Brian’s Column: Independents Rising

From chapter of the same name in American Gumption-Catharsis
By Brian R. Wright

Note: This column is a transcription from Chapter 5: Independents Rising of my book on the Hendrickson Discovery, American Gumption-Catharsis, which argues that filing educated—according to Pete Hendrickson’s book, Cracking the Code—can be THE way to man up for psychological independence. End the universal immediate threat to the species of collective-brain syndrome (CBS) and collective-brain psychosis (CBP).

Context is the irrational response on Quora to Jeremy Lee’s arguments on the nature of the tax…

The negative commenters are all over the map with ad hominem, ridicule, appeals to authority, evidence-bereft assertions, irrelevancies, and just ordinary logical contradictions. Every fallacy in the book. Like talking to those who get their info from the national anchors.

And here’s the remarkable shared irrationality:

Virtually all the leading proliberty pundits, from Paul Craig Roberts to Jacob Hornberger—to the extent they don’t simply ignore the Discovery—exhibit the same mix of fallacious ‘thinking’ as the Olivias, Jeffs, and Bruces when they dismiss CtC-educated facts and logic.


I have a feeling the comprehensive answer to this simple question is potentially HUGE for the Discovery movement, as well as to right virtually every wrong in the world today and hold evil at bay indefinitely. So please bear with me for a page or five of analysis.

Consensus Mind (also Collar Mind, the ‘Collareds’)

Jon Rappoport coins the term ‘consensus reality,’ referring to the real-world side of the same phenomenon. In the old days of Ayn Rand and her then protégé, Nathaniel Branden, coined the term, social metaphysics, which is the psychological affliction of…

“…one who holds the consciousness(es) of other men, NOT objective reality, as his ultimate psycho-epistemological[1] frame of reference.”

What Rand, Branden and the Objectivists argue—I do, too—is that a majority of men walk around with sponges on their heads, soaking up, sans reasoning, whatever bilge water their consensus authority figures tell them is healthful and good.

Such minds have two primary, and related, qualities:

  • Compartmentalization—your thinking works OK in familiar day-to-day areas, or in your profession, but not so in the political realm.
  • Perceptual-Emotional Mode—substituting feelings elicited by percepts (images, words) for conclusions reached by conceptual reasoning.


Most people think just fine when they’re inside a personal or professional comfort zone, say, using Consumer Reports to choose their next automobile or as a ‘tax expert’ calculating deductions or writeoffs, respectively. I’m sure the Olivias and Jeffs of the world do plenty of their own thinking, for instance, taking care of their children, making sure they eat right, eschew vaccine neurotoxins, and don’t play Jacks on the freeway.

But when their longstanding authorities are challenged, usually in the political arena, with something that upends their icons or way of life, their minds crumple like a cheap suit. It’s the classic fright, flight, or fight physiological response—not conducive to calm, independent judgment and common sense assessment of 2+2. [Inner demons are SCREAMING at them.]

The Perceptual-Emotional Mode of Consciousness

In my book, The Sacred Non-aggression Principle, I discuss what many see as the root of blind obedience to authority: the Limbic System. This system had its place long ago, when Thor and his men went out to hunt Mastodons. In these situations, if Thor said “Jump this way!” you’d better feel the fear and do it NOW. Not a time for, “Well, let’s sit down by the tree and each of us think it over as individuals, then maybe vote.” Thor is boss for a reason.

Sure, the Limbic System is still useful, but it’s also susceptible in the modern world of streaming images, sounds, and words to being manipulated by authority Thors of a different color, i.e. sophisticated, global elites who do NOT regard the survival and well being of the individual human being as any kind of priority. I call these various cabals and subcabals The Men of the Power Sickness (MOPS).

And the MOPS has had an overpowering affinity—like an alcoholic to cheap whiskey—for the ‘see-hear something, feel something’ (perceptual-emotional) mode of consciousness from time immemorial. In the early part of the 20th century, the MOPS went high-tech in manufacturing consent of the masses, courtesy of modern mind control’s founder, Edward L. Bernays:

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who run this unseen mechanism constitute an invisible government, which is the true ruling power of our country.” — Bernays, Propaganda (1928)

Ol’ Ed “liked it.” For the entire 20th century—the wretched little Zionista lived to be 104—Bernays was at the center of government war propaganda and crony-corporate rape-and-pillage, respectively. The end effect is now that virtually everyone is so brainwashed by the “unseen mechanism of the invisible government” that they don’t know which end is up—they have lost the ability, in the realm of ethics and politics, to think on their own at all. AND THEY HAVE NO IDEA THAT THEY HAVE LOST THAT ABILITY. They are literally run from the shadows, as the Dark Side MOPS pulling the strings continue to acquire unchecked destructive power and loot.

What’s a mother to do?

Independent Consciousness

On the surface it looks like MOPS-induced Consensus Mind has pretty much run the table. [And I haven’t even scratched the surface of high-crime assaults—geoengineering, 5G cellular, GMOs and food poisoning, water contamination, vaccine-autism, etc. The Toxocracy is going full tilt boogie as we speak; we good guys are losing the wealth, health, and youth to fight back.]

Several of my friends in the various truth and justice movements, recognizing the HUGE Dark Side resources, are resigned to defeat. Such pessimism is, needless to say, self-defeating, more important, superficial. Truth and justice are imminent… just as the child in the Anderson fable sees and says that the king lacks clothes.

The obscene brute-force power of today’s “Great Wizard” MOPS, as in The Wizard of Oz, rests solely on ILLUSION, that’s it. Dispel the illusion, call the bluff, Toto-and-Dorothy up, then behold! No more Wizards. Poof! Indeed, as in the movie, Oz will help you build the exit craft to sail on back to your own private Kansas.

Rational Mind

Again, as in the movie, Old Man Oz lets go of all his pretensions at once when he sees that a) Toto has caught him red-handed in The Lie and b) Dorothy is not about to let him off the hook. He just caves in. Toto is analogous to the intellectual courage of reason; Dorothy is analogous to its moral courage.

Building a society of Independents, i.e. human beings of independent consciousness, requires a) each individual be rational, then, b) stand for what one’s reason says is true and right. Because that’s the only stake thru the heart of the ‘Ozmatron’ and its ‘collareds.’

The Intellectual Courage (Thinking) Part (Toto)

Very briefly, here’s what we all need to make second nature—courtesy Ayn Rand, Aristotle, and my 1967 high school social studies teacher Reynold Davis.[2]

The metaphysical axioms and laws of logic:

  1. Existence: exists (A is A, a thing is itself) and the act of grasping that statement implies
    1. that one exists possessing consciousness,
    2. consciousness being the faculty of perceiving what exists.
  2. Identity: Everything that exists exists as something, with specific knowable attributes that determine what it is and what it is capable of doing or being.
  3. Causality: The actions of an entity are determined by its nature and the nature of the entities that act upon it.
  4. Non-Contradiction: An entity cannot be A and Not-A in the same degree or in the same respect.
  5. Either-Or: An entity or action that exists is either A or Not-A.

The Three Key Fallacies of our time:

  1. Argument from Authority (ad verecundiam): Citing statements from organizations or individuals, typically corrupted, instead of offering objective evidence or logical demonstration of a proposition.
  2. Appeal to Emotion (ad passiones): Ad passiones tries to negate conceptual thought about issues by wrapping them in the perceptual-emotional mode of “see-hear something, feel something,” in order to manufacture consent.
  3. Argument to the Man (ad hominem): Call this the David Duke Fallacy, it goes something like, “Duke once made a remark that some authority considered racist, therefore, anything he says is wrong.” Ad hominem ignores logic if its proponent is a ‘bad’ guy.

Don’t worry, I just wrote down the above foundation cheat sheet from memory—mainly for my own benefit for a future work. I’m not going to dwell here. All I want now is for readers to be aware of the Three Key Fallacies… they are literally everywhere.

Field logic is an art, it takes practice to apply the above principles in real time. All mainstream news broadcasts or writings are rife with illogic and fallacy, which is how the MOPS get away with murder.

The Moral Courage (Action) Part (Dorothy)

Remember how in response to the Toto-Dorothy tag team, the Great Oz deflates in a New York minute. Our MOPS analog is they wake up one morning and nobody believes their TV-Internet-programmed (~Ozmatron) BS. [A real life example occurred in the former Soviet Union on the eve of its collapse: after decades of failed Five-Year Plans, etc., one morning—as in the Emperor’s New Clothes—people looked at one another and just knew (though maybe didn’t say) that everything the royal state news agencies were telling them was bunk.]

We Independents are the ‘gazillion punctures’ to the rampaging MOPS. Just as Dorothy ‘reads’ the logic Toto reveals to her—then reads the riot act to the Wiz—we the people must step up for our reason and rights.

Please remember now what I urged in the Foreword as THE effective steps of political activism we have at our disposal today:

  1. Restoring people’s independent grand juries
  2. Filing educated the benign, legal income tax

Again, this book is about Action #2… as it leads inexorably to Action #1 .AND. to Independents Rising.

Example: What to Expect Today

So, you, ordinary well-meaning person, stumble on an injustice that cries out for exposure and correction. You say to yourself, “By golly, I have to do something to right the wrong.” And you help to rouse the general public with logic and reason (using the Non-Contradiction Law and others)… perhaps making your case to authorities—media, moral leaders, political figures—whom the public still believes in. You have standing in the community, a decent job, family and friends who’ll go to bat for you, the works.

But it’s a cause the collareds are told is off limits.

Shrieking banshees descend all about you…

Per the perfect country song:

  • You lose your pickup truck
  • You lose your dog
  • You lose your mama
  • You get ran over by a damned ol’ train…

…especially if you were counting on the authorities to uphold logic and reason. Fact is, if the general corruption of civic responsibility has reached epidemic proportions—it has—the authorities will be leading the banshee-shriek parade against you and yours.

In our country today, most people have learned to keep low, keep the blinders on, and avoid stumbling on any injustices that might cause one to humanely protest. The lookaway attitude is, “I know I’m just another rat on the treadmill, but at least I have my cage and three meals… make that two… make that one….”

What I’m trying to do is inject a bit of humor into the discussion of our plight. But the corruption situation is grim, in fact has crippled or killed many fine people. Yet I feel the [Hendrickson] Discovery and its practice show the way out.

More on Independent Being…

… in these times. Let me use this page to give you a brief idea of “where I’m coming from,” to use the vernacular of the 60s. And what’s in it for me.

Alongside the 2016 election season, I wrote a book The Truman Prophecy, subtitle same as this chapter. I also created the Website,, which is my umbrella for all I’m visualizing for humanity—a benevolent society of reason, freedom, and joy for fully creative, actualized beings of Independent consciousness.

And I saw myself humbly as founder of the modern Independents’ Movement, as conveyed seminally in that book. To paraphrase Jefferson, “I have sworn eternal hostility toward every form of collective consciousness over the soul of man.

Lately, I’ve come to realize that two kinds of collars threaten Independent Being: 1) outer, the collective-mind collar, and 2) inner, one’s own (compulsive-)mind collar. I then constructed a framework for the release of these collars, pictured as golden rings in the figure above leading to much more. My ‘Big Picture.’[3]

Pertinently, if we do not now throw off the collars and rise to full Independent human ‘Being,’ we shall not reach the stars, much less have any useful relationships w/other intelligent beings in our cosmic neighborhood.[4]

Nor shall we everLive Free and Flourish.”

Magic Move: Leverage ‘The Discovery’

Look about you. As Western culture becomes more collectivized, those who exhibit an independent, rational nature suffer more stigma… to the point now of jail time for challenging or even questioning official stories.

How many of you have been demeaned or excommunicated by ‘friends and family’ for thinking outside the Six O’clock Hive regarding vaccines, fluoridation, GMOs, “smart” meters, 5G networks, toxic geoengineering, 911 truth, mass-casualty incidents, Israel Dom, etc.

“To find out who rules over you, find out who you’re not allowed to criticize.” — Voltaire

People, we are at a highly critical juncture of history. If we don’t step up and assert our Independent Being and First Principles [“We hold these truths…”], we’re gonna be roadkill on Lemming Highway. The Matrixbots are at the gate, imposing full-spectrum compliance with no appeal. Indie habits of reason and logic can give full immunity, but we’re running out of time to develop them en masse.

The Ozmatron qua Barrier Cloud stands seemingly impenetrable, as one political-activist effort after another against official high crimes is smothered in collective-mind goo. Fortunately, ONE such political-activist effort bears Trojan Horse seeds of undoing the ‘me-too’ Ozmatron itself: The Discovery, filing CtC-educated.


  1. CtC is settled law, thoroughly documented and accepted all the way to the Supremes.
  2. CtC is for all, i.e. all private-sector earners.
  3. CtC is already massively SUCCESSFUL.
  4. When you file CtC-educated you stand up for Independent being, show gumption and love of country. It feels good, human, caring, just.

The Phantasm of Oz huffs and puffs as mightily against the Discovery as any other truth. But CtC fosters legions of unveiling Totos and Dorothys, right now.

[1]  Epistemology is a word in philosophy that simply means how we know things.

[2]  Everyone, including me, needs to refresh his knowledge of logic and reasoning periodically because today the disinformation systems are so pervasive. I recommend, with caveats, Jon Rappoport’s course, Logic and Analysis. [LP#25]

[3]  Independents Rising/FLOW is complementary to the Thrive movement.

[4]  Dr. Steven Greer: “The ETs are not hostile to us, but do dread OUR aggression.”

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