Movie Review: Another Woman (1988)

One of Woody Allen’s most poignant efforts, speaks to aging and regrets
Reviewed by Brian R. Wright

Before I launch into a review of this marvelous creative effort I want to preface things by repro-ducing an email sent in response to one of my co-workers who dismisses Allen’s films with one word: pedophile. Forget that the usage of that word includes many meanings: some innocent platonic affection for the young, some inappropriate attention, some literally forced sex. Then consider we live in a world that to be accused of something is to be guilty of it. What my coworker is really saying is that he doesn’t care how good or creative an individual is, and doesn’t care to know the truth in any event. To him it’s depravity by hearsay.

Here’s the note:

“Sifting thru the alleged sexual abuse information in Wikipedia, I’m not finding anything solid that Woody Allen is guilty of anything but (perhaps grossly) inappropriate behavior toward a minor. In the big custody case re: adopted girl Dylan the Connecticut team found “no evidence of sexual assault.” Although the judge ruled “grossly inappropriate,” Connecticut (btw this is all timeframe early 1990s) did not pursue molestation charges. Also, New York social services closed its own 14-month investigation stating “no credible evidence” to support allegation of abuse. Continue reading