Book Review: Black Tide (2011)

The devastating impact of the Gulf Oil Spill
by Antonia Juhasz

black_tideAntonia’s book is especially pertinent today with the debut of the Peter Berg movie starring Mark Wahlberg and Kurt Russell, Deepwater Horizon (2016).

Ms. Antonia Juhasz is one tough and persistent cookie, and has made a career out of exposing the antihuman practices of oil companies worldwide, as well as fighting government policies that enable such practices to continue. She is the author of The Bush Agenda: Invading the world one economy at a time (2006) and The Tyranny of Oil: The world’s most powerful industry—and what we must do to stop it (2008). She writes superbly and covers all the bases as she does; further, through the rigor of her documentation she conveys a sensitivity to human suffering and human beings that cannot be faked.

Her attacks on the patently criminal worldwide Oil Leviathan and the political engines that stoke it are delivered in the manner of a mother protecting her children from genocide rather than a warrior dispensing with a vile enemy in combat.

And like the two women from the Protestant and Catholic sides in Ireland who walked for peace—Betty Williams and Mairead Corrigan, Nobel Peace Prize winners 1977—Antonia is fighting for peace and freedom… freedom for all people to be secure in their property and natural-living resources against aggression by ‘the Corporation,’ ongoing incarnations of the MOPS (Men of the Power Sickness)[1]. What are the weapons in this fight for peace? Fundamentally, truth and grass roots outrage. With Black Tide, Ms. Juhasz gives us a thorough helping of the former and at least sets the stage for the latter. Continue reading

Guest Column: Big Oil’s Big Lies on Alternative Energy

Doubling down on carbon-effluent technology
by Antonia Juhasz

Big Oil vs. AlternativesIt’s unfashionable in my neck of the ideological woods to consider profuse carbon-generating energy technology as anything but benign… and those who worry about the increasing atmospheric concentrations of our favorite respiration waste product are often accused of being tools of the Global Warming Conspiracy. (A conspiracy I agree is operative by the way.) Nonetheless, I cleave to the Little Boy Truth #3 articulated in my book the Truth Torpedo, which holds that ‘humans are fouling their nest with fossil fuels.’ Which I hold can be alleviated by removing restrictions on alternatives and state privileges for oil companies… not to mention ending the corporate state’s long suppression of energy alternatives. Anyway, Antonia has Big Oil’s number as few journalists ever have. — bw Continue reading

Guest Column: The Real Bill for BP Oil Disaster

BP wants $15 billion; $192 billion is more exact
by Antonia Juhasz

BP Oil DamagesFor an eye-opening book of the corporate negligence and GOTUS police state collusion that went into the ‘BP Disaster,’ I recommend a quiet read of Ms. Juhasz’ groundbreaking expose, Black Tide. Irrespective of whether you’re a ‘drill, baby, drill’ cheerleader or a ‘save the baby pelicans’ bleeding heart, you will have a hard time walking away from and dismissing the wholesale criminality at BP and within the federal government that her hard-hitting journalistic account reveals. The following is excerpted from Antonia’s article in HuffPost, 6/11/12: Continue reading