Brian’s Column: Notes to the 2d Edition of After 9/11 Truth

Accommodating Toto Worldwide and The Truman Prophecy

After_911_Truth_Cover_Front_ReducedThe best-laid plans of mice and men oft go awry… as the poet Robert Burns (1785) put it. So, too, the summary book I wrote on the 9/11 attacks and my concept of what actions best to take to achieve ‘truth’ most efficiently. Well, not awry exactly, but in need of UPDATE based on subsequent discoveries and actions. A significant part of those discoveries have been ‘of self,’ namely that yours truly, being a writer and affected by a modest engineering habit of mind, tends to look at the world a certain way. That is with a naive remote impartiality that says, “after solid study and effort, I see or have derived the following grand process that, if followed, will produce the desired result.”

The desired result, of course, in the case of 9/11, yielding general truth and freedom.

And if you read the Amazon review comments to After 9/11 Truth—excerpts of many of them are included as testimonials with this imminent second edition—those readers of my liberty and reason milieu do completely get the message. The problem is I want and need to cultivate a larger audience, which is what I thought my ‘engineering plan’ of the second half of the 1st edition would accomplish. Alas, people—readers and doers—are not items in an equation, however elegant or ironclad the solution appears. Continue reading

Article: The 2004 Free State Project Porcupine Festival

Live Free or Stay Put

New Picture (2)Here in spring of 2014, a full decade later, I’m reassembling my impressions from diaries I kept of the key foundational Free State event in 2004, the first Porcupine Festival. Reviewing the text, I see that I was not all worked out spiritually—who ever is, even a man into his 50s at the time?—and may have stated harsh or overly judgmental impressions of people. I apologize for this, but I have to own my past mistakes and personal shortcomings. (Heck, in 2004 I still pretty much accepted the Official Big Lie of the 9/11 Attacks!) Many regrets to any and all I may have offended; chances are strong I have favorable views toward you today. Also I feel the text shows at the time, as a lot of other men with high hopes, I was in love (or something like it) with Amanda Phillips, the early heroine and spokesperson for the FSP. So please excuse the boyish gushiness in places. I’m sure she’s put all that behind her. 🙂  Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Immigration Nation

Whither (or wither) goeth us?

PaineThis column was originally written in April of 2007. I was trying for a sort of Mike Royko—great humorist and syndicated columnist for the Chicago newspapers—approach. Obviously I have some work to do, but I feel the immigration issue is one that the Men of the Power Sickness are using to divide us, similar to race. Today we are dealing with the distraction of the Zimmerman-Martin brouhaha while the MOPS keeps on taking away our freedom and humanity every day in every way. Immigration will be used and is being used in the same way, “You and him go ahead and duke it out, while I hold all the money.”  Continue reading

Brian’s Column: “Yikes! When did toothpaste get to five dollars a tube?!”

From the mundane to the sublime: an epiphany
Originally posted 9/7/2009

Busch's MarketSo here I am at Busch’s—a family independent grocery store that sprouted on the corner of Meadowbrook and 10 Mile Road in Novi, Michigan—used to be a Farmer Jack. Not having children, never much of a grocery shopper, my idea of going to stores for things, for nearly 40 years, has been, “That looks really good (or cool, or different); just throw it in the basket. $19.95 may be a little steep, but that’s why God invented MasterCard.”

And so it would go… for food, for clothes, for drinks, for car stuff, etc. Continue reading

Movie Review: Libertopia

On the road to the Free State ___ 8.5/10
Liberty as compassion
Review by Brian Wright

LibertopiaMatt Simon: The thing about being an individualist, and acting as an individual in a free society is that people have an interest in cooperating with one another, without any force whatsoever. It’s one of the constants of human experience: any time there’s a problem or a threat to the community, individuals band together, they cooperate for the greater good. They do it all the time.

But where we bristle is when we’re forced to cooperate, where somebody else’s good idea is so important that it needs to be paid for with the money that each of us works hard to earn. And when you go into ideas that are just morally objectionable, like, oh, invading and occupying a sovereign nation [based on lies–ed], or waging drug prohibition, we very much resent that our money is spent to propagate those policies. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Free State Liberty Forum 2012

Glimpse the future of freedom in Nashua, 2/23-26
by Brian Wright

Liberty Forum 2012It’s possible I’ve laid down more words of review, panegyric, and general documentation of the Free State and the Free State Project from which it sprang than any single person.[1] I mean, of course, the Free State of New Hampshire and the Free State Project conceived by Jason Sorens, who spelled out the basics in a Libertarian Enterprise column of July 2001. A lot of water gone under the bridge since then… and so many people moving hither. Continue reading

Human Interest: Free State Festivi 2010/11

Latest Pilgrim Chronicles from a renewed activist
by Brian Wright

Perhaps I should say ‘renewed though lagging a bit,’ because for the first time it’s hitting home that ol’ BW, libertarian man of the ’60s, is becoming a libertarian man in his 60s. Though the flesh is fading, the spirit soars… in line with my more political-level freedom-loving past… now with truly a personal spiritual revelation and transformation that stands to bring liberty to full fruition. Getting ahead of myself… Continue reading