Guest Column: Ultimate Proof of DOJ Corruption and CtC Validity

Trial testimony of a DOJ attorney has now proven that the government deliberately lies about the content of CtC
From email by Pete Hendrickson


DOJ Tax Division attorney Robert Metcalfe testified under oath in the show trial of Doreen Hendrickson on a charge of contempt of court for 1. refusing to replace her freely-made sworn tax returns for 2002 and 2003 with returns dictated by Metcalfe, and 2. for purportedly filing a tax return for 2008 based on the notion, purportedly found in her husband’s book, ‘Cracking the Code- The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America’ (CtC), that only government workers are subject to the income tax.*

According to the charge, Mrs. Hendrickson’s actions violated orders made to her by federal district judge Nancy Edmunds in 2007. However, Metcalfe’s testimony revealed that in fact, he wrote the orders Hendrickson allegedly disobeyed.

It also came out during the trial that even though the orders bearing Edmunds’ signature make declarations about the content of arguments presented in Peter Hendrickson’s book (such as the allegation that Hendrickson argues that only government workers are subject to the tax), Edmunds had never read the book. Nor had she ever questioned or had before her any witness regarding its contents (nor any witness, period) before signing the Metcalfe-written orders.

Further, the argument purportedly found in the book not only does not appear there but is very expressly debunked in the book. The assertion that the book makes that argument is also belied by the government’s own documentary evidence, which had been presented to Edmunds (and was, of course, known to Robert Metcalfe, who also admitted under oath to having read CtC before writing his false “findings” and orders concerning the book). See the attached .pdf or

Nonetheless, the IRS has endlessly repeated the canard about the content of CtC for more than ten years now– even while steadily issuing $billions in 100% refunds for over 15 years now to filers acting on what ACTUALLY appears in the book. See


Doesn’t all of this make you wonder WHY the government lied about what is in CtC? Why it HAD to lie about it?

Doesn’t all of this clearly imply that the government couldn’t actually find anything in the book to honestly attack, dispute or disparage? That it couldn’t find anything in the book that is not true, and which Hendrickson could then honestly be ordered not to say in the future?

Think about it.

Take a serious look at that stack of 1,300 or so examples of more than a quarter of a million complete, 100% refunds on display at Watch the videos shared by some of these folks that can be found at

Read the hugely-revealing, thoroughly-documented story of the corruption deployed in arriving at the issuance of the fraudulent orders by Nancy Edmunds in order to discourage Americans from reading Pete Hendrickson’s book and learning the truth about the income tax, at

Then cover this story! The REAL STORY!

Yes, it will take some effort to go through all this. But you can see what good it will do by also reading a few words about the known effect of this information getting out there, at

*Hendrickson’s conviction was accomplished (in her second trial– the first having ended with a hung jury) by the government requested jury instruction that, “[I]t is not a defense to the crime of contempt that the court order that the defendant is accused of violating was unlawful or unconstitutional.”

The jury was also instructed that it need not unanimously agree that Doreen had done either of the allegedly contemptuous acts, as long as they all concluded she had done one or the other– which in the case of the first allegedly contemptuous act simply meant concluding that she had not created the ordered false documents, under the provisions of the other instruction reproduced above. For more on the legal mugging of Doreen Hendrickson, see


BTW, in all the years since the bogus and unlawful orders were written by Robert Metcalfe and signature-stamped by Nancy Edmunds, NOT ONE journalist has ever put Nancy Edmunds on the spot about her false orders.

NOT ONE journalist has ever questioned Robert Metcalfe about why he lied about the contents of ‘Cracking the Code’.

NOT ONE journalist has ever questioned the IRS about why it persists in falsely describing the book as making an argument it doesn’t, even while tens of thousands of Americans have secured several $billion in 100% refunds from the agency by acting, more than a quarter of a million times, on what the book really DOES argue.

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