Book Review: Rebooting and Revival of Our Republic (2016)

Ideas for remediating an NFG system
by Brendan Kelly (2106 1st CD candidate for Congress–IND, New Hampshire)

brendan_kellyThis is a nicely composed and formatted missive by a longtime resident and gadfly of the Free State, Mr. Brendan Kelly, whom I know from my former ‘early mover’ days (2005-2007) in that beautiful ever-liberty-hopeful state of New Hampshire. He and I did not hook up so much in the days I was there, but have stayed in touch as fellow authors who feel compelled to lend our weights to the the country’s conversation of ‘Live Free or… well, just wander off and not make a fuss, letting the pods and podmasters have their way with us.’

What Brendan is to me is living, breathing proof that people of quite different philosophic origins/directions can be so one-minded—or is it one-souled—when it comes to what kind of country we want to share. Indeed, Mr. Kelly has been extremely generous in his praise of my own recent novel, The Truman  Prophecy, which extols the virtues of independent consciousness consistent with my days as an Ayn Rand super fan. Although I’ve mellowed with some Eckhart Tolle spirituality (The Power of Now) since then, I don’t regard any mainstream world religion as good for what ails our species. Especially, Christianity.

Brendan on the other hand is a devout churchgoing, bible-reading Christian. His faith means everything to him, yet, unlike many who turn to God, Brendan is fine with letting each of us go his own way so long as we hold to the nonaggression principle. Here’s a view showing his practical, humanitarian side:

“The churches must start standing for freedom again…. The Lord has given us rules to live by and our nation was founded on these rules. We are approaching grave danger because we have turned our backs to God. I’m not saying everyone should be going to church every Sunday as I do. We should be paying attention that we treat each other as we would like to be treated. We have our right to be different but we don’t have the right to force others to conform with our individual lifestyles.”

The rest of Brendan’s monograph exudes this same benign outlook stemming from his strong faith; he’s basically this super nice guy wrestling with the troubles of America and the world—like a Ward Cleaver (Leave it to Beaver) who’s read some history, feels blessed for the wonderful life he’s achieved, and wants to give back to his country. Well, bring it on dude!

kelly_videoThere’s plenty to value in here. I love his expressions: NFG = non functioning government; SOB =  seats of bloviation; DOE = DFE = Department of Failure to Educate; the parable of the ungrateful sinner (who the Lord’s forgiven but who turns around and mistreats his own); his observation that 90% of us are basically followers, with 1 of 100 of the remaining 10% pulling the levers of the New World Order [suggesting we others of the 10% leader- ship material get cracking, rise up, and expel these 1% powersick ones]. Kelly has more than a little Will Rogers in him, which you’ll appreciate if you watch this video upper right.

This just in: Brendan is stepping aside in his race for the 1st CD New Hampshire position, he sent me the following message: “Hi Brian, we have an election with two independent candidates. I think I’m better known than the other but he’s a business man who is spending a lot of his own money to get money out of politics. I can agree with that and our best chance to get an independent elected is for me to step aside and support him. Brendan Kelly no longer for Congress.

So he’s out of the race this year, but  has served as Selectman in Seabrook, NH, for two terms, and will certainly remain active in liberty politics. Let me finish up with the review, first by acknowledging that the book has areas of significant disagreement with my own views… mainly on immigration, the Muslim threat, his interpretation of the federal income tax [at the time he wrote the book, I don’t think he was fully aware of the liberating power of the ‘Hendrickson Discovery‘], how the government media manufactures perceptions with false-flag acts of state terror, and a couple of others. But Brendan is someone who keeps the door open to reasonable argument.

The second, and most important, quality of Brendan Kelly and his book is beautifully expressed here in this distillation paragraph of Chapter 11:

“We’ve become a nation of it’s-all-about-me types. We’ve grown up that way and we raise our children that way. We are all so wonderful. Everything should be given to us. There should be no need to actually compete for anything or have to show any responsibility for our mistakes. I believe we learn from our mistakes and not our successes. Facing and overcoming adversity builds character. We have a tough job ahead of us in trying to bring our nation under good management principles with a dwindling number of people of true character and righteousness to call upon.”

Truman_Front_NewWhat I’d like to add to this statement of what seems intuitively obvious to the casual observer is that a very high number of individuals who would display good character in themselves and their actions are, in fact, brainwashed and misled thru the machinations of a controlling entity, which I have called elsewhere The Men of the Power Sickness. Most of the work that lies ahead of us freedom fighters, I feel, is related to deprogramming of collectivized consciousnesses and rising of the ‘Independents.’

That said, the content of our character is ours and ours alone. We are indeed the captains of our souls, and the choice to become fully (or divinely) human takes courage on the moral and intellectual fronts. No one else is going to wake up for you. Brendan is really acting as a cheerleader in Rebooting, rousting us from complacency or just fading into the 90% of Cipherville. Get up and get going is what Brendan tells us, and provides some humane, caring prescriptions for the real social problems we’ve inherited.

Great book. Pass it around at your churches, synagogues, or even mosques. Much food for thought and discussion, with plenty of morsels of humor to boot. Five stars all day, every day!


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