Brian’s Column: American Heroine

Note posted from the latest Doreen Hendrickson crowdfunding page
by Brian R. Wright

“A free people claim their rights as derived from the laws of nature, and not as the gift of their chief magistrate” — Thomas Jefferson

Collage by Doreen while caged earlier =>

Folks, it looks like Doreen is going back in to finish her ‘term.’ Surrender date is January 29, 2018. Please find two excellent explanatory, inspiring posts by loving husband Peter here:


As you all know, Doreen’s story warrants a Pulitzer Prize winner to be writing it and spreading the truth about her unlawful and unconstitutional pro/persecution… and exposing the lies of the Ignorance Tax scheme… a scheme that is crumbling before our eyes. [Ref. Pete’s outstanding column, item 2) above.] All funds raised go straight to Pete and Doreen.

My understanding is she will be having the same address and you can contribute to her supplies fund, when the time comes. I’ll post another update with that information at that point. The Doreen Relief fundraiser is here:

I don’t have to tell you that nothing changes out here on the CtC warrior front lines, most of us wouldn’t know how to go back to filing Ignorant, even if we wanted to.

The light is definitely at the end of the tunnel, as the level of corruption at the top levels in the agency and at the DOJ goes “intravenous heading toward Pluto.” They are at their absolute wits’ ends, with open rebellion brewing for the rule of law… and corresponding people’s grand jury indictments and/or Truth Commission prosecutions of these gangsta, First Principles’-violating judges and other public officials.

Donate what seems right, and don’t forget to ‘tithe’ all property recoveries—that we are now fortunate to avail ourselves of thanks to the Hendrickson Discovery—to Pete at 232 Oriole St., Commerce Twp., MI 48382.

“The limits of tyrants are proscribed by the endurance of those they oppress.”
— Frederick Douglass

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1 thought on “Brian’s Column: American Heroine

  1. Any individual’s peaceful actions are outside the authority and jurisdiction of any government. Peaceful conduct is the enjoyment of common law rights as protected by the Ninth Amendment: “The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

    All statutory regulations are being enforced under the color of law as being superior to the Common Law. Unfortunately the ABA and its army of court licensed attorneys and co-conspirator judges, all of who are advocates of mala prohibitum statutory “law,” are prominent in the current legal system. The Ninth amendment is known as the “silent amendment” because no ABA attorney has ever sued any government for a violation of our rights as being guaranteed under the the Ninth Amendment. The ABA, judges, prosecutors and district attorneys any are afraid to do so because if it is ever recognized that it is our Common Law rights guaranteed in the Ninth Amendment and they are ever enumerated and established in court the lawyers and judges will be practically out of business.

    These seven things can be done now to reclaim our republic and its common law:

    First; Teach the Bill of Rights, the Declaration Independence, and the Constitution in K-12 and as required courses in colleges and universities.

    Second: Judges must be required to inform the jury pool of their responsibility to nullify all prosecutions in violation of the common law principle of, if there is no harm to a person or a person’s property there is no crime, and that the government cannot claim harm as it is not a person. It only takes one vote to acquit to hang a jury.

    Third. End double jeopardy retrials. If a jury is hung by one vote that is proof that the state did not prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt and double jeopardy applies. it should not be necessary to have a unanimous vote for acquittal. Unanimity is required for conviction not acquittal. Stop enriching the lawyers with illegal re-trials.

    Fourth. Make it mandatory that all judges tell all jurors of their right and responsibility to judge the facts and the law and to vote according to their consciences. It is the juror’s court room not the government’s.

    Fifth. Re-institute citzen’s common law grand juries with the power to remove violators of individual rights from office or appointment. It is our government and we are its board of directors.

    Sixth. On the long road to reclaim our common law rights to making it illegal for attorneys who are officers of the court to be legislators is very important. That is a direct violation of the separation of powers.

    Seventh. The sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer of the county. He is the first defense against an overreaching central government of the union of States and against the same in state government. He is the final word on law enforcement in the county. Any statutorily contrived police departments are an intrusion into his authority and jurisdiction. If a peace keeping presence is considered necessary by local governments the “police department” must be composed of duly appointed and sworn sheriff’s deputies accountable only to the sheriff.

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