Movie Review: Get Low (2009)

Enthralling character study coming to grips __ 9/10

Frank Quinn: I sold 26 of the ugliest cars in the middle of December with the wind blowing so far up my ass I was farting snowflakes into July.

Frank Quinn: You’ve been wanting a shot at sales. As of right now, you’re on commission. Remember—foot in the door, establish trust, and drop the hammer.
Buddy: I’d rather you go, too.
Frank Quinn: No doubt. But if you don’t do this by yourself, you’ll never know if you’re any good. And you’ll never be good if you don’t know that you are.

Felix Bush: They keep talking about forgiveness. “Ask Jesus for forgiveness.” I never did nothing to him.

Too bad these are the only movie quotes on the IMDb page, because the quote I wanted to present here was from the Frank Quinn character (Bill Murray)—who to my mind provides the main social thread, not to mention the low-key humor, to the enterprise. It’s a quote where he sticks up for himself as a small-town funeral home proprietor, if you will, a salesman (illustrated by the top quote above)… and proud of it. Or at least not ashamed to assert himself to the seemingly moralistic Mr. Felix Bush (Robert Duvall). Continue reading