Book Review: Starving the Monkeys (2009)

Fight back smarter
by Tom Baugh

Tom Baugh is a Free Stater, and I met him at the 2010 Liberty Forum in Nashua, New Hampshire—New Hampshire being the Free State. I don’t believe he has moved yet, but it’s probably only a matter of time. When you attend a Free State event such as a Liberty Forum in the late winter or a Porcupine Festival in the summer, it’s easy to spot the Real McCoy, so to speak, when it comes to the frontline types of the Free State ‘movement.’

Baugh is the Real McCoy… straight shooter, look you in the eye, don’t tread on me, etc. And yes, like ~60% of the men and ~20% of the women at public events like this one, he’s packing heat. When you’ve been around so many individuals like Tom, even on twice-a-year schedule, it dawns on you that New Hampshire did not become the Free State by accident. You also begin to see that the reasons the country is going down the tubes have everything to do with the deliberate barriers to individuals like Tom who would naturally rise to political leadership… in favor of, well, “the monkeys” who pretend to be in charge. Continue reading