Book Review: We Almost Lost Detroit (1975)

A prototype for how NOT to do energy [reviewer’s subtitle]
By John Fuller (1913-1990)

The motivation to read this book arose from simply the fact that I had heard the book title so many times, I live in the Detroit area, and now work part time where sometimes my route takes me to Monroe, Michigan, where the Fermi plant was built on (in 1966 called) Lagoona Beach of Lake Erie. The book was written in 1975 and reads like a thriller…  though as it states on the cover in the form of a subtitle: This Is Not a Novel.

I wanted to get the inside skinny on whether or not the title is true. My conclusion is that, yes, on October 5, 1966, in development since 1953, the Enrico Fermi liquid-sodium-cooled fast-breeder nuclear power plant (Fermi 1) experienced a meltdown of some fuel  assemblies. At the time of the incident it was unknown how many fuel elements had melted and whether a secondary accident of catastrophic proportions—meltdown of the core, subsequent explosion, violation of containment, and dispersion of radioactive plumes covering 10s of thousands of square miles (including metro Detroit some 50 miles from the site)—was imminent.

You can skip to Chapter 12 thru the epilogue to get the short story of what happened during the early days of October 1966, then subsequently as teams tried to determine what exactly had happened while trying to reach a stable condition where the threat of secondary meltdown was rendered minimal. They were able with extreme, tedious effort to remove the damaged subassemblies by May 1967, then it took another several months to determine the fundamental cause of the overheating: some flow shielding that had come loose and prevented coolant flow to those sections of the core.

About two years later, Autumn 1968, the debris had been cleaned up and estimates for resurrection of an operable reactor were a year and a half down the road. By May 1970 Fermi 1 was nearly ready to resume operation, then in July 1970 the reactor was fired up and, in October 1970, four years after the incident, Fermi reached its designed 200,000 Kilowatt power rating. License renewal loomed in January 1971, the AEC reluctantly did so. But the public was voicing increasing concerns, and Detroit Edison was looking at Fermi increasingly as a major load on its bottom line: Continue reading

Book Review: Palestine: Peace not Apartheid

by Jimmy Carter
2006, Simon and Schuster, 250 pages
The Israeli garrison state continues to cough up humanitarian fur balls

CarterEditor’s note: This is sixth time (previous: 1/12/18) I’ve reposted the original review.

Editor’s note: I’m replaying this book review from the old version of my site because of its timeliness and what I have learned very recently about political Zionism and the state of Israel,[1] especially regarding false flag operations and crimes against humanity[2][3]… which it certainly would appear are happening, as we speak, in the Gaza Strip. My goodness, this book was written 12 years ago! Time flies. I remember how the so-called Israel Lobby raked ol’ president Jimmy over the coals for this mild-mannered, modest expose, as if he were pushing for rekindling the Nazi death camps. Au contraire, as it turns out, Mr. Carter was simply shedding light on the ongoing programs of war and ethnic cleansing—Carter never refers to it as such—by the ‘Israel Mob.’ Valuable work.


My review as written, April 2007

If I had to use a single phrase to identify the main thrust of this timely, richly humanitarian book, it would be a message to the Israeli government: tyranny in Palestine ill befits you… and tyranny in Palestine is arguably the largest impediment to peace on the planet today.

Carter’s benevolent yet insistent message is the Israeli government must step up and live up to agreements it has made over the previous 60 years: Continue reading

Book Review: Unearthing Atlantis, 3d Edition (2017)

An Archaeological Odyssey to the Fabled Lost Civilization
By Charles Pellegrino [Reviewed by Brian R. Wright]

When it comes to hard evidence and breathtaking scope of delivery, there is none higher…

Reading Unearthing Atlantis is a transcendent experience, very similar to how I felt when I first read The Longest Walk (2015) by George Meegan,[1] for slightly different reasons:

Mr. Meegan’s adventure was a down-to-earth journey touching large numbers of everyday people from different worlds, which he experienced in real time. His life became intertwined with their lives, and inspired George to dedicate himself to a mission of preservation of peoples’ unique cultures and languages—bringing out the best in all humanity via true noncompulsory ‘education.'[2]

Dr. Pellegrino, while similarly sharing in the lives of men and women, these ones going about their arduous scientific-discovery business around the world, communicates their work and discoveries—not only in the context of archaeology, but paleontology and cosmology as well. He’s an amazing writer with an exceptional ability to draw you high above the mundane while at the same time dwelling in it, reveling in it… rigorously. Further, he skillfully condenses eons of time in a bottle, rather a priceless vase, belonging to our wealthy, erudite neighbors, on an island in the Aegean Sea, in 1628 B.C., who had to leave their precious homes suddenly due to one of the world’s major supervolcanoes.

Sadly, these neighbors of ours turned to vapor in the next 24 hours, so we can only converse with them now indirectly in what they left behind. Continue reading

Book Review: Leaving the Sandbox (2014)

Grand strategy for Libertarians in an era of wanton federal crimes and terror
by Brian Wright

Reposting this review on the eve of my 2018 campaign for state representative in Michigan. The LP is the vehicle upon which I’m seeking the office, but my mission is more fundamental: establishing a system in Michigan for First Principles grand juries via legis-lative act. My brochure lies here: The book reviewed is about how the LP became controlled opposition and must change its stripes entirely. A bit dated now thanks to my First Principles GJ route, but still worthwhile ideas for the LP.  

FrontReviewed by the author.

Only a large-scale popular movement toward decentralization and self-help can arrest the present tendency toward statism…

A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude. To make them love it is the task assigned, in present-day totalitarian states, to ministries of propaganda, newspaper editors and schoolteachers.

— Aldous Huxley

Leaving the Sandbox is my book on grand strategy for the Libertarian Party, in particular,  and for the liberty movement in general (in terms of what can be done sans party to bring about a free society).

From the Foreword

The motive force of the Old Paradigm—a political-economic Western Cabal with immense and concentrated state power and material resources—is desperately trying to hang on to its Old World privileges. The average American feels this in the onrushing accouterments of the federalized, militarized police state, where citizens have all the rights the Occupying Government tells us we can have. Continue reading

Book Review: The Longest Walk (2015)

“My epic trek from tip to tip of the Americas” (1977-1983), Author’s Edition
by George Meegan, Free Man Publishing Company, 2015

TLWSure there’s a lot of background to the ultimate edition of a sleeper book that I expect will fire the popular imagination of large numbers of youth of the world who still read… in no time at all. George Meegan is a one-of-a-kinder, who grew up from nothing in jolly ol’ England, dreamed of being an adventurer, dropped out of school to join the British merchant marine, then decided one day he would walk the Americas from South to North. And did.

This account doesn’t have any counterpart in the literature of the ages: it’s at once a journal and also an ever-morphing flow of humanity through the window of an intrepid Englishman’s eyes and shoes (twelve pair, 19,019 miles). It’s an indescribable delight to join with this work as its final editor, to appreciate the original writing, of course, yet also the fine editing work performed by exceptionally caring individuals at Dodd, Mead, and Company before it succumbed to death by the conglomerates—here’s the kicker, Dodd, Mead went belly up just as Longest Walk the First is about to go to press! Continue reading

Book Review: Fire and Fury (2018)

Inside the Trump White House
By Michael Wolff

This one is a very popular, stand-in-a-long-waiting-list-at-your-library narrative from an individual who had remarkable access or at least implicit fly-on-the-wall observation authority during many of the turbulent hours of the Trump presidency for the first 100 days and then some. Michael Wolff is an unabashed part of the Mainstream ‘Program,’ yet withal IMHO a mostly objective reporter—at least within hailing distance of the Hunter S. Thompson ‘gonzo journalism’ model—of what all went  on. Plus, he writes clearly with understated, therefore, occasionally ROFL humor.

To use a phrase that comes to mind, “nobody could make this s**t up.” And Wolff’s timing and level of description are impeccable. It’s quite easy for someone who is only vaguely familiar with the mainstream noise—I cancelled my cable and rarely watch broadcast channels—to follow who’s doing what to whom and where they’re coming from in their careers and motivations.

For instance, I had no idea that Trump’s chief of staff is or was, like, a triumvirate:

  • Steve Bannon (the, some would say, alt-right ideologue who fashioned himself as the Rasputin to the Donald)
  • Rience Priebus (from the Republican National Committee), and
  • Jared/Ivanka (Jarvanka: Ivanka is Trump’s daughter and Jared is a rip-roarin’ member of the ultra-Jewish-supremacist cult, Chabad Lubavitch).

One wonders why Wolff was able to enjoy such a ring side seat in the Trump White House, but as he points out, the lack of structure in that bizarre environment enabled him to simply hang out there with nobody questioning his credentials. Still I would take about 30% of his blow by blows with a wheel-barrow-sized grain of salt: they just read too akin to creative fiction. But it’s DYNAMITE creative fiction, for the most part, especially when Wolff gives wording to Trump’s range of the moment states of mind. For example, here’s a segment of the speech—obviously not fiction—Trump delivered to 300 CIA personnel at their Langley, VA, headquarters on January 21, 2017 (his first presidential act, throwing away a carefully prepared text): Continue reading

Book Review: Nobody Died at Sandy Hook (2015)

It was a FEMA drill to promote government violence on gun owners
Multiple authors, edited by Jim Fetzer, Ph.D.
Reviewed by Brian R. Wright

Nobody_DiedFebruary 16, 2018 posting, editor’s comment: I am reposting this review in light of recent Douglas HS incident in Florida, which looks like a Mini-Me version of Sandy Hoax. At least six contradictions. One of my Tweets today: “Parkland is like all the others–I would say MOST of the others, but I can’t think of a single exception–a real or purported mass-casualty incident for which the only source of news is government and government media. IOW, we don’t really know what happened.” — bw

… and on 11/19/2015 Mr. Fetzer’s book was banned from the Amazon catalog, one month after initial acceptance and posting there.

“Faking a school shooting to instill fear into a population for political purposes is an act of terrorism, where it has become clear that this instance was brought to us by officials at every level of Connecticut government from the teachers and reporters to the State Police and the Newtown School board to the Governor and the Attorney General and the President himself. And this is the ugly legacy of Barack Hussein Obama.”
— James Fetzer

Review of an Important Book that Amazon Refused to Publish

This story first came my way by way of Mike Adams and his report that Amazon was getting into the book ‘banning’ business with this particular title. Which to me proved that whatever the book’s point was it was worth looking into. [The authors made it easy by publishing the book in pdf format and making freely available here… and many other locations.] So I have read the book and digested its essentials. As a professional editor, I find Nobody’s copy editing and formatting less than stellar, but the book is well-organized and the content bona fide. It touches all the bases and answers the hard questions.

Continue reading

Book Review: The War on Terror (2017)

The plot to rule the Middle East
by Christopher Bollyn
Reviewed by Brian R. Wright

Talk about the perfect book to come along at the right time, The War on Terror is a godsend. For one thing, it’s brief, more important, concise, a book you can hand to a public official or even one of the three good mainstream journalists, and chances are maybe 10% they’ll read it… and correct their thinking.

Lately, Chris Bollyn, long an acclaimed inde-pendent international journalist who has hereto-fore focused on the evidence for Israel’s role in 9/11, has been arguing brilliantly for the dual, related frauds of 9/11 and the so-called War on Terror. This book lays out the convincing if not irrefutable case for the latter: the Israeli-Zionist deep state architecting and execution of the Western Cabal’s war OF terror and Empire to which innocent people of the world have been mercilessly subjected for going-on five decades… the ultimate objective being to fulfill the Greater Israel Project for full-spectrum dominance or destruction of Israel’s neighbors, then the remainder of the planet.

Mr. Bollyn helps the world’s thinkers and carers to finally turn the corner and call out those responsible for all these crimes. [The method I envision is a specially composed inter-national people’s grand jury serving as a Truth and Justice Commission along the para-meters we saw in indicting and undoing the apartheid state of South Africa.]

Background Reading

I feel the reader will find a better grasp of the global forces at play from the following works:

  • My own The Barrier Cloud—a module of my watershed, The Sacred Nonaggression Principle, which I made into a standalone booklet, it describes two essential meta concepts needed for understanding the Western Cabal. 1) The Barrier Cloud itself, and 2) The Men of the Power Sickness (MOPS) archetype and their motivation.
  • Alison Weir’s book—Against Our Better Judgment: How the US was used to create Israel: an interesting history lesson, showing the high-level machinations (beginning with the UK’s Balfour Statement in 1917) behind setting up Israel as a Zionist apartheid state despite no initial popular support in the American Jewish community.
  • Christopher Bollyn’s landmark uncovering of 9/11—Solving 9/11: The deception that changed the world. I reviewed it here. He provides an account that the evidence for Israel’s leading role in planning and execution of 9/11 is overwhelming: destruction of the WTC structural steel, foreknowledge, the suppressed Dancing Israelis story, email notices to Israeli individuals working at the WTCs, etc.
  • Gilad Atzmon’s The Wandering Who?—A true masterpiece, which I have just recently read and reviewed here. It is also a bold and brave book that explores the true nature of what authors like Weir and Bollyn might simply call Zionism but what Atzmon reasons a large segment of (“third category”) Jews is a ‘meta-Zionism,’ constituting a humanitarian prob-lem because of its vastly destructive, collective-mind orient-ation, and now with the Jewish State, unbridled POWER.

Of course, there are many other works forming a background for what Mr. Bollyn is presenting in his devastating handbook about the War on Terror. Dr. Alan Sabrosky, who writes the foreword to the book, notably articulates the case for 9/11 being a “classic Mossad operation” in this landmark video here, and others. Continue reading