Guest Column: Game Over for the Climate… if…

The science of the situation is clear
— it’s time for the politics to follow
by James Hansen

Excerpted by the Coffee Coaster 5/14/12Global Warming, Hansen
Full 5.10.12 column in Common Dreams

‘Global warming’ is a controversial subject in the freedom movement, with a sizable percentage dismissing it as globalist propaganda intended to better control the masses. I think we need to separate the science from the agendas present on one side of the Cartelocracy or the other, then do what we can as human beings to avoid realistic dangers of climate catastrophe in the geologic-time near term.

Dr. Hansen‘s comments, now as a private citizen, seem prudent and solid to me from the perspective of simple rationality. Plus his suggested fixes appear to be a lot freer from politics and globalist meddling than cap and trade. — bw Continue reading