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This column is my campaign brochure, and the three-panel brochure is located here:

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts… Can’t Lose!

Some will recognize this Dillon Panthers’ team cheer from the NBC series, Friday Night Lights. These fighting words express why I’m running… to help us to:

  • SEE thru the ‘Barrier Cloud
  • IGNITE our independent spirits
  • WIN by discarding our self-chains

“We have met the enemy and he is us.” Political problems start and end with the individual. If YOU choose to think for yourself, WE win… no matter who takes office.

High Level: Independents Rising

In 2016, I wrote a novel, The Truman Prophecy, which foresees a benevolent, abundant future for human beings of independent consciousness—Independents. We achieve this “Billion + Points  of Light” society per The Wizard of Oz (1939) analogy:

  1. Toto retracting the Wizard’s curtain,
  2. Dorothy chastising the Wizard,

  … and The Truman Show (1998) analogy:

  1. Truman realizing and rejecting being a ’Collared’ slave living for others.

So 1) Truth, 2) Justice, 3) Liberty. You can’t have one without the others. The key is easy, and we can all do it: lose the inner chains, the self-removing mind-control collars that clamped on our necks in kindergarten… and “Indie up.”

As described in the positions section,  Michigan’s success lies in “People Taking Charge” of their government via First Principles’ grand juries.

Diane McGilvery, former two-term mayor of Whitehouse, Ohio, has written the core book on American First Principles, What is the Foundation?, and my companion piece is  The Accountability Project, for practical rollout of people’s grand juries in Michigan.

For the foundations of my thinking, please consult my read/view list here:
I’ll be building this reference list throughout the campaign into November 2018.

The Positions

[Drawn largely from my responses to League of Women Voters]


Author, editor, independent publisher, Web columnist/reviewer, medical tech-driver—retired engineer, BSME.


I have long been active in liberty groups and causes, studied and actively supported   major public policy improvements. Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Michigan for several years. Firm understanding of public meeting protocols and how to work with all kinds of individuals productively.

I understand and stand for First Principles of our country, esp. for people taking direct charge of public officials via independent people’s grand juries—to investigate and indict corrupt, criminal behavior.


What are your top three state legislative priorities and how would you address them?

  1. Michigan is the most corrupt government in the union at all levels [Center for Public Integrity, 2015]. My book, The Accountability Project (in progress) shows how to practically end this corruption.
  2. The people are pushed around by corporate-state plutocrats and mercenaries who buy public officials and violate our rights to the peaceful enjoyment of our ‘life, liberty, and property.’ I shall see to it these violators are indicted, tried, and convicted for their blatant misconduct and crimes.
  3. All healthy societies require a core engine of production. Nullify federal trade and production restrictions on agricultural hemp and marijuana. Net benefit to independent businesses and Michigan family farms: 10s to 100s of $BILLIONS per year.


What do you support/propose to achieve improved educational outcomes in Michigan?

In a free country, education—like faith and  family matters—is no business of the state.

The percentage of Michigan state school attendees grades 3 thru 8 with proficiency in math and reading for 2014-15 was 38.5%. [Up 0.7% from 2013-14(!)]

Compulsory factory state schools are NOT going to improve. Home schooled children—now more than two million strong countrywide—are 5-10 years ahead in their ability to think, or in their ability to reason and learn… at all.

End mandatory attendance laws. As a transition, keep state schools as a last resort for parents who cannot afford to pay for the numerous alternatives that will exist.

How about your local schools? Enable or provide incentives for the parents to procure these institutions and run them as they see fit. Put a fork in the state dinosaurs.


What policies do you support to increase jobs and help Michigan residents improve their economic positions?

The vast potential of the hemp-marijuana market is probably far greater than even the most imaginative of our people realize. The industry must remain unburdened by state-privileged global corporations. It MUST be an industry for the people themselves and independents, not the cartel oligarchs.

To support, we need better transportation infrastructure. The current state-fiat automotive mode is destined for gridlock oblivion. Transition to user-funded roads, with vehicles assessed proportionate to road costs… shift to shipping heavy-industry goods via efficient rail. For cities: further free up jitneys, enable private (or co-op) market-based mass transit.


What state policies do you support regarding campaign funding and voting rights?

Increasing numbers of prominent Libertarians, liberty people, (and I) support practical polices and strategies that lead to an EXTREMELY SMALL state apparatus.

By that I do NOT mean allowing our First Principles’ rights to be steamrolled by the always-on-the-march Men of the Power Sickness. First Principles’ grand juries of the people will  keep any global corporation operations in Michigan on a tight leash, and we shall have NO corporate monopolies.

State public officials are bound by oath to secure our rights. That doesn’t take much time. They can cut ribbons, be ceremonial, help out citizens. Election by lottery is worth considering as we the people make our rights active.

Environment and Energy

What actions or policies do you support to protect Michigan’s water, air, and land for current and future generations, while meeting our energy needs?

In my novel, The Truman Prophecy, I describe seven high-priority ‘high-crime assaults’ that First Principles’ grand juries will undo. Four of these are:

  1. Toxic geoengineering: ionospheric heating and dumping of dangerous contaminants into the air we breathe w/o our knowledge or consent
  2. Toxic foods: GMOs and deceptive, nature-and-human-hostile agricultural practices
  3. Toxic meds: killer psych drugs and vaccines conferring immunity solely from liability
  4. Toxic (intrusive) Electromagnetic waves: ‘smart’ meters, 5G networks, that ‘fry & spy’ us to death

With grand juries I shall help to end assaults on resources. For energy: end suppression of green alternatives, respect property rights.


What policies will you pursue to promote social and racial justice in our state?

Injustice abounds vs. all Americans as powerful interests take our wealth, health, and rights, with the general compliance of corrupt state and local officials. Honest public servants fight uphill battles.

First Principles’ grand juries (FPGJs) unload honest officials and bring corrupt officials and their buyers to justice. Until then:

  1. Kill the 5G Cellular Assault Bills SB 637 and SB 894 in the House Energy Committee
  2. Pass the Meter Choice Bill HB 4220 out of the same committee
  3. End civil asset forfeiture in Michigan, restore its victims, jail its perpetrators

Convene FPGJs in prison counties whose sole purpose is release and restitution for those innocent of any act of aggression.

Michigan Libertarian Party plants

You’re running on the Libertarian Party ticket, what LP issues are important for you?

These four ’planks’ are a common sense consensus of most leading officers and candidates of the Libertarian Party of Michigan… and I fully support them:

  1.  “Drop the Cap” from the current 9.49% to 8.55%—a 10% reduction. State spending is now around 8.1%. This is not a radical proposal… but important to ensure spending does not run amok as in the past.
  2. Eliminate the Michigan Strategic Fund: This agency wields enormous corrupt power: with tax abatements, distribution of grant funds, loans to businesses. End crony pork.
  3. Legalize marijuana use: Our bodies belong to us. Prohibition destroys lives.
  4. Reform auto insurance: Michigan drivers pay roughly twice the auto insurance rates of other states. We can fix this, reasonably.

To support my campaign you may make a contribution of less than $1000 to:
Brian R. Wright for State Representative
PO Box 1294
Novi, MI 48376

Please include your name, address, and occupation
My campaign Website may be found via and
you may email me at















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