Brian’s Column: Of Kleptocons and Kings, Part 1

Understanding the foundations of power politics

He who has the gold makes the rules. — The Wizard of Id

Over the past four decades, in my own way (and with many esteemed allies), I’ve pursued the great human cause of political liberty and self government—first through the libertarian movement and Libertarian Party, and more recently via the Free State movement, these writings, and any number of other grand or modest strategies.

Over the past four years, I feel I’ve come to understand the essence of what has stood in the way of liberty’s success.  The obstacle is at once far more specific than commonly understood while also being cleverly concealed from general awareness of its victims… whom we may safely identify as all normal, self-aware, reasonable, enterprising or industrious, mostly literate, considerate, cooperative and caring human beings.  I.e., us.  We true/natural humans remain robust in number but perilously weakened by affliction of this “impediment”… which has characteristics of a deadly biological disease.

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Who are the Kleptocons?

What if in the development of a biological species a subset of individuals evolves that has the same physical attributes as other members of the species, but differs behaviorally in a manner that “tricks” the others into supporting these individuals’ own survival.  Plenty of examples of such deception exist in nature, but I’m reminded of the brood parasitism referred to by Clifford Stoll in his classic book on early computer-network espionage, The Cuckoo’s Egg: Female European Cuckoos lay their eggs only in the nests of other species of birds, to pawn off the task of rearing their young to these other birds.

Let’s say a strain of homo sapiens, through genetic mutation or simply as an adaptation to a defect of consciousness, discovers psychological techniques to clandestinely subvert the actions of others.  [An obvious example of such covert control is the Christian concept of original sin and the need to relieve one’s guilt by giving money to perverted ecclesiastical charlatans.] This special group then “tricks” the others into providing the means— wealth, knowledge, physical exertion—to its own ends.  Take this secret club, ruthlessly consolidate its membership, extend its domination thru the centuries, accumulate massive amounts of loot with increasingly sophisticated deception… and these are the Kleptocons.

Why the New Terminology?

I had been searching for several years for a term that most exactly conveyed the self-conscious, overarching, systematic nature of the power elite.  In my writing I’ve used the Cartelists, the Cartel, the Pathocracy, the Cartel Pathocracy, Ollies (for Oligarchy) and so on.  I’ve come to learn much lately of the origins of this elite, at least in modern times: ref. The Creature from Jekyll Island.  [The energy-stealing role of the state corporation has also been made apparent, through works such as Thom Hartmann’s Unequal Protection.]  And correspondent Jack sent me a very interesting series of podcasts (authored by tyrannyofsoulz), which though uneven in quality, brings up some undeniable history and status about who exactly fundamentally rules.

My idea is—and this was largely fed by my reading of The Secret behind Secret Societies and to some extent The Occult Technology of Power— there are and have always been two fundamental types of human being: the creative, freedom-oriented natural human and the second-hander… the coward who deeply fears and loathes those who are happily tied into the creative-life force.  [These considerations of metapsychology sound almost Randian, and oddly enough lead to a similar solution (e.g. the heroes’ actions in Atlas Shrugged), as I’ll discuss in Part 2.]  As the second-hander’s consciousness approaches zero imagination, his will to power over others becomes infinitely compulsive; this individual can subordinate his entire being, often unwittingly, to the machinations of the power-elite-contrived social order.

Within the last few centuries, in the West, the enormous money-banking power stemming from certain families—significantly Rothschild[1], Morgan, Rockefeller—has facilitated near-Orwellian mind control and universal expropriation of true creative-freedom-oriented humans.  Klepto is the root word for stealing, and generally suggests doing so sneakily.  [By adding the “con” suffix, I’m modernizing the term to a video-game action-figure scenario, e.g. the Transformer Deceptocons.  It gives the term an alien quality, which is certainly what these energy-stealers are from the perspective of healthy human psychology.  And finally, as Dave also points out, “con” suggests con game or wealth transfer by trickery.]

What’s So Bad about These Kleptocons?

That’s a good question, especially if with the mountains of wealth depleted by the Kleptocon hierarchy[2], the needs of true humans are also taken care of.  Sitting in the US after WW2, for example, into the 1950s, the influx of revenue to the Wall Street oil-and-war matrix fueled an unprecedented (and largely artificial) sense of abundance throughout the whole economy.  War is the health of the state, as Randolph Bourne put it so succinctly; when nearly everyone is on a war footing—the Cold War was created to foster the US post-war military-industrial complex— the working class of the “winners” is more than content with the copious table scraps that filter down from the feast in the executive suites.

This brings up an important objection to the Kleptocons.  In fact, the Kleptobanks (or banksters as I’ve heard them ingeniously termed) have practiced the so-called Rothschild Formula in nearly every major military conflict or revolutionary change for half a millennium—from the demise of the Church of Rome and the rise of nation-states.  This policy invests in the wartime infrastructure of all sides to any conflict, profiting hugely from everyone no matter what the outcome… in spoils from the winners and in reparations from the losers.  [One of the best features of The Creature from Jekyll Island is its illustration of how Western finance capitalists bankrolled Soviet communism and German national socialism. Indeed, Dubya’s grandfather, Prescott Bush, as managing partner of Brown Brothers Harriman, was chief funder of Hitler’s military machine.]

And we can see in our own time how the Neocon cabal in the White House means full employment for mercenaries, depleted-uranium manufacturers, the Carlyle Group, etc.—the Neocons are a vicious schismatic contingent of Kleptocons who aren’t content with divvying up the plunder well into the future, they want it all now.

2+2=4, 9+11=war.  The subject of high-level US administration, intelligence, and military complicity and culpability in the planning and execution of the 9/11 attacks has been covered extensively on these pages.  For any independent mind that can read and cipher, it is a rational certainty that Neocon functionaries carried out the 9/11 attacks as a ‘psy op’—a new ‘Pearl Harbor’—to precipitate a faux war on terror and an invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq (and if we’re not lucky, Iran)… for oil and to destroy civil liberties wholesale, worldwide.  Further, we know absolutely the administration lied about WMDs.  [That no one has yet impeached or indicted these men for gross treason and war crimes is a testament to Kleptobotic mind control via the mainstream media.]

So if you think war is bad and you understand that the Kleptocon elites are the chief instigators and enablers of war (predominantly as an income stream and for social control), you will logically conclude the Kleptocons are unhealthful for true humans.  Indeed, they’re quite murderous. That’s a bad thing.  Nor does the rape and pillage of the true human (truhu?) community by the Kleptocons stop at war: probably the most serious ongoing violation of human well-being lies in blanket confiscation of truhu wealth… primarily through control of the money supply via central banks, e.g. the US Federal Reserve system.

We can talk about Kleptocon-maintained wealth suppression and confiscation for hours.  One of my favorite concrete examples is to point to a pothole in the road and say, “You know, it’s no surprise that we can’t afford to fix our streets or that we can’t find jobs: a trillion dollars per year goes into the American (Kleptocon-client) empire rathole.”  Also, here’s a thought experiment:

“In 1913, a dollar would buy 20 times what it buys today.  So let’s say your great-great-grandfather left you a shoebox in 1913 containing $10,000— enough to buy a fairly nice house back in those days (today the same money buys you a little shitbox car). Question: to whom did your ancestors lose the $9,500 in value over the years?  Answer: to the legal counterfeiters (banksters) and their Wall Street money launderers (remember in counterfeiting early-money holders steal from later-money holders.)”

So this massive stealth wealth-transfer operation is another reason to object to Kleptocon chicanery.  The Kleptos afflict several other areas of human endeavor—many other fine sources identify the roots of the problem, several of which I’ve suggested above; please do one’s own discovery and contribute to our truhu knowledge base—but war and theft are the root symptoms of the disease.  It’s quite serious.  It’s my feeling that by identifying the root cause of this disease with an easily grasped-and-spread terminology, i.e. Kleptocon, we can accelerate the process of eradication and healing.[3]   The vision of the Kleptocons is central-state domination to the extent of prison planet; I believe it is useful to know the enemy and to resist it as tyranny personified.

Cultivating Success

At the same time, to achieve success I feel we true humans in the resistance movement must have a fulfilling vision, a practical imagination if you will, of our own ideal planetary society.  This society will certainly evolve along the lines of cooperating, self-governing communities pursuing ecologically sound and spiritually satisfying means of flourishing as individuals.  These ideas, which have been suggested by many in the creative-energy community— along with effective contemporary tools and movements of resistance to Kleptoconic tyranny—I will outline in Part 2.


[1] One of my idea correspondents sends this link that compellingly describes the development of the Rothschild dynasty in particular. The estimate of funds directly controlled by the dynasty, per podcast author tyrannyofsoulz, is in the hundreds of trillions of dollars.

[2] The subterms for the Kleptocon hierarchy are working their way into my lexicon here and there: Kleptocrats, state officials who are aware of the elites’ energy-controlling objectives and promote them vigorously; Kleptopols, leading political figures who support the largely unseen war-and-theft apparatus; Kleptobots, into this category we can dump a majority of mainstream media personalities and academic self-styled intelligentsia who robotically parrot core ideas from Kleptocon liturgy; Kleptobars, the barons or baron wannabes of corporate “business” who dominate others via the money-power ladder; Kleptospooks, the CIA and other secret societies, which incorporate occult control techniques and actually perform the espionage, killing, and torture operations; and… well, perhaps my readers can suggest some others. I feel like I’m populating an action-villain comic book.

[3] As to the nature of the “defect of consciousness” that causes Kleptoconism, itself, I speculate—and it should be fairly clear this entire column has a speculative quality, i.e. not to be taken (too) literally—it may derive from the bicameral mind that Julian Jayne proposes: The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind.

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