Donut Whole: My Michigan State Rep Campaign, Position Paper #1: Vaccines

Vaccines: A Cautionary, Rights-Based Approach
By Brian R. Wright

A ‘retired’ BSME engineer, I’m a part-time driver/medical technician for a company that provides a mobile swallow-test service to patients at rehabilitation facilities. Our team consists of a driver tech, a physician, and a speech pathologist to conduct the studies. Two of our young speech paths are pregnant with their firsts. With the autism epidemic in full swing (CDC: 1 in 36 kids) and childhood developmental disorders at an all time high (CDC: 1 in 6 kids) .AND. the CDC PROVING THAT A MAJOR VACCINE ON ITS SCHEDULE, THE MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), CAUSES AUTISM, I’m in a quandary…

Note: CDC stands for the federal government’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention (under the Health and Human Services department). THE official top government. banana for research and public policy of the healthcare industry.

Big Pharma, who pays $billions to doctors, media, and politicians, is squelching any precautionary information about vaccines that mothers and families need to make informed choices. Thus the general public—not to mention most healthcare workers—still react to any questioning of vaccines as if you’re blowing your nose on the curtains of civilization.[1] Yet facts are facts: 100s of thousands of people, mainly children, are maimed or killed worldwide by these ballyhooed sacred cows year after year.

I very much like my speech paths and do NOT want them, their husbands, or their offspring to suffer the horrific downside of Vaccine Roulette… I feel it my humanitarian duty to warn them of the hazards despite expecting that any such appeal will be rejected with an inner shriek you can hear across Lake Michigan. What’s a fellow to do? I got it: kill two birds with one stone and write an open letter to serve as my position paper on the subject for my 2018 Libertarian candidacy for 38th district Michigan state representative. [I address both in a singular pseudonym.]

Open Letter

Dear ‘Charlize,’

Congratulations and best wishes on your imminent arrival, you must be glad D-Day is nearing. Please know I’m offering the following column in the spirit of truth, tolerance, and compassion—solely to foster awareness of important health-related issues that many have been shielded from by the media and the medical-pharmaceutical cartel. Yes, I’m talking about vaccines. First I’d like to correct any impression you may have that I’m an anti-vaccine zealot, far from it, I’m only concerned about vaccines that have been shown to be dangerous or haven’t been properly tested.

Nor do I categorically dismiss medical authorities, certainly not any who offer arguments supported by evidence from independent sources. But I do feel we are in extremely perilous times of public health—per the aforementioned CDC stats: child developmental disorders are 1 in 6 and autism is 1 in 36The Journal of the American Medical Association also reports—in a landmark article by Dr. Barbara Starfield (pictured right)—that the medical system kills 225,000 persons per year (!!!)—which doesn’t include annual deaths by adverse reactions to vaccines, estimated conservatively via extrapolations of the Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System (VAERS) at 25,000.

You mentioned that your pediatrician would not continue seeing you if you did not follow the CDC schedule of, what is it now, 51-54 shot doses carrying 171-225 antigen doses. Several questions come to mind:

  1. Did you ask your pediatrician if he/she knows what’s IN those vaccines?
  2. What adjuvants/neurotoxins are included that your child’s unique physiology may be particularly susceptible to harm from?
  3. Did your pediatrician show you the inserts documenting serious health risks accompanying each vaccine?
  4. Did you sit down with your husband and pediatrician together to make informed decisions about the vaccines that will likely cause much more harm than good to your baby… and thus leave these vaccines off your injection list?
  5. What kind of rigorous testing—that is, long-term, large-population, double-blind-placebo-based studies (required by pharmaceutical drugs)—has each vaccine undergone?
  6. Finally, when does it stop? The CDC has more than 270 vaccines ready for release, and thousands more in the pipeline. All with risks, most rushed to market after days or hours of ‘testing.’ “No, I can’t come out and play this month. My parents are taking me to the hospital for my vaccine series.”

The vaccine business has become as insane as Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter—yet far more devastating of lives. The sad fact is that most pediatricians, just as most lay people, know next to nothing about vaccines.[3] They utter the “safe and effective” mantra and either cash in, or look away. Let’s look at some doctors who don’t:

A number of courageous—on account of being blackballed, or even killed, and forgoing a very lucrative side of their practice—pediatricians ARE starting to ask questions. One celebrated highly credentialed self-described former “vaccine bully,” Dr. Bob Zajac, has jumped completely off the Official Story bandwagon even stating categorically: “In my clinical experience, unvaccinated children are notably healthier than fully or partially vaccinated children.”[4] Please watch this notable vax apostate’s short video here. Note, at ~11:30 in the video, Dr. Zajac describes the $1.7 million his practice has sacrificed by not adhering to the CDC schedule and insurance incentives.

Dr. Zajac is not  the only notable or celebrity pediatrician who has changed his mind. Two celebrity pediatrician doctors on the show The DoctorsDr. Jim Sears and Dr. Rachael Ross of note—changed their vaccination practices dramatically upon being made aware by Del Bigtree that the CDC had destroyed study data showing a strong causal link between the MMR vaccine and autism. [Bigtree was producer of The Doctors and then produced the documentary VAXXED!]

Facts on the Ground

With the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), the federal government explicitly admitted that vaccines were “unavoidably unsafe.” And for that reason, victims of vaccines would not be able to sue vaccine providers directly. [When you throw in the public health promotions, large government purchases to subsidize the industry, and now vaccine mandates coming for everyone, THAT’S a foolproof business model!  No wonder vaccine profits have skyrocketed since.]

Parents must instead petition a special Health and Human Services (HHS) vaccine department. If HHS disagrees, the case is argued in a special Vaccine Court. Department of Justice lawyers argue for HHS. Taxpayers also fund successful claims. No pharma company participation is required. Records show that the Court has paid a relatively paltry ~$3-4 billion to claimants since its inception.

Thus, if you or your loved one is damaged by a vaccine, chances of receiving realistic compensation are somewhere between zero and a drop in the ocean. Not only that, your collared pediatrician and other doctors will point to other causes for your baby’s troubles: genetics, unanticipated infections, bad karma, space-beams from the planet Neptune, e.g. “Mountains of our very own studies have shown that whatever it is your child HAS cannot possibly be anything we DID. Oh, and listen, our work is done here, please do stop calling the office “

The Position Paper Part

In light of the above, my position on vaccines for my 2018 Michigan 38th District House of Representatives campaign is first, to urge that the federal government follow minimal recommendations of the movie VAXXED!:

  1. Congress subpoena Dr. William Thompson and investigate the CDC fraud by inquiring into status with Rep. Chaffetz and the OGR
  2. Congress repeal the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and hold manufacturers liable for injury caused by their vaccines
  3. Congress put pressure onto the CDC and Merck so that the single measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine be made available immediately
  4. All vaccines be classified as pharmaceutical drugs and tested accordingly

Specifically, for Michigan, I will (seek legislation to):

  1. Declare a moratorium on any state funding or subsidization of vaccines pending resolution of the Congressional inquiry or grand jury investigation and indict-ment of CDC officials for scientific fraud on their MMR-Autism studies.
  2. Nullify the federal exemption from liability in the state for vaccine manufacturers, enabling those harmed by vaccines in tMichigan to sue the producers of these substances for damages.
  3. Have MDHHS (Michigan Department of Health and Human Services) conduct its own studies to confirm that unvaccinated children are healthier than their vaccinated counterparts.
  4. Cease all state funded advertising for the safety and efficacy of vaccines.
  5. Respect an individual’s or his parents’ inviolate right to choose (whether to be vaccinated), visiting no harm or denial of government services should that choice be no.

In accordance with Article 4, Section 51 of the Michigan Constitution, I shall faithfully seek to guard the public’s health and see to it that any corporation or public official who infringes on an individual’s health through application of inadequately tested and demonstrably harmful products shall feel the full force of the law—both via restitution to the victim and incarceration of the corporate executive(s) or public official(s) responsible.

So, Charlize, please at least attend to the nonofficial story on vaccines to the point of asking your pediatrician the questions above and considering the common sense public policy changes so that you and your baby may take the safest course possible. At the very least on the MMR vaccine, per CDC findings in the autism study, delay the CDC sched-uled injection by 24 months.


Brian Wright


[1] Ironically, I was a vaccine-damaged child, as were many of my peers. In 1955, as one of the roughly two million children in the US who were given shots, I was injected with Salk’s fast-tracked vaccine whose ‘inactivated’ live-virus was perversely staying live. Within days I started falling down and being taken to doctors in Kansas City. Weakness and some other symptoms, but with two weeks of rest, my immune system did its job and I recovered, the sole result being a very mildly deformed left leg. Others were not so lucky.

“Vaccination in the United States caused as many cases of poliomyelitis as it prevented in 1955.” — Dr. Sven Gard, “Prophylactic Vaccination Against Poliomyelitis,” Svenska Läkartidningen (Swedish Physician’s Journal), vol. 53, no. 121( nr3) a, January 1956 (3rd week), translated from Swedish and distributed by the Oak Park Health Department, Oak Park, Illinois. Ref. p. 6 of translation. Courtesy of the estate of Herbert Ratner. Copy in authors’ possession. [Quoted in Dr. Suzanne Humphries, Dissolving Illusions: Disease, vaccines, and the forgotten history (2013).]

[2] An indispensable and wholly remarkable reference for anyone—doctors and lay people included—who wishes to understand vaccines is The Truth about Vaccines series assembled by TTAV, LLC, available here. Watch the first episode on YouTube for free. This is an exciting documentary that will have you on the edge of your seat wanting more. [I do own this seven-part series and will gladly provide you a copy.]

[3] A few studies have been performed that demonstrate that vaccinated children are much more seriously ill than unvaccinated ones. The CDC has refused to conduct long-term, large-population, double-blind placebo-based studies of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children.

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