Brian’s Column: Thoughts on Memorial Day 2019

Let’s remember those tricked into “the racket” who suffered and died
By Brian R. Wright

Especially those who suffered and died via US government treason for Israel. That’s right, in particular whom I have in mind are the 34 dead and 175 wounded from the coordinated US-Israeli ambush/false-flag attack by Israel on the USS Liberty, June 8, 1967. Read the gory details about the attacks and coverup in Clint Burnette’s outstanding movie screenplay, Enemies Within. If you can help bring it to screen—with a contact inside the noncorrupted global movie business, or financial resources—please drop me a note at

Then going deeper from a scholarly level, find out exactly how and who inside the US government aided and abetted the mass murder of American servicemen on that fateful day. Ref. Dr. Joan Mellen’s Blood in the Water.  All that was ever good and honorable about this country’s government leadership and top operational military brass went out the window with that horrific slaughter on the high seas nearly 52 years ago… and cries out for a) a feature film, and b) justice. “Those who served” in such circumstances deserve our highest gratitude and praise. My USS Liberty hat is off to all such men.

As for the great mass of American servicemen fighting and dying over the years, let’s also not forget the tools of propaganda and engineered lack of economic prospects that led them to fall, one way or another, into the trap that America’s most decorated soldier, US Marine General Smedley Butler, pointed out in his classic War is a Racket (1935). Yes, even before high treason for Israel got into the act, American imperialism has been afoot in laying waste to the Indians, democide in the Philippines, and other acts of organized mass murder. More relevant to Butler’s thesis, the looting objectives at the behest of powerful globalized businesses were central.

We’re finding out more and more these days about the 20th-century American wars, and how they were NOT “to make the world safe for democracy,” nor in the case of World War II, “the GOOD War.” One of the more important books—yes, I have some reservations, but Mike King’s general (intentionally obscured by the establishment) evidence is unassailable—anyone truly serious about knowing the truth behind the 20th-Century “Bankers'” Wars of Europe MUST read is his The Bad War. It even has the high honor of being ceremoniously banned by Amazon.

In the latter decades of the 20th century, the United States went on an imperialistic tear supposedly against communism—anyone hear the ghost of General Butler here?—and now of course, after the 911 attacks, in the Middle East. Conceived roughly a decade before the fall of the Soviet Union with the world terrorism conference in Jerusalem 1979, the War on Terror was formally launched on 9/11/2001 as a previously unimaginable atrocity against Americans, on American soil. Who did it? Trot out the patsies. Acclaimed international journalist Christopher Bollyn (and many others) have the likely answer with his Solving 9/11: The deception that changed the world.

Again with Mr. Bollyn, on the occasion of Memorial Day 2019, we need to delve into the roots of American military and foreign policy as it pertains to Israel, the Middle East, and the War on Terror in general. Importantly, who initiated the War OF Terror on the global stage? And why. Bollyn’s book, The War on Terror: The plot to rule the Middle East provides a demonstrable case that Israel runs that show, and has been running it from the gitgo, naturally with US blood and treasure—a racket inside a racket. And what a racket! 7 $TRILLION (that’s with 12 zeroes after the 7) and counting for the ‘War of Terror’ and its 0.01% gloating, arrogant beneficiaries. How can anyone top that?

We need a Memorial Day for all the innocent victims of US drone strikes, of US-enabled Israeli apartheid and genocide in Gaza and outside ‘The Wall,’ of US-enabled Saudi killing fields in Yemen, and, heck, of the thousands imprisoned and killed yet in Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m talking about the other side for the moment. [You know, right, that the military forces, mostly American, of the Axis of Good killed nearly a million innocent Iraqis in that illegal war of aggression based on lies?! Yes, I’m sorry for the American victims, too. But there’s no draft: how could you let yourself be so easily fooled?!]  AND NOW BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES AND THE MEDIA ARE SPREADING WAR FEVER AGAINST IRAN. It’s insane. Moreover, it’s dishonorable, and I call on all soldiers and veterans to stop the madness NOW.

We civilians can do a lot as well. How so? For one thing learning the truth about the income tax, how it is and has always been since its origin in 1862, an EXCISE tax on taking benefit of federal privilege. Never for direct private sector earnings. That’s right, a very convenient truth that 100s of thousands of Americans just like you have taken advantage of to retain and recover (more than $2.5 billion since 2003) their hard-earned private property. I call this convenient truth The Hendrickson Discovery, from Pete Hendrickson’s book Cracking the Code (2003). I’ve just written an intro, kind of a guide book to the Discovery and its practice: American Gumption-Catharsis. Sales have been solid, perfect book for your celebrity-liberty pundit of choice. Buy two.

That’s right. If everyone DIDN’T pay the taxes they WEREN’T supposed to or legally required to, that would amount to an increase in American wealth of nearly $2 trillion every year. And, more pertinent, a corresponding decrease in American government funds of that magnitude… meaning the 0.01% no longer run the country, because they no longer have the stash, meaning the Zionist-Israeli-American-neocon (Ziocon) atrocity juggernaut runs out of gas and grinds to a humanity-saving, earth-saving halt.

Hallelujah, Brother!

One more thing. Let’s also make a special effort to celebrate the whistleblowers trying to restrain the tyrannically corrupted US government and military, like Assange, Snowden, Manning, Kiriakou, so many slammed by Leviathan. Here’s a bumper sticker I’m considering making up… except Assange isn’t an American… so why is he being jailed by England at the demand of our government?:

PS: A personal Memorial Day tribute to my father Truman and my brother Forrest, both Air Force veterans. Dad flew B24 bombers over Italy, and my brother worked as an electronics tech on F111s in Thailand during the Vietnam war crime. Both died way too young, in their 50s, Dad on Memorial Day weekend, 1978, and Forrest in May 2007. They were good, real men who believed in the virtue and potential of America, and I miss them dearly. Here’s a column I wrote in 2008 in their honor.

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2 thoughts on “Brian’s Column: Thoughts on Memorial Day 2019

  1. Thank you for the correction on the date, Dan. Just updated.

    It should be noted that CtC does not advocate NOT filing 1040s, rather using the 1040 for its intended purpose, which is to correct incorrectly reported income.

  2. The Israel attack on the U.S.S. Liberty was June 8, 1967, not 1968.

    I think everyone should read Cracking the Code to know what the Federal Income Tax was intended to do, and then most will be able to free themselves from the deception and fear mongering that they will be prosecuted for not Filing a 1040. Yes, in a “free country” we are free to not consent, but we have to exercise that right, or we lose it.

    And, finally, yes, we do need a Day to Remember those who have died trying to make the world a better place. My uncle Ed flew 30 some missions as a Gunner on B24’s during WWII. He could have gone home after 30 missions but decided to continue. The rest of the 10 man crew (including the pilot) referred to him as “the old man”, he was 27. He lived to be two months shy of 99 years, and regretted having contributed to the bombing of Germany and the indiscriminate killing.

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