Movie Review: Libertopia

On the road to the Free State ___ 8.5/10
Liberty as compassion
Review by Brian Wright

LibertopiaMatt Simon: The thing about being an individualist, and acting as an individual in a free society is that people have an interest in cooperating with one another, without any force whatsoever. It’s one of the constants of human experience: any time there’s a problem or a threat to the community, individuals band together, they cooperate for the greater good. They do it all the time.

But where we bristle is when we’re forced to cooperate, where somebody else’s good idea is so important that it needs to be paid for with the money that each of us works hard to earn. And when you go into ideas that are just morally objectionable, like, oh, invading and occupying a sovereign nation [based on lies–ed], or waging drug prohibition, we very much resent that our money is spent to propagate those policies. Continue reading