Stonebeam 4: Election Day 2020

Story Shot 4, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 03 November 2020

Yessir, and I’m geeked. Well, not really.

See, I live in Michigan of the United States, and the governor of our state—her name is Gretchen Whitmer—just yesterday issued another “Emergency Order (EO).” This one’s a doozy… to have stores take part in tracking customers with a harsh penalty for noncompliance, like six months jail time! Imagine pulling up to the McDonalds’ drivethru:

“I’ll have a Big Mac and a coke.”
“What’s your name and contact information?”
“Clarabelle, c/o Buffalo Bob Studios.”
“Sorry, we don’t have you on our list, please fill out a form online.”
“Okay, what about my order?”
“We need you in our approved-client database first.”
“All right, don’t have my smartphone, need to go home to my computer.”
“Fine, sooner the better.”
“Why’s that?”
“This franchise is going out of business in two hours.”

My goodness. It’s like the outdoor tavern where you walk and sit in an inner tube to maintain social distancing. Or an NFL game with cardboard cutout fans and fake crowd noise. Or sharing a California family Thanksgiving sitting around in hazmat suits. Or… Variations on a Theme of ‘covid’ Bizarro World.

Back to Election Day.

Lansing, we have a Problem. Exactly a month previous to Gretchen’s EO du jour, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that the governor, or any other officer in the executive branch, could NOT issue emergency powers, PERIOD—because they violate the separation of powers of the Michigan Constitution.

So’s I does what any good citizen has been encouraged to do in civics classes since grade school: I contact my legislators. I calls my state rep and my state senator, both Republicans, who claim to support law and order and apple pie, and say (into voicemail of course):

“Hey, did you hear the one about the governor and the EO?! It’s a real knee slapper… and isn’t there something you can set in motion called an ‘emergency injunction (EI)’ to rein in this deranged person from her dictator fantasies?”

“My number is LOL-INO-UWON(TCALL).”

What good is the law if no one in power follows it? We the people elect public servants to, you know, serve us. Nowhere in the equation does that entitle the electees to make our decisions, run our lives, and ignore our calls.

The Toms (sic) wrote it best: “…that to secure [our natural] rights, governments are instituted among men deriving their just powers from the consent of [us].” Gretchen has her role exactly 180° backwards. Making it worse, she’s trying to infuse the worst symptoms of covtardia[1] on the sheepingly weakminded.

Yes, it’s important who wins today. The Democrats have been bought whole by the authoritarian-communist left, the Republicans by other ‘friends of israel.’

Trump speaks against the ‘covid’ op and the global-dom cult… occasionally. Actions speak louder…. No matter who wins, real people must take back our world—via Thrive or something like it—on a personal, ‘stillness-courage’ level. “The patriot is a scarce, scorned man…” Twain writes. Well, let’s redeclare our patriotic independence en masse, then, “’til the [recoverable] timid join us.”

[1]  Defined in footnotes of the first three Stonebeams Saving space.

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