Stonebeam 29. Tribute and Remembrance of Glenna Long

Benevolent Presence to Continue
Story Shot 29, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 26 July 2021

David Lonier put the word out long ahead of time, the event was held on Saturday, July 24th, in Auburn Hills where he and his beloved Glenna had spent 30+ glorious years together. Her health had faded and her final days were spent at a Rochester rehab facility where she was a permanent resident, and where Dave would visit her almost daily. [I, too, visited there a couple of times… this was before the ‘covid’ operation kicked in; David assures me she received plenty of TLC during her final days.]

The location of the remembrance—I’m seeing probably 40-50 people from all walks of her life, assembled here: her children, members of her garden club, a lot of her fellow proliberty activists—are the grounds of their home, in particular the “Garage Mahal” that she and Dave set up for political events. David and Glenna were the linchpins of just about any true patriot activity for Southeast Michigan. [We used it as a staging place for (successful) petitioning against civil asset forfeiture and longstanding fights against state government corruption authorizing radiation assaults—via smart meters and 5G. And so on.]

You can see the Constitution Ford, here on the left, which was removed from one side of the Garage.

My own connections with Dave and Glenna are thru some of the activism against the high-crime assaults, also a brief stint of time with the, let’s just say, Ron-Paul-liberty-oriented wing of the state and local Republicans. Shane Trejo gave an excellent recall of how “Glenna was right there in the county caucuses at a convention railing with her fists in the front row at the corrupt RINO actors who outnumbered us.”

I, myself, always have hailed from a different-drummer caucus from even my friends assembled here today. And I’m working on a how-to guide for Independents Rising, now, called The Decollaring Book. That’s another reason Glenna meant so much to me; her litmus test for acceptance was at the “soulular” level. If you have a good soul, and you’re true to it, then you’re in the Glenna in-crowd. Same with Dave. You peg the friendship meter by simply pitching in authentically on the good causes.

Glenna’s son and daughter spoke with feeling, giving us all those little special qualities Glenna was known for among those most familiar. Not that many dry eyes after that, including mine. I remember my own mother. Dennis Marburger, who says he’s looking to get the Campaign for Liberty band back together, had a few words, too. He comments that Glenna is here with us, now. And it’s true, I’m sure we all feel her Benevolent Presence.

That’s the best way to carry on. Look at her lovely garden! Heaven’s Gate.

She’s looking down, saying, “It will be okay… just stay true to your humanity.”

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5 thoughts on “Stonebeam 29. Tribute and Remembrance of Glenna Long

  1. Glenna,
    Was such a beautiful lady on the inside and out! I will never forget her organic gardening skills and how she always gave what she grew to others. Rest in Peace Glenna!


  2. Brian: I was so pleased to see that you lent your superb writing style to help memorialize our joint tribute to Glenna. I remember her always with a smile, a gifted hand, and a compassionate heart. Glenna was a fine woman, a fitting wife for the fine man of our good friend, David Lonier. Their life together was infinitely blessed. Thank you.

  3. Thanks Dave for putting on such a nice event. I’m very thankful we were able to attend. If it wasn’t for all the speakers, I might never have gotten an inkling of how much life she lived.
    With so many testimonials, I can only hope Glenna was listening in from Heaven along with other angels by her side.
    Joe and Dianne

  4. Glenna was special to me. She willingly and eagerly taught me so much about organic gardening, always with a wry sense of humor. Her vast knowledge of gardening was amazing. She was a dear friend as well as mentor. I will “Long” remember her gentle, unassuming, presence.

    Ella Steele

  5. So perceptive Brian…
    Brought a tear to my eye as you have grasped the persona of Glenna to a tee.
    The day radiated with the spiritual presence of Glenna as happy memories of her were on everyone’s mind.

    Thank you Brian for this Tribute to and Remembrance of Glenna

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