Guest Column: LiFi: Tech Leapfrog over Killer 5G?

For home and office use, it looks like LiFi dusts WiFi running away
By Brian R. Wright

Too good to be true, or a White Horse technology to take us away from all the biohazards and surveillance nightmares of RF proliferation? I’m basically doing a core dump, which started from a reference to the following column sent to me by the mythic demigod of local liberty activism known as David Lonier, of Auburn Hills, Michigan:

To which I launched the following tentative, “Wow, we all need to see where this goes!” discussion… including several more videos from TED (technology, entertainment, design) and others:


As I recall, the #3 TED talk provides the strongest and most optimistic advocacy.

The following was my initial response to David Lonier:

I’m looking at the electromagnetic spectrum and see that the frequency of visible light is 300 THz, which is why the data carrying capacity so much higher than radio waves (100s of MHz), but my question is this: why does light from a light bulb cause no harm when radiated radio waves from a cellular tower or from a WiFi router–which have much less frequency–present a real biohazard?

Answering my own question, it must be that the radio waves are AMPLIFIED significantly to go through the air medium, and as I remember my physics, the power/square meter is as the square of the amplitude. Which makes sense. Also there are differences in penetration, e.g. skin, depending on what frequency you’re running.

… we don’t need to worry about exposure to the light waves in LiFi, because it’s normal visible light as generated by a light bulb and equipped for dataflow. It looks like the LiFi “network” backbone is or could be nothing more nor less than specially designed street lights I’m guessing hooked up or backed up/augmented with fiberoptic cable.

None of these speakers seems to be worried about surveillance or health. But I think the major health problems go away, because 5G cellular wireless won’t be able to handle the bandwidth, called spectrum crunch. So who needs cell towers (or death towers masquerading as cell towers) or millimeter wave beaming satellites? Gone. Leapfrogged. What a bunch of bozos are the corporate behemoths who didn’t see this coming (looks like Prof. Harald Haas coined the term in 2011/2012 via TED).

Surveillance may even be an improvement for the liberty lover because especially as speaker in #2 identifies, security of your information is less hackable; no one unauthorized can see it. You are dataflowing back and forth via basically LEDs, then I imagine via fiber optic cable. How does some hacker (or the NSA) sit outside in their mother’s AMC Pacer and pull your data out of your light channel or the shielded optic cable? The data is as secure as you need it to be.

My guess is that LiFi is the killer app vs. WiFi and 5G, and ironically enabling analog devices/meters to come back into style. And all the transmission lines, networks, that the energy companies are building to keep track of us–well, it looks like they’ve been obsoleted. Who needs ’em? They won’t carry the load, they’ll have to be scrapped. David, I’m not sure, but this may be a techno remedy of our age. And it’s basically already implemented transparently in several locations, including Microsoft headquarters in France, per speaker #2

Lest we forget, we still have the large job of dismantling the high crime assault of 5G and smart meters. I found this site here in my browsing for electromagnetic spectrum. Looks a bit in progress, but it appears to touch all the bases.

Ever Hopefully,


I’ve since come down a bit, as I’ve learned that the light from the LEDs will be pulsed and the jury is out on what harm that may represent. My guess is that with the lower power levels, certainly not much when compared with WiFi off a router and certainly negligible compared to living next to one of today’s cellular towers or having a 5G RF transceiver sitting outside your bedroom window.

Who you going to go to for objective studies? I’m guessing not Verizon or Sprint.

Anyway, that’s my two cents today for LiFi, please keep me up to date with comments.


PS: Sort of sidesteps the so-called smart meter issue. Fact is, there’s absolutely no reason to radiate and surveil people with these devices and networks. We’ll just have to let them go. A couple of well-placed people’s grand jury indictments of public officials and telecom company executives for RF manslaughter should do the trick. Analog meters will make a swift comeback. As discussed in my hybrid novel, The Truman Prophecy.

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