Brian’s Column: “Open in Defiance”

An Owosso barber shows the world at large how to throw off the collars[1]
By  Brian R. Wright

It is a turning moment in the freedom movement—on a deep psychological level, as when the colonials read Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, and realized they had to let go of not just the King of England but the whole concept of kings, entirely. Karl Manke, Owosso, Michigan—haircutter for 60 years, author, pillar of the community, and occasional hobo train rider—just came right out and said what all the Howard Beales of America are thinking these days, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this any more!”

Literally, “I can’t afford to not be working,” “Lockdown makes no sense for a mild flu,”  “I don’t need the governor to be my mother,” “I can… run my business how I feel I should run it,” and “I’m opening, and will stay open… ‘until Jesus walks in or they arrest me.'” That was the day after he opened, Monday, May 4th. He’s been putting in 12-14 hour days ever since. I cite mainly from the the unexpectedly well-written article from the corporate paper on Tuesday, May 5th, then I digest for a few days.

Sure enough, up and attem, today, Friday, May 8th, needing to be no place, “Hmmm, you know I can really use a haircut.” My prospective Toledo, Ohio, haircutter tells me her Governor Ball-Less Whiner, goose-stepping to the antisocial-distancing potentates, is not letting grooming services back for two more weeks.

I’m going. Have to. North and west about 70 miles to stand up for my country and its First Principles… and its second one, too: Never leave active liberty-front fighters without support. What’s this from the East Room, among us social terrorists, grandma proudly displays her Q-buster of a trim!

I arrive roughly at 1215. The line is into the second room on the west. Probably a total of 25 in front of me. Everyone seems to be in silent waiting mode in the West Wing, and I fold in at the end with nods and smiles.The ride up has been incredibly spiritually calming,

I feel so a part of the microbiome and the virome cosmos after watching the latest Del Bigtree podcast last night:, particularly the brilliant Dr. Zach Bush who takes breathtaking to a whole new level.

After a few minutes, I figure out a way to get some conversation rolling with a general question, “Did you see the sign on the neighbor’s house, that basically seemed to slam our good barber, saying he’s got plenty of money but he’s still taking advantage by preying on the uneducated? In other words, he’s saying we’re a bunch of ignorant peons. How do you feel about that?”

Someone responds, “WE’RE stupid?! The dumb ones are those who believe the crap the authorities are dishing out, without asking questions.”

Which starts for me perhaps the best five-hour on-and-off conversation with the real working class—a CNC machinist, programmers, diesel mechanics, carpenters, a retired West Michigan city cop, medical techs, and a few white collar managers in the car industry—I’ve ever had. Moreover, we’re not spread out tiptoeing on Xs or trying to garble to one another thru surgical masks. The new normal is the old normal enhanced by reason and freedom: people thinking for themselves, gathering together, and taking charge of their public servants. WRT the Covid Op, I discern a highly intelligent consensus, some rather specific reasoning of how we’re being lied to about the:

  • causes
  • cases
  • deaths
  • cures
  • crimes against humanity of lockdown and isolation—especially how the thrust of the operation seems to be to destroy small business… like this one.
  • coming crimes against humanity the operation is covering up, like 5G.
  • inhuman, anti-constitutional agendae of those in power

There’s some reasonable difference of opinion as to who is ultimately behind the deception and high-crime assaults, as well as slightly different perspectives of what we as patriotic Americans need to do. [A healthy number are big on the 2d Amendment.] But my thoughts are this cross-section of good men of character would make the ideal composition of a people’s independent First Principles’ grand jury. Rounding out my initial hour, a cause-believer woman from Milford brings in 10 FULL FREE DINNERS.[2]

A threat to [which version of] humanity?

It’s truly unbelievable to me that large numbers of the MLD (mystery lockdown disease) official-story believers will throw up their eyes and hands in terror, not to mention hatred, that anyone would dare question government authority and break the states’ emergency orders to commit mass suicide in place—forgo making a living, weddings, schooling, church attendance, sports, rock concerts, public necking… and treating our sick and old loved ones like lepers to throw into warehouses, never to be touched again. The orders don’t even allow funeral services to hold one another in consolation for grief.

They haven’t yet embraced the New Paradigm of 1) thinking for themselves and 2) taking direct charge of their public servants in an orderly First Principles’ manner. It is vital that they do so.

Let me share with you a brief list of the basics everyone needs to realize about the MLD OPERATION (CovOp)—government terminology is SARS CoV-2 for the ‘virus’ and Covid-19 for the disease—, and point you to a list-related footnote[3] with several key links that provide reference and will keep you up to speed:

  1. No one has isolated or purified an actual virus; what is being called SARS CoV-2 is an RNA strand of unknown origin.
  2. The RT PCR diagnostic test for MLD produces arbitrary and useless results, which are combined with a list of common symptoms that attend a large number of respiratory system ailments to yield a positive result.
  3. The CDC numbers for MLD cases are wildly inflated by design and by financial incentives to the hospital [Medicare pays $13,000 per COVID diagnosis and $39,000 per ventilator intubation (which produces death in 90% of patients)].
  4. CDC death numbers are additionally inflated (at least 10:1) by its ‘guidelines’ that cause of death is to be noted as COVID based on mere assumption of presence, and not taking into account other primary causes. Multiply media death totals for by 0.1 to get a maximum CovOp death count.
  5. Even using CDC death totals, the case fatality rate for MLD countrywide is on the order of 0.1%, which is what a mild influenza season produces. Of those deaths the vast majority have other potentially fatal health issues.
  6. 95% of those who are said to ‘have’ MLD recover, most with no symptoms at all, some with common cold conditions; of those who require more treatment or hospitalization, 90% recover.
  7. A cure exists for MLD: hydroxychloroquine. It has been well established in clinical practice around the world and further enhanced with—some doctors regard as essential—zinc. [An NIH study in 2005 stated it was effective against SARS CoV either prophylactically or therapeutically.]
  8. The disease presenting in ICUs referred to as COVID-19 is predominantly hypoxia (lack of oxygen at the tissue levels), for which ventilation is EXACTLY THE WRONG, COMMON, AND DEADLY TREATMENT. Dr. Zach Bush in the HighWire interview above, suggests that the RNA strand called SARS CoV-2 may unmask environmental killers—e.g. 5G radiation at 60 GHz, agricultural toxins such as glyphosate (Roundup), and/or stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (SAG) poisons sprayed into the atmosphere.
  9. The MLD and its official responses were simulated (preplanned) at a conference set up under auspices of Johns Hopkins University in October of 2019, called Event 201, directed by the World Economic Forum and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
  10. Cost of Quarantine in America per Toby Rogers, PhD, MPP. Rogers’ extrapolation of the work of Brenner, Johns Hopkins, 1976, shows that in America every 1% increment in unemployment yields 58,000 deaths (during the subsequent five years). Mainstream sources estimate a minimum of 30% unemployment from the draconian universal lockdown. 
  11. We need to keep in mind that the whole CovOp is part of a larger manifested plan, which used to be called Agenda 21 and now is Agenda 2030. Full-spectrum domination—vaccines, wireless radiation, GMOs, SAG, etc.—by a global collective IS the agenda, which means the obliteration of our First Principles, individual rights-based society the country’s founders created, fought, and died for…. The foundation of Agenda 2030 is to end independent, small business, and make everyone a ward of the state or to kill them. Hence the MLD.
  12. Masks, antisocial distancing, and isolation prolong the MLD by weakening immune systems. Further, masks impede breathing and can cause CO2 poisoning; they spread irrational fear and hostility. If they ‘work’ they keep out good, healthful microbes. Most masks don’t ‘work.’ [Standard non-professional grade masks have pore sizes 100 times greater than the MLD RNA strands, it’s like using a chain-linked fence as a mosquito net.]

Here’s my own proof of herd immunity, NOT herd mentality on the left. I wish I’d asked the good-looking one to take off his mask for the photo. Him wearing that mask all day is not good for him at 77.

We live in a sea of microbes, according to one source 38 trillion bacteria (the microbiome) and 380 trillion viruses (the virome) share our body space. Every breath we take inhales 10s of thousands of microbes, including the MLD RNA strands. Our immune systems have to do yeoman’s work to protect us against the few bad ones. Medical science is only just discovering the microbiome and virome; any attempt at this point by medical ‘authorities’ to externally force or impede this marvelous inner defense mechanism by gross isolation or injecting neurotoxins (i.e. vaccines, heavy drugs) is like Godzilla trying to perform successful open heart surgery… on a poodle.

Briefly, then: 1) the MLD is less deadly than the seasonal flu, 2) the CDC is fraudulently inflating the MLD stats an order of magnitude and its test for disease presence is useless, 3) the government and its media are lying (for purposes of imposing an end-of-individual-freedom-and-human-life agenda on the world), and 4) a cheap and effective cure exists to the MLD for the relative few whose immune systems can’t handle it.

So there we are. The main focus of what we’re doing today, as good Americans standing up for our precious country, is to fight for our individual freedom and make our own decisions as to the best course of action. Humanity as precious individuals against the other would-be regressed humanity on their knees inside a Big Brother/Sister Collective mob. American Revolution 2 (AR2), as some have put it. Click on the image of the Macintosh girl to recall from 1984 the later spirit of liberty.

“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet,
as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?
Forbid it, Almighty God!

I know not what course others may take;
but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”
— Patrick Henry…

… and Karl Manke, da Man!

My man, K. Manke, perhaps less flamboyantly than Patrick Henry addressing the Virginia House of Burgesses with his famous appeal, stands up to the Queen and her men. [The result is good and peaceful: on Monday, May 11, 2020, a Michigan judge denied the state’s cease and desist order to Manke on Friday: So far.] In the Breitbart article, Manke said he has fielded several calls from other barbers about what to do. “You have to have courage,” he said.

You have to have courage!” Give that man a cigar grande… and a statue when the time comes, I say. No doubt the state will try to bury him in court and red tape under one guise or another. He’ll cross that bridge when he comes to it. For now, the state is powerless and its own forces refuse to proceed. He has plenty of supporters, locally and statewide. The word gets out. Others are finding their own courage; the state of Florida reopens salons on Monday, too; large numbers of people are tossing the masks and antisocial distancing orders… realizing herd immunity is their friend. NOT living in bubble wrap.

I note as I get closer to the moment of truth (where I’m 10th in line and comfortably seated in the East Room) at least a dozen would be patrons—the wait is going to be too long—are dropping off donations. A few come in from the street, not to get a haircut, but to contribute.

Karl has easily received in donations whatever fines the state may impose. I’ve discovered that our good man is an author and quite the storyteller. As an independent publisher, editor, and author ( myself, I have an eye for good stuff. My tip on top of the $5 is to purchase what looks like a good one, The Scourge of Captain Seavey. I do manage to give it the high-level scan for 10 minutes, and I can tell you it’s definitely a first class effort all the way, addictively readable, a largely unknown story. I mean, do YOU know that piracy on the Great Lakes in the early 1900s was a stark reality? I sure don’t. Check out Karl’s author website here:, and his Facebook barber shop site 411 here.

Finally, my time in the saddle. He’s a dream barber. Establishes a personal connection right off the bat, wants to hear your story, your truth, which I readily share… tolerating constant interruptions from the ring-a-ling land-line telephone that carries the latest news and questions on if he’s open: “No, we’re not taking appointments, I’ll be here ’til 10 or 12, it will probably be three or four hours of waiting.” Or, “Yes, I’m open unless they drag me out of here in handcuffs. We don’t know what their plans are.”

Our folk hero of de revolución does not take shortcuts. He’s old school thru and through. I offer on a couple of occasions to help out by sweeping away the hair that’s fallen around the chair. He declines, saying it provides a cushion. Here the man has been cutting hair all day, men and women, boys and girls, on his feet, wearing a breath-stealing mask, receiving high doses of CO2, and will do the same tomorrow for 12-14 hours.

Now’s my time to leave, and I want to walk around the shop and shake the hands of the 30-35 who are still here at 5:15 p.m. It’s turning into a bright, cold May afternoon, and I can’t remember feeling so elated. Not for the haircut—yes, it’s nearly as good as my Elvira’s back in Novi at Kuts ‘n’ More, when he’s never seen me before—but for having “stood up for my country” with a man who has become my quintessential hero du jour and his many customers and supporters. I especially remember long, normal mask-free conversation with Ross and the retired Muskegon cop and young Jeff who had been a fire department search and rescue professional, half a dozen others.

As I stated, these are the kinds of people to form independent grand juries to blow out the stink of nearly terminal universal corruption of public officials these days. Is there time? We’ll sure need to hang together… or as Ben Franklin put it, “We’ll all hang separately.”  The icing on my cake is provided as I reach the door and chat with a mother and her quadruplets; I compliment her (and them) for being so well-behaved while standing in what must seem to the kids to be a neverending line for at least two hours now, with another one or two to go. See the darling quads above right. And the darling mother, Jen. THEIR rights to have a lives of their choice is why we stand for ours; we beam authentic human handshakes all around. Then I to the road.


Before the screaming banshee contingents pass out in horror, ask yourselves one thing: Except for the long line and the barber wearing a silly mask, what behavior above would have offended you during any of the previous several annual influenza seasons, particularly the 2017-2018 one where CDC-counted case-fatality rates were nearing 0.5%?!

Exactly, no shutdown, no distancing, no social isolation, no masks, no 24/7 mass media yelling at the top of their trance machines that Armageddon is at hand if anyone sneezes. What’s different today? We have a flu-like respiratory ailment that negligibly affects the healthy or young, from which 95% show no symptoms or recover completely, and for which there’s a proven cure. Oh! And it has a case-fatality rate of LESS THAN the flu, around a normal flu 0.1%. I’d say someone is doing a serious snow job and peddling it to the dumb-downs to stomp on all our freedoms for the someone’s profit.

The freedom-stomping snow job stopped in Owosso, Michigan, May 4, 2020.

We’ll all need to chip in on the cleanup crews.


[1] The collareds: a term from my novel, The Truman Prophecy, denoting the antithesis of the Independents (or indies). Indies express my vision of humanity as free and FLOWing, according to the three pillars of The Flow Fellowship I’m creating: 1) Spiritual Cultivation, 2) Independent Consciousness, and 3) American First Principles.

I’m finding that in my general calm and cultivated state today that I’m having no difficulties, as I usually do, simply bringing up my FLOW concepts and principles with this audience. How refreshing and confidence boosting!

[2] And these are six-component meals, with mashed potatoes, Polish sausage, seasoned roast beef on a stick, sauerkraut, green beans, and cabbage rolls with hamburger. I wasn’t really hungry, but after some coaxing from the others who were giving major thumbs up, I said to myself, “why not?” taking the last one, putting it in my car for a plentiful supper as icing on the cake for the historic occasion.

[3] First let me give you the location of perhaps the deepest, widest, and best organized collection of knowledge pertaining to Operation Covid on the Internet at this time, The Hysteria Supplement (THS) at LostHorizons:, particularly the authority governments do NOT have.

Several other key sources and links to note and suggest:

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