Book Review: Left, Right, and Prospects for Liberty (1965)

Fresh look at the political spectrum
by Murray Rothbard
Review by Brian Wright

Left, Right, Prospects for LibertyFor an eternity now, the pundits and editorialists, not to mention the academics, have insisted on a misleading interpretation of political positions. As I write in Module #2 of the Sacred Nonaggression Principle:

Most of us are familiar with the terms left and right, and have some conception of the different political ideas along the left-right spectrum. The figure below shows a conventional scheme. Continue reading

Guest Column: The Politics of Obedience

Discourse on Voluntary Servitude
by Etienne de la Boetie

la BoetieA most interesting blast from the past… accompanied by a complementary and contemporary video: What keeps the tiny minority of the state and its enforcers in charge of the rest of us? Fascinating question, and timeless answer. From Larkin Rose: Continue reading