Guest Column: We Are Not Your Enemy

An Open Letter to the World from an American
by Chuck Smith

Chuck_SmithThis video and manifesto by a Texan named Chuck Smith—whom I had never heard of until two days ago—can save the world if it breaks thru to millions of people. It’s the most succinct, precise, and heartfelt illumination of the enormous central problem Americans and humanity face today. Continue reading

Guest Column: Skull and Bones and Opium

Your Basic Skull And Bones – Kris Millegan Speaks Out  (excerpt)
by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Opium Skull and BonesThis Friday, October 21, 2011, my publisher Kris Millegan (TrineDay Press) is giving a talk at a shop in Toronto that sports the dizzle-dazzle name, “Conspiracy Culture Shop.” It’s at 1696 Queen St West.

From their ad, it seems that they entertain a certain amount of nonsense there. Extraterrestrial, woo-oo kind of stuff. However, the topic of the Yale fraternity known as Skull and Bones is really just plain old business-elite tedium. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Of Kleptocons and Kings, Part 1

Understanding the foundations of power politics

He who has the gold makes the rules. — The Wizard of Id

Over the past four decades, in my own way (and with many esteemed allies), I’ve pursued the great human cause of political liberty and self government—first through the libertarian movement and Libertarian Party, and more recently via the Free State movement, these writings, and any number of other grand or modest strategies.

Over the past four years, I feel I’ve come to understand the essence of what has stood in the way of liberty’s success.  The obstacle is at once far more specific than commonly understood while also being cleverly concealed from general awareness of its victims… whom we may safely identify as all normal, self-aware, reasonable, enterprising or industrious, mostly literate, considerate, cooperative and caring human beings.  I.e., us.  We true/natural humans remain robust in number but perilously weakened by affliction of this “impediment”… which has characteristics of a deadly biological disease. Continue reading