Guest Column: Big Oil’s Big Lies on Alternative Energy

Doubling down on carbon-effluent technology
by Antonia Juhasz

Big Oil vs. AlternativesIt’s unfashionable in my neck of the ideological woods to consider profuse carbon-generating energy technology as anything but benign… and those who worry about the increasing atmospheric concentrations of our favorite respiration waste product are often accused of being tools of the Global Warming Conspiracy. (A conspiracy I agree is operative by the way.) Nonetheless, I cleave to the Little Boy Truth #3 articulated in my book the Truth Torpedo, which holds that ‘humans are fouling their nest with fossil fuels.’ Which I hold can be alleviated by removing restrictions on alternatives and state privileges for oil companies… not to mention ending the corporate state’s long suppression of energy alternatives. Anyway, Antonia has Big Oil’s number as few journalists ever have. — bw Continue reading