Book Review: StarTram: The New Race to Space (2013)

Humanity Strikes Back!

StarTram_PicAs one of the founding participants 20 years ago of what was known as the Millennial Project—a group of idealistic “young” advocates of practical space flight and colonization led by an imaginative folk hero named Marshall Savage (who wrote the book of the same name)—I am thrilled to see this watershed book part the clouds. StarTram is an umbrella proper name for specific magnetic levitation (maglev) systems in development for convenient and inexpensive launch of freight and persons into earth orbit. Maglev launch to space was anticipated in the Millennial Project (and by others), but no one had “worked out the details.” Continue reading

Movie Review: From the Earth to the Moon (1998)

Hanks’ creation is another national treasure (10/10)

EarthMoonNote: at the time that I’m reposting this original review from 2008, I have become aware of a movement to the effect that various anomalies in the official version of the space program for Apollo show that the program was faked, at least in some instances. My general view at the moment—having briefly checked out some of these arguments—is that, no, substantially the Apollo program facts did occur as officially represented and documented. Here is a reasonable Moon-hoax-counterargument site that does undercut many of the hoax advocates’ propositions: But it’s 10 years old, and I haven’t bothered to find newer sources.

Understanding that the globalista-federale Axis of Evil is fully willing and able to produce major fake events, I am suspending judgment on the moon hoax until I’ve had time to review legitimate hoaxists’ arguments and theories. My default position is that at least most of the moon landings and technology (key facts) to accomplish them were authentic. [Basically, to have produced a fake program of such scope, pervasiveness, and under vast public scrutiny, would have exceeded the capabilities of the American national security state apparatus by several orders of magnitude… at least to my knowledge.] I’ll let my readers know if I should change this default. —  bw Continue reading