Stonebeam 16. Thrive and FLOW, a Modest Proposal

Story Shot 16, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 07 December 2020

Or vice versa. The Thrive I’m speaking of is the umbrella movement for world peace and liberty, seeded by Foster and Kimberly Gamble with two remarkable videos

In addition to the distinctively scientific approach to what exists and what might exist—for a thriving planet—the Thrive understanding includes a sharp analysis of what Foster calls the Global Domination Agenda (GDA)… and loosely identifies those behind it, let’s call them the Global Crime Syndicate (GCS) or simply ‘the Syndicate.’

We have to point out the barnacles on the ass of human progress that interfere with our vision of a better world. When I do so to my special normie[1] friends—say, 5G or GMOs or vaccines—they say, “Brian, you’re so negative!”

Occupational hazard, I guess, to tackle the wrongdoers; that’s why I like the inherently positive view that the Thrive movement holds up: a bright shining light dispelling the darkness. Please refer to my #5 Stonebeam (under | Stones).

My own contribution is a cultivation philosophy and practice known as FLOW.

I put together a short four-minute launch video [] that gives you the lowdown. Indeed, raising and sharing FLOW is my life’s purpose.

The idea itself I’ve had for nearly a decade. From the original three-panel brochure the notion was to bring people together in mutual self-help as a community of Independents[2]… much like the Christian (Lutheran) church congregation of my own experience in a middle America town of the 1950s. With these distinctions:

  • Cultivating independent consciousness: honoring, not worshiping, great souls
  • Providing spiritual and social foundation for each person’s reasoning ability
  • Encouraging each individual’s rise into Being via fellowship of kindred souls
  • Nourishing rooted principles for living a good life in harmony with the Field

Then finally to embrace ‘God’ as the life force or life Source: Being, rather than a being. That way you are integral with the eternal unmanifested, the divine purpose. For instance, the FLOW take on Jesus is to become as he, his essence, his inner being as he lived, rather than supplicating to an image—rife with words, ‘mind,’ and illusion.

[FLOW sees value in occasional imagining of Being as a person—like a Jesus—who sits on your shoulder to help you thru good times or bad, as a voice of conscience.]

In doctrine, FLOW is complementary to the universal teachings of Jesus and the Buddha, as more recently as expressed by Eckhart Tolle in The Power of Now. Also, the Thrive movement. My current plan is to leverage the FLOW path with the popularity and resources available in the Solutions Matrix of

Doctrinally Thrive and Tolle, I feel, can use two subpillars I’ve developed in FLOW, namely 1) the vitality of reason and natural practice of logic, 2) people’s First Principles’ grand juries to stop routine and high-assault corruption in a society. Yet the Fellowship part is what it’s all about: bringing us together in Independent Being.

Catalyzing joy, ease, and lightness for all, in harmony with the Field.

Also: Helping Thrive beat “Hive”… once and for all. That’s my pitch (ref. fundrazr).

[1]  Normie is a term I picked up from alternative journalist and author MS King. It refers to those who buy the official story of most things.

[2]  Provisional definition from my novel, The Truman Prophecy (2015): An Independent is a human person who exercises full and exclusive psychological dominion over his own mind and its judgment. [And is free from collective-brain syndrome and the psychological condition known as “social metaphysics”—where the consciousnesses of other men, not objective reality, is his ultimate psycho-epistemological frame of reference.

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