Guest Column: Bill Gelineau for Governor

Why You Should Vote for Bill Gelineau, Libertarian for Michigan Governor, 2018…

… and how you can help him WIN!

Contemplate the mainstream alternatives:

  • Bill Schuette—CAREER POLITICIAN, as attorney general, resisted the voter-approved medical marijuana law, using stormtrooper tactics to prosecute and harass honest providers. He seeks massive federalization and militarization of Michigan’s police and despises personal freedom. He proudly stands with jackboot poised to crush the defenseless and different. A woobie Big Brother.
  • Gretchen Whitmer—CAREER POLITICIAN, helped Republican governor, Rick Snyder, implement the disastrous and tyrannical Obamacare intrusion on our health and lives. Qua Democratic leader, she crafts her appeal to the indigent and infirm, not with solutions, rather pushing government as a limitless ATM machine… funded by you and me. A woobie Big Sister.

Ultimately, Schuette and Whitmer are of the same bipartisan threadbare cloth that can no longer conceal their government’s utter capitulation to the special-interest Leviathans du jour—Big Telecom, Big Pharma, Big Coming Down the Pike. The cartels say jump, our Tweedledeedum officials say how high, and every day John and Jane Doe lose a little more precious life and liberty.

Enter one Bill Gelineau—not to mention his accomplished running mate Angelique Thomas—as the literature says: Father, Husband, BUSINESS OWNER, Volunteer, Activist. Before I say anything else, every voter reading this pitch MUST take 11 minutes to view Bill’s interview on Tim Skubick’s Off the Record show here during the primary. Okay, done? Good.

This is your guy. OUR GOVERNOR. Compared to Bill the Real, Schuette and Whitmer are yesterday’s cardboard cutouts. Don’t let Gelineau’s amiable, quick and bright demeanor fool you into thinking he’s some gentle giant (6’5”) bop bag for the McNasties in Lansing to pummel. No sir. HE‘s the one loaded for bear. From the front page of his campaign brochure:

“Bill’s goal is nothing less than destroying the political establishment in Michigan. But, rather than calling names and complaining, he and his team are laying out detailed plans to help every citizen of Michigan to achieve their dreams.”

His three front-page issues are: 1) Fix the roads, 2) Reform auto insurance, and 3) Assure water quality. And if elected, hear me now: THEY WILL HAPPEN. He leads the rest of Michigan’s Libertarian candidates in endorsing the 10 planks of “Our Promise,” including additionally: a) End marijuana and hemp prohibition, b) Eliminate civil asset forfeiture, c) Enable choice in education, d) Cut taxes and spending, e) Indict corrupt public officials, f) Adopt ranked-choice voting, and g) Expand concealed carry.

“Putting some teeth in the idea of small government”

This is yet a small, volunteer-based grassroots campaign run by people of vision. But it’s on the verge of snowballing into something epic, broad-based, and unstoppable. Bill calls it the “Go Big or Go Home” strategy, calling for raising $40,000 in the next two weeks—enabling billboards in metro areas, yard signs, Website and operations upgrades, leveraging into a balloon of exponential growth and attention.

WE NEED YOU NOW to read, view, share the above linked information—both hand-to-hand and online. Learn what you can. Then go to our Website to donate and join the Come Together Michigan team.

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