Book Review: Rebooting and Revival of Our Republic (2016)

Ideas for remediating an NFG system
by Brendan Kelly (2106 1st CD candidate for Congress–IND, New Hampshire)

brendan_kellyThis is a nicely composed and formatted missive by a longtime resident and gadfly of the Free State, Mr. Brendan Kelly, whom I know from my former ‘early mover’ days (2005-2007) in that beautiful ever-liberty-hopeful state of New Hampshire. He and I did not hook up so much in the days I was there, but have stayed in touch as fellow authors who feel compelled to lend our weights to the the country’s conversation of ‘Live Free or… well, just wander off and not make a fuss, letting the pods and podmasters have their way with us.’

What Brendan is to me is living, breathing proof that people of quite different philosophic origins/directions can be so one-minded—or is it one-souled—when it comes to what kind of country we want to share. Indeed, Mr. Kelly has been extremely generous in his praise of my own recent novel, The Truman  Prophecy, which extols the virtues of independent consciousness consistent with my days as an Ayn Rand super fan. Although I’ve mellowed with some Eckhart Tolle spirituality (The Power of Now) since then, I don’t regard any mainstream world religion as good for what ails our species. Especially, Christianity.

Brendan on the other hand is a devout churchgoing, bible-reading Christian. His faith means everything to him, yet, unlike many who turn to God, Brendan is fine with letting each of us go his own way so long as we hold to the nonaggression principle. Here’s a view showing his practical, humanitarian side: Continue reading

Book Review: January 2012 Double Header

Red or Blue by Bob Jackson
Enough is Enough by Brendan Kelly
Review by Brian Wright

One of my main objectives with the Coffee Coaster is to encourage discussion and review of salutary (healthful) new ideas coming from the literary world [not much point in reviewing bad books]. As my preference:

  1. These good ideas must always either complement or further the nonaggression principle that I have spent my political life in evangelizing.
  2. As a side benefit, it also helps that the presentation be artful, structured, and imaginative. Continue reading