Brian’s Column: The Fifth Dream (1/13/18)

Anyone want to run with something like this?
By Brian R. Wright

Here’s the dream:

“0300 – 0700, it seemed that long—just chewing on the scenes. Associated with Pete Hendrkickson, doing some talk re: CtC ideas or living independently.

“The notion of burning waste paper comes up as a concept for energy [dream was envisioning one such system in a CtC person’s basement]. Using subterranean holes connected to one another, somehow smoldering and generating thermal energy, and the gasses are managed somehow. But it’s a very DIY implementation an individuals in Pete’s entourage become their own all-American redneck Buckminster Fullers.

“Got me to thinking [Jon] Rappoport-like of urban farming, prepping, just taking off the mental barriers to build self-reliant true enterprises that build a society in the ashes of the current toxocracy.”

So the immediate question is how would such a system work in waking light?

Let’s imagine we have a regular basement, say room sized 10 x 12 feet with six lined burn holes capable of processing waste paper [or some other readily available fuel]. We would need a source of ignition and air flow. Also, an automated conveyor system to direct the fuel to the burn holes… nope, this is already getting into never-never land.

All right then, have a wood burning stove fluted to exhaust to the outside air. But who’s going to take the trouble to go downstairs to stoke the stove… Okay how about this: The six or however many holes serve as thermal mass conductors, they’re bored deep and use rods of suitable conductive material, sufficiently cheap (scrap steel?), and manifold it upward to the dwelling space in a manner that maintains whatever the earth’s moderate steady temperature is at the depth you go.

Or build the upward flowing thermal mass system into the walls of the structure itself….

Okay, the point of this exercise, and column, is not to actually invent something, but to show how the creative process, the IMAGINATION process, works. The triggering event is perhaps a dream or a casual statement made by a friend, that starts an individual’s ‘what if’ flow. Then, recognize this, the big picture inventive process is always self-contained to an individual consciousness. Why? Because it’s yours and yours alone, because only that brings you the joy of creation and produces the wholly integrative act of creation. No one else, no other mind or group of minds has your unique full concept.

Even though others may produce inputs via conversation or more contrived setups—such as brainstorming sessions—singular works of art require a singular consciousness in the driver’s seat. As Howard Roark puts it, “there’s no such thing as a collective brain.” Guernica was painted by Picasso, not a committee of his enthusiastic supporters.


The real question is what are dreams and what is their significance. Mom, conveying Freud, always told me dreams are wish fulfillment. But my reading of the tea leaves has it, a la The Celestine Prophecy and others, that dreams are more like beacons from the subconscious (or unconscious) showing you a path. Within the past five months I’ve noted as many dreams of significance, that seem to be pushing me along a path toward what I must have been put on this earth to do. In summary, here’s dreams one thru three, then four:

  1. 09/17/17 table at 9/11 convention vindicates grand juries and Truman Prophecy.
  2. 10/10/17 high rise marketing presentation, showing Prophecy in winner’s light
  3. 10/20/17 wild ride, acid trip, full color, physical, restoring the human connection
  4. 01/02/18 I’m powerful, agile Barry Sanders/Jason Bourne/Roy Hobbs with ethics
  5. 01/13/18 others show imagination from which I singularly feed and grow joyfully

Each of these pillar dreams was invigorating as hell. Numbers 3 and 4, especially. My writeups, which I posted on this site under “Three Dreams” and “The Fourth Dream,” received approximately zero Likes or page visits. Fair enough. That, too, is part of the ‘plan’—nothing supernatural here, solely self-generated destiny. I now see the path very clearly, and I’m excited… but I still have to walk the path, not merely talk the path. Will I or won’t I? I’m pretty sure I shall. I’ve already come this far.

The main thing holding me back is that the scale is intimidating. What we’re talking about is in many respects a new religion comparable to the Abrahamic ones and Buddhism all rolled into one. I’ll be personally unavoidably center stage despite the distributed FLOWer power down to each of the billions of individuals who practice and adhere. FLOW is the ‘next stage’ for humankind—the next threshold of general human consciousness without which we cannot take our place among the other intelligent beings of our galactic zip code.

Bringing it to reality will be like an  8-year-old boy walking from the pitcher’s mound of his hometown grade school baseball diamond thru a portal into Old Yankee Stadium in the Bronx to start, as a grownup, the final game of the World Series.

For the handful interested at this point, please read the three-fold FLOW brochure here, which currently has many of the core ideas of the living philosophy that I have almost ready for prime time. It will get the final pieces shortly. Also, I wrote and published a FLOW (7th and final) module in my 2010 book, The Sacred Nonaggression Principle. This became its own standalone book, Nonaggression Faith. Shortly, I shall also have the data and/or work flow diagram of the FLOW. Will post below, when first draft is done.

What’s changed since I wrote the brochure and the SNaP module is the rediscovery I’ve made of Falun Dafa. This solves two major problems I’ve always encountered in the past: a) lack of connection with real people on a practical level and b) absence of an easy spiritual practice for everyone that brings dramatic results in removing addictive behaviors and cultivating inner qualities for doing well for oneself and for others: Truth, Tolerance, Compassion.

To paraphrase Russell Means, “Fulfillment is for Everyone!” (Political version: “Freedom is for Everyone.”) FLOW has a systematic route for both fellowship with kindred souls and rapid growth—via an open-ended 1×7 network, resembling the above. FLOW will be both a powerful tool for positive life-transformation and for emergence of independent conscious-ness one individual at a time. Thus my vision is part psychological reclamation project—for the vast numbers who have succumbed to the Controller-generated consensus reality syndrome (Matrix)[1]—and part haven or stronghold, for those who have not.

From that center we shall free ourselves forever from collectivism: mind, heart, and soul.

To be elaborated in my next column…

[1] I’m using the generic ‘Controller’ to denote the entity often referred to as New World Order, the Global Oligarchy, elites, Western Cabal, etc.—i.e. the collection of agents, self-conscious or programmed, human or alien/computer, who aim to destroy our Independent Consciousness, much as in the now classic movie, The Matrix (1999). In regard to how effective the Controller class has been in our own American reality, please watch the brief, factual video on the subject: Rule from the Shadows, Part 1.

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