Donut Dough: We Were What We Eat

Speed bump on the road to freedom from food addiction
By Brian R. Wright

Lo and behold, out in my part-time job as a medtech/driver, after, count ’em, SIX full days of abiding by the one meal per day (OMAD) prescription by a guy named WIL (What I’ve Learned):

But I made the mistake of buying a large—standard size today is 22 oz, remember how soft drinks all used to be 12 oz?—Pepsi vanilla-cherry carb-onated, caffeinated cola to pick me up for the leg home. Which must have helped to launch a sudden craving-based notion that I would stop and buy a Hot ‘n’ Ready pepperoni pizza from Little Caesars, some potato chips, then go home and eat until stuffage.

Binge junk food supper.

Actually, this is the first time I’ve stopped for a ready made pizza, and I was only expecting to get maybe three pieces for like $6. So I was kind of astonished that for only $5 they give me a grownup-sized eight pieces, shown above right with accouterments. Think about that for a minute: A six-inch turkey sub from Subway, which costs about the same, has roughly the same number of calories as a single piece of the Hot ‘n’ Ready above (~300). So in  calories per dollar, the majorly junk option is 800% more economical for the average consumer.

You’re a mother with five kids, living below the poverty line, which do you choose?

Right. The one that’s going to fill your family up. Throw in the coke and chips, plenty of sugar and salt. Sugar should be labeled as a dangerous drug. Salt, too, above the recommended maximum of 1500 mg per day, causes many problems. And what about all the additives? Here’s a note from the Food Babe, particularly about the MSG surrogates used in most purchased pizza and other restaurant foods—MSG (monosodium gluta-mate) is a dangerous excitotoxin, analogs of it are added to processed foods to trick the brain into thinking the food tastes scrumptious.

Finally—this applies to Subway, and most fast foods, too—unless you’re eating organic, you usually get a large helping of genetically modified organism (GMO) foodstuffs, plus preservatives and all the leftover pesticides: insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, antimicrobials, etc. What’s a mother to do? What’s a grown up 68-year-old single semi-retired fella to do?

I know. Quit reading food labels and asking questions.

I mean, geez, isn’t that why we pay all those expensive government health agencies, to make sure nothing bad is in what we eat?! But I’m not here today to regale anyone with what, frankly, I wish I didn’t know… such as the above links that suggest the reason so many of us die younger and younger and fatter and fatter these days is merely the body’s overwhelming accumulation of poisons. [Just had an image of the perfect movie satire in this regard: WALL-E.]

I’m just glad my binge junk food excursion is the exception not the rule.

And that brings up a memory of one of my early and best engineering mentors, Mr. Al Suggs, who lived well into his 90s, and his notable quote: “The human body was built to handle a fair amount of abuse.” So true, but not daily. Which goes again to show that especially if you want to eat poorly—almost unavoidable—why not spread out the intake intervals:






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