Book Review: A.D. After Disclosure (2012)

When the government finally reveals the truth about alien contact
by Richard M. Dolan and Bryce Zabel

Originally posted, May 2013.

A few years ago I had been made aware, from someone further ‘out on the edge’ of the truth movement, of something called the Disclosure Project and a gentleman named Dr. Steven Greer. I checked out the Project’s Website back when, and made a mental note to follow up in a few years. At first, it was a little too much for me—seeming to challenge on the one hand the law of conservation of energy (systems that produce more energy than they consume) and on the other the existence of intelligent beings besides humans. I went about my business, founded this Coffee Coaster Website, did some writing, and generally promoted the liberty and truth causes, leaving the whole realm of government secrecy about energy and about other beings to Greer and the Disclosure minions.

Until six months ago a 9/11 truther friend gave me a DVD of Richard Dolan’s presentation to an international conference in Amsterdam, which speculated on the existence of a secret space program along with a breakaway civilization. After that, let’s just say I was no longer sitting on the fence wrt other intelligent beings (OIBs)[1]. Dolan made three strong points:

  1. something clearly exists that isn’t supposed to (i.e. isn’t accounted for by human science and technology),
  2. the government and its financial chieftains have already disclosed the fact of this something by declassified documents obtained by researchers (while at the same time burying access to other OIB information in a system of secrecy 15 layers deep), and
  3. based on conservative estimates of the budgets of these supersecret black space programs—perhaps in the $trillions, certainly appearing to be unlimited for all intents and purposes—and hiring the highest-IQ humans such funding can procure, it is likely such programs have achieved several years or decades of technological advance, even space travel, well beyond what most of us on Main Street Planet Earth are aware.

When you look at it that way…

So, I’m in. I believe. I’m not sure to what extent I believe, but I certainly KNOW the government has a black budget for space and technology that dwarfs what it doles out to NASA or even DARPA… and that it has been purposefully hiding all OIB-related information from the general public since the 1940s.

“The evidence that something strange has been happening is voluminous and convincing…. Through the years determined researchers have forced the release of classified reports prepared by the US government and other nations. These accounts tell story of contact through the eyes of thousands of professional witnesses, such as law enforcement, military pilots, and even astronauts. Most people now reject the theory that all sightings can be explained away as weather balloons, swamp gas flares, ball lightning, or mass hallucination. Instead they have settled on one conclusion: Some UFOs appear to be controlled physical craft of some kind from some place that is not here.” — Page 19

Mainly the book says, “The concealment is what must end.” And the authors take a leisurely stroll around the subject by speculating what a bona fide disclosure by the US government and/or other Western governments would look like. Also: What will propel the USG to fess up? What will the consequences be to the government, to secrecy, to other acts of deceit by the government[2]? How will we humans react when we learn of the existence of coinhabitors? What are the likely intentions of the OIBs (the authors refer to these beings as simply ‘the others’)? When you think about it, dozens of questions come to mind, not all of them reassuring. (A couple of the reported alien abductions, regarded reasonably by the authors, definitely freaked out the victims.)

[My own speculation is, however, somewhat encouraging: I feel that the other(s) are typically capable and peacefully inclined. The reason they have not revealed themselves generally to the people thus far—that is, by bypassing the government filters—is that they feel the secret breakaway program and its origin in centers of power by the Men of the Power Sickness are signs that those who yet exercise control over human society are a bunch of infantile f***ups. ‘The others’ are waiting for human consciousness to reach the stage where it casts off these losers before the others will share their knowledge with us or trade or cooperate in the open.][3]

The book is pure dynamite. Talk about intelligence! Not to mention courage. It will have you definitely asking questions, wondering what to tell the children, opening up vast new areas of inquiry to fire the imagination. Coincidentally, the weekend in which I write this review sits at the confluence of several significant events for OIB believers:

  1. a one-day UFO Conference in Erie, PA, May 4, put on by Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) featuring speakers Reverend Swope, John Ventre, Stanton Friedman, Stan Gordon, and Karyn Dolan;
  2. the Citizens Hearing On Disclosure April 29 To May 3, 2013 in Washington, DC, put on by Paradigm Research Project, listening to more than 30 witnesses including astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell (NASA, Capt. USN ret.); and
  3. the April 22, 2013, release of the movie, Sirius: It is time for you to know, based on the pioneering work of the aforementioned Dr. Steven Greer on disclosure of energy and other-tech.

Items 2 and 3 are definitely significant to the broad population, first time media and public breakthroughs of life-enhancing knowledge long hidden. The book After Disclosure has a vitality all its own, too. The one area I had wished Dolan and Zabel might have discussed further concerns the positive spinoff effects of revealing the truth about ‘contact:’ Think about it: when and if the federales let the genie out of the bottle—however controlled or circumspect—then all other areas that government has kept secret will follow close behind. Meaning all the horrific crimes of state perpetrated via the numerous black ops since WWII will come to light (from the SunFLOWerbombing of Pearl Harbor to the false-flag state-terror attacks of Oklahoma City and 9/11)… and multiple heads will roll, many of them belonging to high-level poobahs in the military and corporate state.

[1] OIB = definitely a Brian acronym. Other intelligent beings seems to capture the generic quality of who the others may be, since we do not yet know whether they have an extraterrestrial origin or whether they are anthropologically alien to humans.

[2] The exposure of other acts of government that have been concealed, many of them atrocities of immense magnitude, will perhaps be the most liberating spinoff of Disclosure. People will necessarily put such barbaric gangster statism behind them and step up to true democratic self-government.

[3] I heartily recommend the original TV series Dark Skies, by coauthor Bryce Zabel. I’ll be reviewing here within a month or so. Marvelously entertaining, a perfect companion to After Disclosure and to the numbers of other books that deal more specifically with what evidence exists for the OIBs.





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