Guest Column: “Psst, kid, want drugs? I’m a psychiatrist.”

Pushing, the modern way
Jon Rappoport

power outside the matrixExcerpt from article here.

Look at it this way. The kid doesn’t have to pay for drugs out of his pocket. He gets them in a shrink’s office. Insurance covers it.

His parents may be able to work a Social Security disability claim and receive $$ and other free medical treatments. Continue reading

Guest Column: Notes from Thomas Greco

Excerpts from the Spring 2014 Newsletter
by Thomas Greco

New Picture (16)I do some of my best thinking when I’m on the move—in a bus, a train, a plane (though perhaps not in a Thai minivan). I can’t help but wonder if this might be due to a physical phenomenon of “induced creativity” akin  to the electromagnet induction of electricity that occurs when a coil of wire is moved through a magnetic field. Could it be that “creative energy” is induced when an idle brain is moved through the Earth’s magnetic field or through a monotonous landscape? Far out, eh? Full Newsletter here. Continue reading