applied to the Del Bigtree HighWire work (by a colleague in the 911 Truth milieu whom I generally respect). But I won’t elaborate except to state that rational argument is not about “the who,” rather about “the what,” of the data and propositions. We cannot afford to sacrifice progress toward the truth at this critical juncture on account of having a perceptual-emotional DISLIKE for a proponent… or, even the contrary, having a LIKE for a proponent.

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