Stonebeam 5: Thriving On

Story Shot 5, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 06 November 2020

Let me tell you a story ‘bout a man named Foster…

Sorry for the flashback to the theme song about Jed Clampett and family (of The Beverly Hillbillies), my mind was subconsciously seeing the irony between good ol’ boy Jed and silver-spoon-rejectnik Foster Gamble of the P&G dynasty.

Foster, the ‘Comprehensivist’—prime mover of probably the most good-ol-boy-and-girl-uplifting cosmic come-together message in history. Let’s not forget his wife, Kimberly, in the genesis of Thrive—whom I believe acted as catalyst of the Key Question he poses in the initial Thrive video/ documentary:

“WhyTF are billions of us humans living in poverty, sickness, and fear?”

“And how do we set things aright?”

Go to the site to watch the first Thrive movie (for free), and to Foster’s Facebook page to take a look at why Foster strayed from the privileged interlocking-directorate way of exceptional trappings. [Of course, such a public figure exposing the “Global Domination Agenda” (GDA) is going to draw plenty of troll dumpings and more fashionable-enemy attacks. Heck, go to the IMDb page on Thrive, you’ll see either 2s or 10s, hate or love.]

Thrive is a 10+ in my database. The truth is in the pudding. Thrive, like Howard Roark’s Enright House in Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead, is “all the proof you need”… the core arguments he makes are bulletproof—independently fact-checked and verified by experts—not to mention viewed 90+ million times in 27 languages. How’s that for a marketing foundation to save the world?!

Thrive II arrived in late September 2020. None too soon, lemme tell you. Add another + to my review of this one. It goes into results, the progress that Thrivers are making letting go of GDA bondage. II is about naturally aligning with the Unified Field, first, to understand it scientifically (imminent) and, second, to create benevolent communities in resonance to the nonaggression principle.

“STUPID-19” has come along to make the political ideal an urgent necessity.

When I say “come along,” I mean the Dark Side’s plan to turn Human 1.0 (prospect of consciousness) into Human 2.0 (Night of the Living Dead zombie).

Which leads to the question du jour:

How do we realize, in time, FULLY CONSCIOUS Human 1.0?

As a proponent of Eckhart Tolle’s take on the core spiritual teaching (The Power of Now), I hold that Job 1 on the consciousness front is to “…first awaken all of yourself” (Lao Tzu). Thus, Foster and Kimberly’s “aligning with the Field.”

Or Star Wars “May the Force be with you.”

The question that follows up the question du jour is how best to share the good word forward in the real world. That is to market the message—without straying into the commercialism trap. [Recall Mel Brooks’ spoof, SpaceBalls’ Yogurt (“May the Schwarz be with you.”) raving about merchandising prospects.]

Thrive I and its tools, while an epic achievement, didn’t sweep the world.

Thrive II needs to do so with haste. Goal ~ Falun Dafa adherents: 100 million.

Thrive has initiated an affiliate program, which needs emphasis. We need more ‘boots on the ground’ being productive, recruiting, showing up. Incentivize recruitment—definitely high-qual merchandise, sharing ducats with affiliate go-getters. Think network marketing, “Snoopy” awards for excellence, non-ego fan club. Foster: Do a search for “Warm Bodies for Liberty” on my

Thrive visibly needs to be dominant in the public square. The epitome of class.

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