Movie Review: Little Children (2006)

Little Children ___ 8/10
Odd, tragicomic tale of romantics
seeking love outside loveless marriages

Written by Todd Field and Tom Perrotta
Directed by Todd Field

Kate Winslet … Sarah Pierce
Patrick Wilson … Brad Adamson
Jennifer Connelly … Kathy Adamson
Gregg Edelman … Richard Pierce
Phyllis Somerville … May McGorvey
Jackie Earle Haley
… Ronnie J. McGorvey
Noah Emmerich … Larry Hedges
Jane Adams
… Sheila

This one slipped by me last year, though Kate Winslet and Jackie Earle Haley were up for Oscars for best actress and best supporting actor, respectively, and the writers were up for best screenplay.  It’s an odd movie for a number of reasons, but I found the voiceover narrative really funny, like one of those wild and crazy documentaries of the 50s:

“Bob becomes irritable when his golfing clubs are misplaced in the garage.”

“Nancy wishes her bottom were not so large as she walks to her normal sunbathing location on the beach.”

The story starts in a park where an impromptu frustrated-wives club has formed with Sarah Pierce (Winslet) as an overeducated, and somewhat reluctant member.  Sarah and the other young women gossip and watch over their handful of children.

The most titillating gossip is about a young house husband (Patrick Wilson as Brad Adamson) who brings his boy to the park as well.  Calling him the Prom King, the other women fantasize about this attractive guy who keeps to himself. Sarah doesn’t understand the fuss, and when the girls dare her to get his phone number she walks right up and makes introductions. Continue reading