Movie Review: Orange County (2002)

Literary and musical satire, roflmao, will stand the test of time (8/10)
Directed by Jake Kasdan

OrangeWhat an amazingly entertaining movie… with almost exactly the right amount of serious inspiration. One of Colin Hanks’ (son of actor Tom Hanks and Samantha Lewes) first efforts, and it’s a doozy for him; he’s in practically every scene. He plays a California high school surfer dude, Shaun Brumder, who after discovering a book on the beach in his senior year decides he wants to be a writer. The movie also features the daughter of Sissy Spacek, Schuyler Fisk, as his girlfriend Ashley… and is an early directorial effort of Jake Kasdan, son of well-known director Lawrence Kasdan. Whoever did the casting for Orange County should have gotten an Academy Award… assuming they give Oscars for casting.

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