Brian’s Column: Eureka-Bingo! Major Discovery on STUPID-19

On the Final Steps to Figuring out the Massive Deception of ‘Covid’
By Brian R. Wright

Patrick Henry —> and I say Happy Independents Day. Note the form of the word, because if we do not rise as Independents, we shall surely not rise much longer.

Yes, thanks to a lot of help from my friends, I believe I have figured out the keys to the Deception of All Time, which give very timely clues to whodunit, as well. Three key articles, columns, or videos:

    7/2/2020, Murder by Lockdown—Lew Rockwell republication of the fourth installment of a four-part column by Jon Rappoport, reporting on an article by John Pospichal ( in Medium.
    7/2/2020 Dr. Zev Zelenko shows CV success with HCQ-zinc, consumate pure clinical outpatient doctor successfully treats hundreds of patients for advanced symptoms of  ‘COVID-19,’ preventing need for hospitalization. Confirmed by 1000s of other practitioners worldwide.
    7/3/2020 COVID19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless. Subtitle: Everything we’ve been told about COVID is a HOAX!,  referred by precious, indefatigable Barb Lowe of the National Vaccine Information Center (@NVICLoeDown), article by Brian Shilhavy, Health Impact News.

These are the three data points that I believe have finally led to a resolution of serious questions that were remaining as to whether ‘covid’ was real, and if it was, what was/is it. We know from the Rockwell article and from whistleblower work in NYC, in particular, including Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell ( and RN hero Erin Osznewski ( that cognizant hospital staff were and are directing ‘covid’-diagnosed and even NON-‘covid’-diagnosed patients to ventilators [and virtually certain death, 90% fatal via lung explosion].

Then we also know from bullet #2 that there’s a “something” called “COVID-19” presenting as extreme respiratory symptoms (hypoxia presumably being among them) that Zelekov’s work and 100s of other doctors worldwide are successfully treating—~ 100% to no symptoms (—with hydroxychloroquine-zinc-azithromycin.

Then finally from bullet #3 we know that any PCR diagnostic test—the only “gold standard” test that conventional medical authorities have accepted—for the SARS CoV2 RNA strand is completely meaningless. [For one thing the RNA strand has never been shown to come from any identifiable (purified, isolated) virus.] Please read the article and thoroughly satisfy yourself that the authors have not made a mistake in logic. Then say it out loud three times, “The test for COVID-19 means nothing. the test for COVID-19 means nothing, the test for COVID-19 means nothing.”

Good. Now we’re on the same page. Then ask yourself the $64,000 question: “What is the unidentified, unnamed [remember there is no such thing as a SARS CoV2 virus, only a strand of RNA that could have come from anywhere, even one’s own sputum)] ‘something’ that Zelekov and others know exists from their clinical work. The transcendent Dr. Zach Bush ( specu-lates that this “something” agent can, in vulnerable people, unmask environmental toxins such as 60GHz 5G radiation, vaccines, pollution, glyphosate, atmo poisons, etc. [that exist in spades in Wuhan, Italy, NYC, and other high-incidence regions].

Okay, that’s four data points that lead me to the tentative conclusion that what has been unleashed on the unsuspecting public by Death Star sources (probably even US weapons labs, we don’t know for sure the prime movers… yet) that is likely intentionally NOT being identified by those same sources in the Western Cabal—and for which there is a CURE (that these sources did not anticipate). “Agent X,” shall we call it. Was it released in conjunction with the COVID-19 hoax virus so that embedded media could launch fear porn on steroids with the objective of total disintegration and domination of Western, still marginally rational and individual-rights-based (except Israel), Civilization.

Fortunately, the planners seem to have effed up on “Agent X’s” virulence, rendering it generally harmless to healthy people.

Another key question, we have shown that:

  1. aggressive and known-to-be fatal ventilation of elderly people with or w/o diagnosis of COVID-19 appears to have been planned and carried out by establishment medical personnel in hospitals as well as premature deaths by ‘covid’ of elderly-ill transferred from hospitals to nursing homes, and
  2. the medical establishment and complicit government officials have denied to “Agent X”-afflicted persons proven treatments that would have saved 10s of thousands of lives, and
  3. the medical establishment and complicit government officials acting without proper legal or constitutional authority have shut down American society, ending livelihoods and lives, causing, from unemployment alone, 100s of thousands of “deaths of despair.”

The question du jour is, “Are not these medical establishment and complicit government officials—at least several key individuals in the operation—guilty of mass murder?” If so, why are attorneys general across the US not investigating and prosecuting these individuals for crimes against humanity… along with media concealing their crimes?


That’s my theory or if you want to call it speculation, fine, I still have questions, myself. Until someone can produce valid counter-arguments. What many who will accept my argument—and all three bullets above as thoroughly valid—DO NOT REALIZE IS THIS:

Because of the massive fear-porn assault and programming via the Dark Source media on the largely increasingly conformist, unquestioning human population who have been cowed (sheeped) for decades, those of us who still have our wits have entered a realm where—as Eckhart Tolle might say—we can no longer reach the afflicted automatonic population with “mind.” They are too far into their addiction to accept common sense, it’s like telling an alcoholic, “See how drinking too much doesn’t do you well?”

The reality is we’re dealing with a predator class and its brainwashed subjects. The predators have always maintained control of information as well as key institutions, using perceptual emotional tools of fear and the need for social acceptance, to rule the masses. Then 100 years ago, mind control became a science. Ref. Rule from the Shadows. But today, the predator class(es) is excreting frisbees in some panic: they’ve run out of lies and hoaxes and child abuse oases. All they’re riding on, really, is inertia and a wing and a prayer that no Little Boy will come out of the woodwork to call the Emperor naked.

We Independents[1] and aspiring Independents have two options as we face this predator-prey tag team of collective threats to our own existence as free beings:

  1. We can directly confront the massive resources of the predator class.
  2. We can indirectly break the spell (control-addiction) held by the predator class in the consciousnesses of our prey-peers.

Clearly choice #1 is playing into the hands of the predators. They’re like Agents in the movie The Matrix—”they’re watching all the exits, they’re guarding all the doors.” Further, even if we should miraculously dismantle the Beast, we’d be left with millions and billions of lost souls who just lost their Wizard God-King to wander around clueless and dangerous. Choice #2 is our only realistic option: we have to break the cycle of collective-brain syndrome (CBS: for a threshold number[2] of our dependent peers.

Note: I don’t want to come off as completely pessimistic for choice #1, and sharing forward the logical truth. I do believe that the “Emperor’s New Clothes” scenario can still sometimes apply in our world. If a handful of our peer-prey can come to see from the Little Boy that the emperor is naked (e.g. the three bullet point links I’ve brought to bear on the subject of the ‘covid’ op), then the whole Royal F***ing can collapse in a heartbeat.

The programs I envision will be in the nature of street-academy deprogramming classes and ad hoc integration with existing successful Independent-receptive activism, and under auspices of my FLOW Fellowship as outlined in the Fundrazr here ( and in particular my core video presentation here ( [Please donate.] The programs will probably lead, as well, to a an “Independents United” political party.

Will discuss in a subsequent column. But this is fundamentally a “mind”-free spiritual consciousness effort. Think Eckhart Tolle meets Jesus meets Ayn Rand. (!) 🙂

[1] I use the word Independent as in human being of independent consciousness, thinking with his own mind and seeing through his own eyes, exercising rational conceptual thinking to arrive at truth… not someone who yields to the epidemic perceptual-emotional (the “SEE-HEAR-FEEL”) mode of consciousness.

[2] For the United States with a population of ~240 million potential-thinking-age individuals, and based on the observation made by many that only 13% of American colonists were either in the Continental Army (3%) or actively supported the cause of Independence (10%), I’ll argue that today a 5% (12 million) active core of Independents will catalyze the remaining individuals in rapid end of CBS and toward full Independent Consciousness. [I also guess that roughly 2% (4.8 million) are within a stone’s throw of full coherent Independentness as defined in FLOW. Further, that among our peers we have, say, 5 million “low-hanging fruit” who ARE New Paradigm (reason, Independent)-receptive.]

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2 thoughts on “Brian’s Column: Eureka-Bingo! Major Discovery on STUPID-19

  1. Yes, Brian, you are definitely on the right track. I’ve been seeing the same thing. If we could get widespread use of HCQ early on, this would be pretty much a nothing burger. We just keep getting more fear porn no matter what. Will check out your links. 👍

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