Book Review: The Rise of the Creative Class (2002)

by Dr. Richard Florida

Class2002, Basic Books, 325 pages

“If America continues to make it harder for some of the world’s most talented students and workers to come here, they’ll go to other countries eager to tap into their creative capabilities—as will American citizens fed up with what they view as an increasingly repressive environment.”
Dr. Richard Florida,
The Flight of the Creative Class

From this quote you can see immediately the sort of society Dr. Florida wants.  Me, too.  What’s puzzling is he doesn’t explicitly attach his shiny new cart of creativity to the thoroughbred of peace and political liberty.

In particular, you’d expect him to lambaste the Neocon Usurpers for launching expensive wars for isolated benefit of the Carlyle Group.  Is he pulling his punches so Rush Bimbaugh won’t accuse him of Bush-bashing?  In general, why doesn’t Florida boldly oppose the bonecrushing machinery of government per se? Continue reading