Donut Whole: Open Letter to Li’l Pard

… on question of whether or not to get the second Moderna ‘vaccine’
By Brian R. Wright [ (while it lasts)]
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Note1: “Li’l Pard” is a nickname for a longtime friend of mine. It comes from one of the Eastwood movies of the early 80s, Bronco Billy, as I recall. It was what Bronco Billy called his children admirers.

Li’l Pard,

Note2: FACT-CHECKING: This column has been widely fact checked by the numerous other referenced authors, and of course, by this author—who welcomes and expects all his writings to be fact checked by his readers.

Good thing I did all the checking, bottom line is because the vaccine is such a dangerous cluster-f**k disaster and you should NEVER have gotten the first dose, but you did, that you and Girlfriend MAY wish to get the second shot. I would only ask that you consult with a doctor who thinks for himself. [No, from the latest information I’m getting, DO NOT get the second dose of the ‘vaccine.’]

The reasons are complicated [it’s fortunate that I watched Del Bigtree’s The HighWire episode for this week:

and I’ll explain the reasoning at the end of this rather extensive open letter that describes. Though we have limited data on what the second shot will do… plus the vax makers are having to deal with new variants of the ‘virus,’ so that may mean shots forever.

Here’s a video that has been banned by YouTube that shows dissenting doctors recommending that nobody receive the killer-zombie ‘covid’ vaccine (KZV):

Children’s Health Defense is also sponsoring a Webinar on February 10:

To date (January 22), 329 people have died and roughly 9,000 injuries have been reported to VAERS in the United States, which government studies show is under-reported by around 99%. It’s actually getting difficult to keep up with all the valid, fact-checked alternative news about ‘covid’ or the KZV.

A particularly gripping article w/video comes from Dr. Mercola, where he interviews the brilliant and best-selling-author, microbiologist and virologist, Dr. Judy Mikovits: “How COVID-19 Vaccines May Destory the Lives of Millions [PLS IF NOTHING ELSE WATCH THIS VIDEO:]

Both of these doctor-scholars are targeted by the mainstream Pharma mafia for suppression and exclusion from public access. For instance, if you enter this link on Twitter, you can’t Tweet it.

And here’s another one referred to me by freedom-ally Hayley_A of Nottingham in England, Dr. V. for Victory, Vernon Coleman, with the inspiring title, “Doctors and Nurses Giving the Covid-19 Vaccine Will Be Tried as War Criminals:”


From Roark’s Courtroom Speech, The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand:

“Everything thing we have, every great achievement has come from the independent work of some independent mind. Every horror and destruction came from attempts to force men into a herd of brainless, soulless robots. Without personal rights, without personal ambition, without will, hope, or dignity.”


Body of Letter

First, let me tell you that the great majority of individuals responsible for the knowledge I’m about to convey have brought it to you with levels of courage exceeding heroism. Because the mainstream medical establishment, who wants to kill you and/or render you weak and diseased in its continuous care, is part of the Great Reset

‘covid’ and the Great Reset are discussed at length in this thoroughly researched paper under Thrive ( auspices:

We also have a level of censorship in online information that is approaching Orwell. Alternative and contrary information to the government’s official story simply will not be allowed to be presented. So far there are still several sources of legitimate information that are free of censorship, and you should make a habit of attending to them… but the search engines like Google either don’t carry them or exclude them, here are just three:

Also, here’s an excellent summary broadcast from Health Impact News: “Why Would Anyone Choose to Receive an Experimental COVID mRNA Injection?’ HIN is an excellent source of information, and has produced a number of first class articles on the science. It has a rational Christian, individual rights perspective:


1) General Discussion

The question on the table is should you get the second ‘covid’ vaccine shot, now that, in the absence of full knowledge of the horrific damage these vaccines cause and will cause down the road, you have gotten the first shot.

Going to try to convey this in some kind of orderly fashion. This just in. Here’s a whistleblower from a nursing home telling how the KZV vaccinated elderly there are dying like flies, and being told that it’s caused by a ‘covid’ “superspreader.” No chance. Those who don’t get the ‘vaccines’ are fine:

Then this was from two days ago from Robert Kennedy’s organization:

According to the article the death toll for the ‘covid’ vaccines is 329 at this point. In a few months it will go through the roof. [WE ARE THE GUINEA PIGS IN THIS “FDA EMERGENCY-EXPERIMENTAL” PROGRAM.]

Jerry, the system is down though apparently still accepting reports. Note that:

A 2010 study by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services concluded that “fewer than 1% of vaccine injuries” are reported to VAERS and experts say the government’s reporting system is “broken.”

If only 1% of the deaths are reported, that would mean 32,900 individuals have died because of the ‘vaccine.’ Probably the 1% underreporting pertains mainly to lesser injuries, so let’s say it’s 10% underreporting, that means 3,290 people have died from the vaccine. That’s still a high number.

As for skipping the second shot, here’s the standard mainstream rationale:

In other words, they’re saying that your likelihood of immunity will be less. My suspicion is that the reality is they need the second ‘vaccine’ to better seat the mRNA modules into your cells, including silicon nanowires that serve as transmission tools for eventual mind control via 5G. Here’s a wilder perspective on the potential new operating system being installed

that I do believe part of tentatively, it contains many links that are at least worth checking. But a more conventional explanation is that they’re terrified that antibody-dependent enhancement comes into play [ref. discussion under heading #3 below].

The more standard argument from a physician who has studied the mRNA so-called ‘covid’ vaccine is found here:

and more specifically here:

But since none of the ‘vaccine’ making companies is claiming that the vaccine will stop transmission of the ‘virus’ SARS CoV-2—i.e. you can and many will and are still getting ‘covid’ (I’ll give you the reason why I put covid in quotes shortly)—who cares about the claim that you will not achieve full immunity without the second shot?! YOU ARE NOT RECEIVING IMMUNITY FROM THE FIRST SHOT!!!

The vaccine makers only say you will have a ~20% chance of reducing “mild symptoms” [their news releases tell you 90-95%%, but those are fraudulent numbers, baldfaced lies, based on artificially closed monitoring windows and other affecting test factors that they hide.] Any statement from a vaccine maker news release that its vaccine prevents serious respiratory symptoms caused by SARS CoV-2 is a lie; if you read the news release in full you’ll discover the weasel words.

“Our vaccine may kill you, but it won’t be from respiratory disease.” Not much comfort.

The reason I put quotes around ‘covid’ is that nobody has proved that the SARS CoV-2 virus actually exists. It has never been identified (isolated and purified). Governments all over the world, when pressed by Freedom of Information requests, actually admit that they do not have a pure ‘gold standard’ strain in their possession:


Thus, if they maintain that COVID-19, their name for the disease for which they hold SARS CoV-2 to be the sole cause, exists they are engaged in complete contradiction. If the cause of one’s disease cannot be identified, it means the cause has not been shown to exist; therefore the effect, the disease, does not exist. It’s something else, probably environmental toxins: wireless 5G radiation, pollution, toxins in the air or water, glyphosate, etc., mass poisoning. [All in overwhelming supply in places like Wuhan, China.]

By the way, we have robust, effective cures for the “something else” disease, that manifests severe symptoms, often hypoxia. These are hydroxychloroquine-zinc, ivermectin, and budesonide.

All of these cures have been illegally suppressed in gross violation of the Hippocratic Oath and the Nuremberg Principles that enjoin crimes against humanity. It is a crime against humanity to forcefully deny to a patient a cure or therapy to which he has given informed consent.

Moreover, the so-called gold standard test for ‘covid’ [now do you see the reason for the quotation marks around covid?], the RT-PCR test is a manufacturing process for studying DNA. Its founder, Kary Mullis, for which he won the Nobel Prize, stated emphatically that the PCR test “IS NOT FOR DIAGNOSIS OF ANY INFECTIOUS DISEASE.” Further Mullis called Anthony Fauci one of the greatest frauds in medical history, a psychopath who hasn’t the slightest reservation in going before a camera and lying to 100s of millions of people about his crimes against humanity. [Mullis died (was killed?) in 2019.]

In short, a non-diagnostic PCR amplification test being used to search for a never isolated “new” virus for an asymptomatic normie would be sort of like a lab technician using an “amplification” machine to duplicate (over and over and over again) a harmlessly minuscule amount of lead in someone’s body; and then diagnosing the “illness” as some undiscovered new form of lead poisoning for a man who feels just fine. Let’s call it, LP-19. The same could be done for someone who actually died of a heart attack — or was straight-up ventilator-murdered — with LP-19 then added to the death certificate!

Other columns on the lack of virus isolation and on the PCR meaningless diagnoses:


2) My Standard Quickie Argument vs. the ‘covid’ ‘Vaccine’

Here are the numbers from CDC on likelihood of full recovery (or complete lack of any symptoms) from a positive PCR diagnosis for ‘covid:’

These data haven’t changed from when they were initially published. Here’s my nine-point argument against the taking of the KZV, in particular:

  1. It has NOT been approved by the FDA only okayed for experimental-emergency use.
  2. Your chances of full recovery from ‘covid’ are in aggregate ~99.76% [and that is without application of any of the known and banned cures (items 7 and 8).]
  3. The vaccine makers do not claim that KZV will prevent ‘covid,’ only perhaps provide relief from “mild symptoms.”
  4. VAERS is reporting uncommonly large numbers of deaths and injuries (more than 500 deaths and almost 11,000 injuries).
  5. If you are injured, say w/ uncontrollable violent spasms 24/7 (ref. this litany of cases:, there is no known treatment.
  6. You are federally prohibited from suing the manufacturer for damages.
  7. Drugs—like hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, budesonide—exist that kill viruses, esp ‘covid.’ The med establishment has known this for 40 years, and quashed and gone out of its way to prohibit their use. If the truth is that antimicrobial drugs kill viruses, then vaccines are not necessary—in fact an intolerable risk. That’s a $69 billion industry that’s caused several times that amount of unconscionable human suffering.
    [http://ly/3r1nVA2_Highwire_Interview_Lee_Merritt and].
  8. Nutritional regimens also prevent and cure viruses, particularly the ‘covid’ virus. These are also quashed by the med establishment, government agencies ban sites that advocate them, and mainstream media and Big Tech cancels positive discussion. I’ve adopted the David Brownstein preventive protocol, which the FDA took down from his site:
  9. Alternatives to ‘vaccines’ (experimental gene therapy chemotherapy) are censored and taken down from public display via the standard social media, as well as the mainstream media. Any word of alternatives to the KZV is strictly suppressed.


3) A ‘Possible’ Reason to take the Second Shot if You’ve Taken the First

Go to 25 minutes into the HighWire episode of 1/28/21:

This is where Del and the reporter Jefferey Jaxen talk about the CDC advice starting to say it’s all right in exceptional circumstances to mix the vaccine of one maker with the second dose from a different maker.

The concern is “antibody dependent enhancement” (ADE). All of the coronavirus vaccines of the past 20 years had the same problem in animal trials, they gave the animals the vaccine, looked like they were healthy, showed plenty of antibodies in the blood, but then when they injected them with the virus the vaccine acted as a catalyst to help the virus penetrate the cells, proliferate faster, create what’s called a cytokine storm, total immune system shutdown, leading to immunopathology in the lungs, TH2 type immunopathology, organ failure, and death. I believe all or most of the animals died.

After the first dose there really isn’t the uptake in what are the most important neutralizing antibodies, rather a lot of binding antibodies, and the ‘authorities’ think that the binding antibodies are what may be leading to that ADE—which led to the deaths of over 600 people for the Dengue vaccine just over a year ago in the Philippines, and deaths in children with the RSV vaccine program.

What Del Bigtree is thinking in going over this is the authorities must be so terrified right now that that first shot is setting everyone up for ADE because the subjects did not get the booster and they didn’t get the neutralizing antibodies that killed the virus that showed up after the booster. [So they’re okaying using a different manufacturer’s product if there’s a supply problem with the original brand. But of course none of the vaccines has been tested with other vaccines.]

If you know a physician who has delved into the actual data and done the research, and doesn’t accept official stories on faith, go to that that person. It all depends on the antibody dependent enhancement phenomenon, how long it may be and when or where you’ll be exposed to ‘covid’ ‘viruses’ that I’m not convinced even exist in reality. They could all be exosomes or your own cells throwing off poisons, or the poisons themselves that surround us.

Please at least watch the HighWire episode from 25 minutes in.

It’s clear that nobody in the medical establishment knows what he or she is doing. It’s one giant cluster f**k and guessing and passing the buck… while people die (are actually murdered) for no reason. I’ll tell you categorically that, even in the absence of consultation with a good doctor—and if I were to have somehow been ‘vaxxed’ with this dangerous biological agent with a first dose unwittingly, say—I would NOT take the second dose.

I’m guessing it’s likely that if you get past the three-week mark—Hank Aaron died two weeks following dose 1, and I think I’ve heard that as the standard number for people who die in nursing homes—from the first dose, you’ll probably be one of the lucky ones and not be seriously injured, at least until any longer term effects crop up—coronavirus vaccines in particular have long development cycles, multiple years, and none has been successful, mainly because of the ADE problem. These mRNA vaccines are not really conventional vaccines like the others, so let’s hope you both dodged the bullet.

I’m saying a prayer, really.

4) The Great Reset

This is something I’ve already mentioned, in the paragraph under Open Letter…. And I gave you a couple of links, also to the video Thrive, which is the antidote to the full collective society of the Reset. But I want you two to both watch this little video here:

This will impress on you the magnitude of what we’re up against, nothing less than high tech Zombie Planet, where humans “are no longer born, they’re spawned as automatons.” The Great Reset is all about the global domination agenda, fait accompli. What it looks like to me is 1984 on steroids, with the AI and robotics of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. If it happens, there’s nowhere to run… not like when the Europeans fled to the New World. There will not be any New World.

We high-end individual Humans of the 1.0 operating system—natural living, breathing, with independent consciousness—still have a chance to turn the world our way. Per Thrive. But Mickey’s clock-second-hand only gives us a few seconds to get it right. I’m banking on Thrive, with my own FLOW (… or something quite like it. Also here’s a potent alternative to the Great Reset, called the Greater Reset:

We can get a lot of boost toward a benevolent human society from people en masse simply rejecting the shackles of the collective Borg. And the KZV is a great place to draw the line and say no to the Body Snatchers.

Big Pard

PS: I continue to receive notice of important new links that show that the ‘covid’ ‘vaccine’ is going to be highly murderous after a few months of injection:

Hard to keep up. But what everything I’m seeing and reading these days is pointing to is that even if you’ve had the first shot, there is no reason to further endanger your-self by taking the second shot.

Please do not do so, Jerry. “Experts see dead people.” Lots of ‘em. Unfortunately, it looks like it will take millions of corpses and mangled bodies before the normies wake up to see the obvious: that the authorities are indeed planning to end us.

Please don’t take the bait; you, and certainly Nancy, have many good years left.

Call off the scheduled rendevous with the second jab.

I’ll buy you breakfast when the Big Boy reopens.

PS: Other good stuff

PS: This just in and it’s dynamite: by RFK, Jr., it highlights the whole agenda of media disinformation on ‘covid’ ‘vaccines’ and points out that the problem we have right now is keeping up with the raft of data showing these injectables are lethal and growing more so daily.
As of January 29, 2021, VAERS deaths: 501, health care major events: 11,249. Message to my Li’l Pard, bold statement: “The clinical trials indicated that the vast majority of injuries occurred after the second dose.” PLEASE DO NOT GET SECOND DOSE OF THE MODERNA ‘VACCINE.’


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